This is an old story idea of mine that I found and then bamo! Instant story just itching to come out. Here's just a short prologue, The main story starts about 10,000 years after this event.

Prologue: Just When You Realize Life's A Bitch, It Has Puppies

The first thing that greeted Charlotte Silva as she stumbled out of the ancient temple was the dark velvet sky speckled with silver lights of the distant stars. Stumbling down the overgrown path till she reached a clearing amongst the thick jungle, she flopped onto the ground, chest heaving.

Despite her exhaustion, her mind was racing. She had just passed the final test to join the Order of Hunters, something Charlotte had been dreaming about ever since she was a child. Among her people, the Roma, nearly every family had at least one child on active duty in the Order, it was a throwback to their ancestors, who hunted the evil that lurked among the many planets in the galaxy.

Having finally caught her breath, Charlotte slowly stood up. Stretching out tired limbs, she slowly made her way back down the open beach, where her mentor and family would come and pick her up. Her mind already picturing the love and pride on the faces of those dear to her.

Lost in her daydream, she didn't notice until it was too late the dark aura of a vampire. In her tired state, Charlotte had no chance against the dark creature of hunger and bloodlust...

... As the years passed, Charlotte Silva would wish she died that night...

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