Xavier's POV:

I hope she accepts my offer. Damn it, why did I have to open my big mouth?

I pull my phone out of my pocket as I walk towards the entrance.

"Dan? Hey, you can pick me up now."

Knowing Dan, I'm going to have to wait for a few minutes even though he's just leaving the parking lot that's a few seconds away.

Out of habit, I pulled my hair out of frustration.

I heard a cough behind me.

Don't turn around Xavier, you're setting yourself up. You are just imagining this and nobody is really behind me.

I hear the same cough only louder.

You are a business man, don't fool yourself.

"Goddamn it, will you turn around?"

I smiled to myself and turned around as she ordered.

"So? You're accepting my offer?"

When I looked at her face, she seemed nervous.

"Are you alright?" I can see her start to fidget with her fingers and biting her bottom lip.

She nervously coughs, "Can we talk about this later? I kind of did something um terrible", and grins shyly after that.

"Do I want to know?" I asked her. The truth is I do. She never ceases to amuse me.

"Jade!" I see Ian pacing angrily towards our direction and muscular bodyguards following behind him.

"I think you're right, let's move." I grabbed her hand while laughing at the same time. I swear I heard a giggle escape from her lips but I probably just imagined it.

Jade did not need to use her cane since I was guiding her quickly to my limo.

Opening the door for her, I told her to get it and swiftly came after her.

"Let's go Dan!" And Dan stepped on it.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence I asked her, "So what happened?"

I saw her smile to herself and she said, "Oh just destroyed my office a little bit and made Ian lose his most valuable client."

"Atta girl! I take it you found my card?" I was so proud of her.

"Yup." She nods her head.


For about five minutes, she hasn't said anything.

Fuck, she probably doesn't want to work for me.

I tried to hide my disappointment and informed her, "You don't have to work for me you know? I'm not forcing you. I just," I sighed, "I guess I wanted to find a way to talk to you."

She looked at my direction in surprised.

Her beautiful emerald eyes caught my attention as always. I think to myself, would she like my dark blue eyes if she can see them?

"Why would you want to talk to me?" She asked me incredulously.

I thought deeply for a second, not wanting to offend her again. "I guess it's because you seem like the kind of person who doesn't let anybody bring you down and I like that."

After I said that, I think her eyes softened.

"Thanks," she blushed.

I chuckled, "You're welcome."

Silence engulfed the atmosphere again.

"Xavier, where do you want me to take you?" Dan has spoke for the first time since we got in the car.

"Oh, do you want me to take you home?" I asked her hesitantly.

"I guess." She responded meekly and told Dan her address.

"There's your answer." I told Dan disappointedly.

For the rest of the ride, deafening silence was all that happened. I don't get why I don't have a clue of what to say to her. Conversing with someone usually comes easy to me but this girl makes me so damn nervous. Not to sound vain but if only she could see what I look like then maybe she would be interested in talking to me.

I swept my hair back with annoyance.

"Only a couple more minutes till we're there ma'am." Dan politely informed Jade.

Damn it! Do something!

"So who do you live with?" I asked her, hoping she'll respond and talk back to me.

"Oh, I live with Charlie, you remember her right?" Her face softened as she talked about her best friend.

"Oh yeah," I recalled, "She was the crazy one that checked me out furiously." I thought out loud.

That made her laugh, "Yeah, she's always been wild like that. I make sure now and then that she doesn't do anything reckless, I'm like her mom."

"Yeah?" I smiled at her. I can see her doing that. Wow, she's feisty and responsible.

"We're here." Dan notified us while stepping on the brakes to slow down.

When the limo finally stopped, my heart felt like it was beating so fast like the rhythm of a hummingbird's rapid wings.

"Ok, I guess I better leave." Jade muttered softly.

"I guess so." I never felt so defeated.

She opens the door slowly and comes out with her cane in her left hand first.

Finally she's almost out the door and is in the position to close it.

"Uh bye?" it was like she was asking me permission to go.

"Yeah I gue-"

"Jade?" We both looked behind to see who was calling her.

"Charlie?" Jade was surprised to see her I can tell, "What are you doing in my house?"

"Who gave you a ride home? I thought you had work till 6." Charlie asked back.

"Uh nobody." And Jade shut the door.

"What?" I was so confused.

I hear knocking on the door and saw Charlie open it and peeked through the door.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Xavier Wellington?" She smirked as she said my name.

"Charlie! Let's go!" I hear Jade pleading behind her.

"Hi?" Still freaked out from our last meeting, I wasn't sure what to say to Charlie.

Her grey eyes started eyeing me again.

Smiling mischievously she at last said, "Want to have dinner with us at my place?"

"What?" Both Jade and I were in shock.

"Yeah, we are friends aren't we? Right Jade?" Charlie emphasized the words friends.

"No, I don't know him that well." She said stubbornly.

It was like I wasn't even there.

"I'll go." I interrupted them. If I can have more time with Jade, that's fine with me.

"No you're not," Jade pushed Charlie aside from the door and glared at my direction.

"Why not? We can have a discussion about the position you really want to take at my company." I joked back, hoping she doesn't detect my hopefulness.

"What?!" Charlie screams behind Jade. "What is this?! You didn't tell me about this Jade."

"Because it just happened today!" Jade turned her head back to yell at Charlie.

"You know what? How about I take you guys out for dinner instead of having it at Charlie's place? My treat." I smiled charmingly towards the two best friends.

"Deal!" Charlie barged in the car door pulling Jade in with her.

Jade didn't even have time to get through the shock and Charlie had already closed the door.

"I hate you guys." Jade seethed through her teeth.

After that, silence again had taken over the car.