I am the mud on your hollowed cheek,
Smeared there by hands that love you.
I am the no one that has fallen, weak,
And I'm the dirt on your shoe.
I claw your skin to make you notice me,
But you just turn your head.
You poke your needles in my arm but don't see
How much I want you dead.
I pick at scabs to let the music bleed
And stain the world with my hate.
I am so pitiful, I'm what you don't need.
I am a nothing with no fate.
The worms are eating me alive in this place
Where I'm stuck, deaf and dumb.
My flesh that's peeling and my melting face
Have finally gone numb.
I cannot sing, I lost my words somehow,
And now I might be dying.
Without my voice I've got no mercy, now;
I hope you die from my crying.
I am the thing that the madmen fear,
The thing that you despise.
I am the blood leaking from your ears,
I am the guilt to your lies.
I am the ugliness that coats your mind,
And I am on the run.
I am impossible to see or find,
Because I am your no one.