Author's Notes: This is another random idea. Heh. This is partially inspired by Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar" and an icon I found on glitter-graphics. (The icon is two-sided, but the girl and boy don't know it; this oneshot is one-sided.)

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From Afar


"I lo – "

Abruptly, my words ('love you') die on my throat once he says his next sentence.


"I'm thinking of asking Tania Boyd to the dance. What do you think?"

…he wasn't listening to me.

I desperately want to say 'no, take me instead' but I sigh softly, "You should. If you really like her."

Why would he like her, though? She was the epitome of the popular, blonde, cheerleader type of girls many boys lust over.

And, now, my best (guy) friend was lusting after her too.

"I really like her," he replies, and, from all sides of his words – and tone – I hear no lies.

Sadly enough.

"Look, Brad, I better go. My mother's yelling at me." She really wasn't. "I'll talk to you later." If you even have time.

"Bye, Christine," he replies, before I hang up on him. I throw my phone onto the space beside my computer. I really didn't want to use it anymore.

Not after my ultimate heartbreak.

With a muffled sob, I fling myself onto my bed, grabbing a pillow to hug before the flood of tears are let loose.


A Few Weeks Later…

I watch him – shaggy brown hair, bright green eyes – as he dances with Tania Boyd.

From my seat on the bleachers – I really didn't like dancing. I only came to chaperone, yeah, that's it, chaperone – I watch as he looks at Tania with the emotion I've always wanted – still want, actually – to see in his eyes…

…as he looks at me.

In the pit of my stomach, I feel my heart repeatedly shattering, making me bite my lip to stop the tears from once again escaping.

Finally, when I can take it no longer, I stand up, and wave to him, but he doesn't even notice.

(More shattering.)

Quickly, I run to the doors, push them open, and then start up my car before I head home, tears blurring my vision of the road.

I veer onto an empty parking lot when my vision is unclear, vague – much like his feelings for me… if there are any – from all the tears gathering behind my eyes.

I can't do anything about his new relationship with Tania.

(More shattering.)

But, what I guess I can do is…

…watch from afar.




Author's Notes: Hope you enjoyed it! This is just a random idea I had while I was being bored out of my mind at school – especially in PE.

Sorry about the fact that there's barely any descriptions. Oh, and here's an alternate ending:

But, what I guess I can do is... him from afar.

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