The tale of two who ran II

Last chapter, I will be writing a longer more detailed version with more twists and turns :)

Chapter 3-

3 weeks later:

Julia had become used to her powers faster then Demetrius said he expected of her. The Firmers had not yet made their move and her father was nowhere to be seen. Julia and Demetrius sat out the front of the fort discussing battle plans when Samuel came puffing along interrupting them.

"Oi you! The clumsy chick! I got some news for yah! The Firmers started to invade at the edge of the mountains, they already took my home! Get out there and do yer job!" Curshial shouted. Without another word Julia and Demetrius leapt up and started running towards the nearest portal which was in the basement.

Julia was still a bit woozy from the portal ride, not yet used to travelling this way.

"Are you ready" Demetrius asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be" Julia said laughing at how cliché she sounded.

"The only way we can succeed is a surprise attack, they out number us 20 to 1. Julia gulped, she had been preparing for such a long time however she still doubted her abilities. Demetrius saw her expression.

"Come on we can do this" he smiled. Julia nodded back with a meek smile.

The two crept along the trees, hiding whenever they heard the faintest of noises. They saw a clearing up ahead and quickly found shelter near by.

"There is just as many as I thought if not more" Demetrius whispered as he quickly peered at the Firmers causing havoc in the clearing.

"Yes I needed to be prepared incase there was more of you hiding out there" a gruff voice said. Julia and Demetrius turned to see King Edward standing before them. Julia hissed at him.

"So you were with the Firmers all along," she said through gritted teeth.

"Well what do you expect magic is a filthy thing" Edward said the word magic like he had tasted something bad.

"Are you calling my mother and I filthy!" Julia shouted with rage gathering all the Firmers attention. Demetrius sighed.

"Why did I have to get stuck with the loud one!" Demetrius muttered to himself as he pulled his sword out of his sheath and prepared to attack the hoard of Firmers. Julia leapt forward thrusting a jolt of magic through her palm into Edward's thigh, paralyzing his left leg.

"Why you little wench!" Edward shouted as he swung out with his sword, it barely scathed her arm yet a drop of blood fell to the ground. Julia looked at the cut and almost fainted, now was not a good time to find out she had a fear of blood. She quickly shot a blast of blue towards her father's chest then went to help Demetrius.

"There are too many for us to fight" Demetrius said as he stuck his sword through a Firmer's head. Julia had a brain wave she grabbed her father by his paralyzed leg, she dragged him along the ground. She handed him to Demetrius making sure she slammed her gifted hand into his head one more time she muttered something to Demetrius before rounding up the Firmers. Demetrius then did what she had told him to do and threw her father into the crowd of angry men and women. Demetrius then went and hid near the bushes watching her back. Julia took a step back and aimed her arm at the mob, she gathered all her might in the centre of her stomach then released it threw her palm. She blacked out before she had a chance to look at the damage.

Julia woke up in the room she came to know and love. She looked around to see Demetrius sitting next to her bed the way he had been after her mother died.

"What happened?" she asked drowsily.

"Well for starters you nearly blinded me with the light from that blast, thanks for that, also you managed to kill all of them" Demetrius said in monotone.

"Why do I feel like you've told me this before"

"Because I have, all night you kept waking up and asking me"

"Oh……sorry" Julia said sheepishly.


Julia sighed as she stared out of the fort window, it had been 2 months since she had become Queen of Medador. She had declined the offer to go back to the castle, it was to white and navy blue for her liking. She juggled sparkles in the palm of her hand, she had mastered her magic with Demetrius' help of course. The law allowing magic was set in place and she found out there were lots more of her kind out there. The society was now rebuilt and Demetrius although certain events still persisted on protecting her. Although he doesn't believe it he has turned into a great warrior and good friend. Finally peace was restored to Medador.