By: Jewel Krystal

Chapter 1: Introductions Are Needed

"Say, we gotta go drop that hot shit tonight," said a voice. "Say! Wake yo dumb ass up!" The voice had gotten louder. OW!

The room was of white walls and cherry oak floor. No windows and no furniture were in this room. Only two people were in this room. On the floor balled up in pain was a male of caramel complexion dressed in a white tall tee, blue Dickies™, and blue and white G-Nikes. He had a low haircut, hair color being red; eyes the color of mahogany. With the way he was on the floor, you wouldn't be able to tell he was of 6 ft in height. However, whether he was standing up or not, you could tell that he worked out quite a bit.

"What the fuck did you kick me for, you bitch?!" said the male, not looking at the person that was standing near him. "Because yo stupid ass wouldn't wake UP!" the female yelled, "And if you dare refer to me as bitch again, consider yo ass beat. I gives a damn if you is my twin brother." The male got up and dusted his clothing off. "Aye, sis, I'm sorry," said the male. "Shut yo Juelz Santana soundin ass up," said the female. The two of them laughed. The male turned around to face his twin and motioned her to sit down on the hard wooden floor as he sat down on it. She was almost the same image of him except she had shoulder length hair and two big objects to show that she was a female. "You sure are my twin. We are so much alike. I still wanna know why we never met," said the male. "Well, KarShon, you know Mama and Daddy couldn't see each other…even though Daddy use to say that he couldn't along with her," said the female. "Karsette, you know that still isn't fair," said KarShon. "Even if that is true, you know we wasn't gon meet until now," said Karsette.

The two twins, named KarShon and Karsette Tonti, had just found out who each other were to one another because of both of their parents being taken to their sickbeds at the same time. KarShon's father, Karsynelle, never wanted his children to be separated. However, their mother, Kennette, saw otherwise. It wasn't that she couldn't get along with Karsynelle; it was just that she thought that her family would not approve of him and the fact that she had twins for him. Karsynelle tried to convince Kennette to just tell her parents the truth about the marriage between Karsynelle and herself, but she wouldn't do it. She just had the children in secret, separated from Karsynelle and her daughter…she hoped temporarily, and told her parents that she had "adopted" KarShon when she returned home after five years.

"Oh yeah, how come you never met Grandma Lois until you was five?" asked Karsette. "Because Mom wasn't ready to go back home until then," KarShon replied. "You sho was lucky. I never even got to meet Grandma Lois until a month before she died. She was tryna find out why I looked so much like you," said Karsette. "I know. She even asked Mom if I wasn't adopted and if I had a sister that was my twin. I never thought that it would be true. Such a shame she died before finding out," said KarShon. "That ain't true. Mama told her when you wasn't around. That's when she had called me and had asked me who my daddy is. You already know what my answer was. She couldn't believe what she had heard. She was kinda heartbroke because Mama hid the fact that she was once with Daddy and had us. She knew that I was a lil lost, so she had told me everything she could about you and Mama," said Karsette.

"So that's how you knew who I was when we met," said KarShon. "Yup. You know, Mama told me that she was gon name you after Daddy at first," said Karsette. "Karsynelle Junior? I don't know about that. Dad kinda has a girl's name," said KarShon. "Daddy ain't got no girl name. If that's the case, Papa Synelle got a girl name," said Karsette. "Is that Dad's dad name?" asked KarShon with a very inquisitive tone. "You never met Papa Synelle?" asked Karsette in the same tone. "I have, I just never knew his name," KarShon replied. "Oh boy. That's kinda fucked up," said Karsette. "I know, huh? By the way, how did we get the 'Kar' on our name?" asked KarShon. "Melly Joan last name before she got married to Papa Synelle was 'Karr,"' Karsette replied. "Why do we have to call her that?" asked KarShon. "Fuck if know. She just like it better than Grandma Joan," Karsette replied. "I know why y'all call her that," said a voice. The twins turned their faces to the door. A female stood against the door. They hadn't even realized that she had come in. "Joycélle, why you ain't learned how to knock?! Damn!" yelled Karsette in an angry tone. "Okay, who's that?" asked KarShon in confusion. "That's our cousin on Daddy side, Joycélle," Karsette replied. "I don't care if you are 18, you still suppose to call me 'Cousin Joy'," said Joycélle in a playful tone. "Stop fuckin with me. You ain't no older than us. Not even a whole day. And I ain't never called you that name," said Karsette with her tone suggesting that she was still angry. "Calm down, cousin. I was just playin," said Joycélle.

Joycélle was more of a sister to Karsette than a cousin. They treated each other like such. They easily passed off as twins because, like KarShon, she looked almost exactly like Karsette except she possessed green eyes.

She sat down to join her two twin cousins. "Wow, I almost thought that I had another sister!" said KarShon with amazement. "No, you don't, but we all look alike. That's because my mama is ya daddy's twin and married ya mama's brother. Weird to say, they twins, too," said Joycélle. "Doesn't that mean you have a twin, too?" asked KarShon. "Yes, I do. His name is Jonathan," Joycélle replied. "Jonathan? Wait a minute. So, you're one of the two people we're supposed to record with tonight," said KarShon with no bit of being inquisitive in his tone. "Yeah, that's right. Jonathan decided to watch TV in the front room while I got y'all out this plain ass room," said Joycélle, "Why you ain't go get this boy no furniture yet?" "He said his friend doesn't want him to leave their apartment yet," Karsette replied. "Friend, eh? You got a girlfriend?" asked Joycélle. "Not interested," KarShon replied. Joycélle gained a look of confusion. "You heard him. He don't have interests in females," said Karsette as she looked the male version of her image, "He just had some— KarShon covered Karsette's mouth up in hopes that she wouldn't tell his business if he allows her to speak again. "That boy got him some last night," said Joycélle in a playful tone while Karsette laughed and KarShon began to redden in the face, "You and Jonathan gon get along good then." Karsette uncovered her mouth. "I had forgot to mention that to you, Shonny-kun. You ain't the only one not interested in females," said Karsette. "Shonny-kun? What kind of name is that?" asked KarShon. "It's yo nickname, fool. You're Shonny-kun, she's Kay-chan, Jonathan's Johnny-kun, and I'm Joy-chan," Joycélle replied. "Well, do you have to put the 'kun' on the end? Can't you just call me 'Shonny'?" asked KarShon. "No, sir, it's Shonny-kun," Karsette replied. "Ok, if you insist, Kay-chan," said KarShon with a smile on his face. "That's more like it. When speak of each other in public though, don't add the suffix," said Joycélle.

knock Their heads turned toward the door. "What do you want Johnny-kun?" asked Joycélle. "Bring y'all asses out that damn empty ass room. Besides, I wan see my cousin that look just like me, you, and Kay," Jonathan replied. "Spoiled ass brat…open the damn door," said Karsette. Jonathan opened the door. Again, KarShon gains a look of amazement to his features. "Uncle Karsynelle wasn't lyin at all. We really do look alike," said Jonathan. "Ainty Joycelyn said the same thang, so I wasn't surprised," said Karsette, "But you know that's because all our parents happened be twins. On top that, Mama had married Daddy and Ainty Joycelyn had married Uncle Kenny." "You know what that mean? That means our mama married y'all mama brother!" exclaimed Jonathan. "You are so late. We knew that," said Joycélle. "Well, well! Anyway, we gotta go. Antoine waitin on us," said Jonathan. The three that were sitting on the wooden floor stood up and dusted themselves off. Exit.