The Vicious Circle


So, I know I was supposed to put up the results in the first week of September. However, it is clear to me that the sequel option is the winner, so I'm just going to put up the results now. Unfortunately, this means that there will be no one-shots offered, unless you really just do not want to read about this story anymore. If so, message me with your email, give me a few days, and I'll get it to you.

As of now, Book Two in what I now dub the Infamous Series is officially in progress and will be titled The Vicious Circle. I'm really excited that people are interested to enough to want to continue reading it, so I've decided to combat a few problems that have come up.

First off, I know I told everyone that updates will be less frequent over the school year. There's not much I can do about this problem. However, I will try to get as many chapters in over the summer as I can, and I will space them out over the school year, so that updates should be about once a month.

Also, one reviewer suggested that I include a summary, as a sort of refresher. So, I will put up a tiny summary on the top of each update, to sort of remind everyone what's going on.

And lastly, expect Chapter One of The Vicious Circle to be up in a few days; so, if you want to sign up for the story alert, you can do that. Otherwise than this, I hope everybody has a good rest of the summer, and thank you everyone again for sticking with me and for reading this story!

With lots of love,


P.S. I know some of you have sent me PMs and reviews. I will reply to those as soon as I get the first chapter of TVC up.

The Vicious Circle summary:

It's been three week since the van Burens have moved into the Lewallen territory. Now, one of them has finally learned the harsh reality in a beautiful world. Behind every face, everyone must make a decision. And suddenly, allies are enemies, enemies are allies, and nobody knows what and who to believe anymore. Only one thing's for certain: no matter what decisions are made, somebody will always end up getting hurt, and here in Beverly Hills, the consequences are about to get ugly.