I thought it was over

I didn't think of you

Not like I used to

But now when I see you

With another

It kills

It burns

I am angry

Why do I still care?

You never loved me for real

To you it was game

My heart was just part of it all

You didn't care about me

And when you were finished

You just threw me away

I thought I was safe now

From your smile

From you sweet honeyed words

Yet I find myself falling

Falling for you once again

I cry out

Lord! Please save me!

I don't want to go through this again!

I never could really trust

You always played my head

But now

Its even worse

You have already broken my heart

Once before

I struggle and pray

But it seems like I'll never be safe

Not when you're near

I have wished

And I've prayed

That I would never see you again

Yet here you are

Right before me again



I feel myself crumble

Like a sandcastle

Under the weight of your sweet nothings

Why can't I leave?

Why don't I just walk away?

I know what you're doing

I can see it

I know you'll just break me again

Yet I just can't seem pull myself away

So here I stand

Falling for you again

Oh why?

Why ?

Can't I just run away?