Never look an aggressive dog in the eye. It leads to horrible things, apparently. Like getting thrown into religious nut cases, house. I was just going to school, THAT'S ALL! I didn't ask to meet that hunk of a man, that sexy black haired beauty. Nor did I want this Nazi woman yelling in my face, how homosexual's go to hell. My family and I don't even have a religion! We just say they throw us where they want us, and that's that. Here let me start at the beginning.

A kid with multi-colored hair was sitting at the table eating breakfast, talking to an older woman, presumed to be his mother. "Hurry up and finish, or you'll be late, again…" The woman says to the younger boy. The boy flicks a piece of red hair out of his face and replies, "Yes'm, masta." As he's wolfing down his edibles, let's have a look at him, shall we? His hair is streaked with blond, black, brown, and red. And has green, no wait blue, okay we'll say hazel eyes. His stature is small, but lean, and sharp. He's wearing a maroon tight shirt, and black jean shorts. He has a three row silver pyramid studded belt and two row bracelet. Shoes are black and red anarchy skater type, and he has a ball chain necklace. He looks up from his meal to reveal his hazel eyes lined in black.

"Hurry and GO, Nuri!" yelled the woman impatiently to her son, Nuri. "Okay, she doesn't use my real name, unless she means business. . ." He thought, saying out loud, "Kay! I'm outta here, see ya later MOMMY!" The last part shouted very loudly. Nuri cackles as he makes his way to School, he even doesn't notice the new neighbors, until a dog barks at him. Turning his head to see what made that noise, he sees a dog looking at him with a gleam in its eye. First he looks at the dog, IN THE EYE, and then looks to see who moved into this little red neck mountain town. (This SEEMS familiar…)The dog, I swear it's smirking, sneaks up behind Nuri and bites him right on the tosh.

At first Nuri's shocked, then comes the panic, he yips and takes off, trying to outrun that big ass dog. "THAT FUCKING HURT!" He shouts out the obvious, and continues to run, right into the new neighbor's lawn. After playing tag with the dog, we shall now refer to as Spike, a man walks up and shoos the dog away from the frightened kid. After coaxing the kid out of his garage, he introduces himself as Shui Cerulean. "It's a pleasure to meet you . . .?" Shui leaves it hanging in the air before Nuri answers, "Nuri, Nuri Scarlett, but most people call me Kit, and the pleasures is all mine." He visibly eye rapes Shui, who could blame him, Shui is gorgeous. Straight black hair framing his face, and when it hits the light it looks blue. Eyes so blue, it puts the ocean in shame, and light skin, frame dwarfs Nuri's by a long shot. Shui puts a hand on his hip (and you dip, I dip, we dip), cocks an eyebrow, and smirks, giving Nuri the same treatment. After licking his lips, Shui comments, "Cute, but don't you have school little boy?" Nuri huffs, twirls around and starts walking back to where he was. You know before the demented puppy incident. Before he's out of site, he says as he's walking, "oh well didn't want a wrinkly old man anyway."

That's only part of the story; there is a hell lot more. Now that you know who the black haired beauty is, let us introduce my faithful minions.

Kit walks up to the front of the school, when he is greeted by two boys. "Hey, Kitty!" the two boys said, waving, both were identical so it was obvious they are twins. "What's up, Demon one and two?" replied Kit. The boys just mirrored each others grin, impishly. They both were shorter than Kit, and an adorable appearance. Both had platinum blond hair, which covered their eyes. Also they had on identical clothing that clung to their skinny forms. The shirts were black and white checkered print, with a demented smile, and the word smile above it. The pants are black and tight till it hit their knees, and then went straight downward. Their white shoes look to be graphitized, by a black sharpie.

"Welcome to hell, which is called high school." said the boy on the left."Please leave your maturity, and emotions behind. And welcome drama, the wonderful excitement only to the retarded." said the boy to the right, mockingly.