'Mad World'


Candace – A young worry-stricken single mother.

Ophelia – Candace's Schizophrenic daughter.

Lilith – A manipulating character made from Ophelia's imagination.

Monica (Doctor Emmet) – The family's wise psychiatrist.

Lenore (Double up as Police Woman) – The 'God' of the parallel world Ophelia lives in. The 'Storyteller'. The 'Narrator'.

Scene One:

(Present day. It is late afternoon and Ophelia and Candace are eating dinner at the table. Ophelia's movement's are jerky and strange and she is expressionless, while Candace is busy writing on something. Lenore is standing at the front of the stage, watching them and talking to the crowd as if they are another person. She is holding some sort of clipboard. She looks like a receptionist.)

Lenore Ophelia? What a strange child. Yes, I remember her. Of course I remember her. How can I not remember her? I am, after all, part of her. Although she forgot me. She has forgotten me. But I am still here. And I am in her subconscious. Still watching, still dreaming, and still telling her story. Yes, I know that. Yes, some could say Ophelia was ill. Even crazy, perhaps. But is insanity really a product of one's mind or a product of one's environment?

(Candace looks up at Ophelia. She stops writing.)

Candace (After staring at Ophelia for a while) Ophelia...

(Ophelia doesn't react to her mother.)

Candace (Loudly) Ophelia.

(Ophelia stops eating and looks at her mother blankly.)

Ophelia Sorry.

Candace I was wondering how your appointment with the Doctor was?

Ophelia Monica? Yes. The appointment with Monica was not bad.

Candace What did you talk about?

Ophelia Things that do not have anything to do with you.

Candace (Beat) Okay. (Pause) How was school?

Ophelia Do you really feel the need to ask such a typically clichéd question when you already know the answer?

Candace No...but I do want to know how it was.

Ophelia I'll put my plate in the sink. Have you finished?

Candace Ophelia...

(Ophelia takes Candace's plate and walks off. She stops and turns around suddenly.)

Ophelia Have you heard that saying?

Candace (Confused) What saying?

Ophelia (Thinks for a moment) "The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test Reality we must see it on the tight-rope. When the Verities become acrobats we can judge them." (Beat) Oscar Wilde said that.

(Thinks for a minute or so then walks off stage, leaving her mother extremely confused and worried.)

(Lights go out. Music que-'Mad World' by Gary Jules. End on "Going Nowhere, going nowhere.")

Scene Two:

(Lights up)

(It is night. We are in Ophelia's extremely tidy bedroom. Everything is labeled and there is only one bed, a desk with a lamp on it and a chair.)

Lenore Yes, I know that. Actually, that is a very interesting point. A pattern does form when one lives in the same environment and same circumstance, day after day, after day. It is, I guess, some sort of prophetic...er...path, you could say. It's like a glimpse into the future. A future in which the past does linger. So in a way we are all staring into fate itself. But sometimes fate can be cruel and he can twist things apart. Like a toddler playing with blocks. The toddler knows what he is going to make, but does not have the skills to actually make it the way he imagined it to be. Fate can tear our world apart by changing our visions and expectations. Fate can be cruel. Yes, fate can be very cruel indeed.

(We follow Ophelia's routine as she gets ready for bed. First she unties her hair carefully, she brushes it while counting to twenty three, she folds back the covers on her bed and she slides in cautiously and flicks the switch on her lamp.

The lights dim.

Silence ensues. Then suddenly...BANG!

Ophelia turns on the lamp -lights come up brightly- and she stares at the end of her room -end of the stage.

Breathing heavily, she creeps out of bed and searches around. The song starts up in the background quietly.

While she searches the lights go off again and she looks around in panic.

Rushing to her bedside she flicks the switch on her lamp and the room –stage- is lit up brightly once again.

We see a black hooded figure who looks freakishly alike to the grim reaper –Lilith- standing in front of her.

Ophelia lets out a shriek and backs away.)

Lilith Boo.

Ophelia (Stumbles back a bit) What-who is it?

Lilith An old friend. (Pause) I'm disappointed in you, Lia.

Ophelia (Stops in her tracks) How-?

Lilith I was your only best friend, Lia. You don't know how disappointed I am.

Ophelia (Angry) Well if you showed your face maybe I would know who you are.

Lilith (Tuts and gives out a breezy laugh) Your temper always got you into trouble. But now...it's quite a shame they put you on those stupid pills.

Ophelia It is not like I have a choice in the matter. I am a loony, a crazy, a fricken mad person, and everyone knows that people like me do not have any choice in any matter.

Lilith (Laughing) Yes, that's quite correct. You are very much indeed crazy. But who kept you going? Who saved you from your worst fear? Who stayed with you when you were abandoned by all others? Who, Lia, who?

Ophelia I do not know. You tell me.

Lilith (Laughing) Who, Lia, Who? Who, Lia, who?

Ophelia I said I do not know!

Lilith Who, Lia, who? Who, Lia, who? Who, Lia-

Ophelia (Yells) I don't know!

Lilith (Pauses for a long while. Then quietly replies) Me, Lia, that's who.

(Lilith pulls back the hoodie and reveals a pale girl with dark crimson lipstick and huge dark eyes. Ophelia backs away quickly, terrified.)

Lilith (Laughs loudly) Hello Lia. Long time no see.

Ophelia (Screaming) You're not real! My pills...you can't be real!

Lilith Oh, I'm real alright. I'm real in there. (Points to her own head) Your pills have nothing to do with me.

Ophelia But...What happened? I thought you disappeared when I started taking them!

Lilith I didn't disappear. I never did. I was just hiding. Waiting. Hiding and waiting.

Ophelia (Pacing and wringing her hands jerkily) But if you're back it must mean my meds aren't working. No, no, no, no! I can't have you here. Not now! Not when everything's starting to die down. Not when I'm finally being accepted as being slightly normal. I can't...you can't do this to me! You can't, Lilith, you just can't!

Lilith Is this really how you treat your best friend? Will I have to resort back to my punishments?

Ophelia (Stands still, head bowed) No.

Lilith I'm sure your dear old mummy Candace would love a quick visit from me. It's been a while since I've last visited her. What do you think Lia darling? Do you think that-

(Ophelia runs up to Lilith and lunges at her screaming.

The lights go off. Blackness.

Then the lights slowly come back up and Lilith is gone. Ophelia stands back up and brushes herself off, grimly.)

Ophelia I said, no, Lilith. No.

(Lights go out and the music goes on full. Start at 2:13 from "And I find it kind of funny..." fade out on "Mad world...")

Scene Three:

(Lights up)

(It is the next morning. We see Ophelia, Lilith, and Monica, who has a clipboard, on stage. Monica and Ophelia are sitting on two chairs facing each other, and Lilith is standing behind Monica. This is Monica's session with Ophelia. Ophelia is sitting taunt and still, while Monica is looking thoughtfully at her patient. Lenore is still in her usual spot.)

Lenore Denial can be a funny little thing. It can hurt. As it can save people's lives. Denial can be the result of honesty and lies. It's quite a strange thing, actually. Denial is like a cage. Or a thick window pane, which separates us from the world. The truth, or the lie, that we hide is inside of us. Not wanting to look out at the world, and yet, bursting to free itself at the same time. Denial does not always work 100 percent though. Sometimes, some sort of strange force, maybe coming from the people we are trying to hide from, does break through the barrier. It shatters through the cages and the glass, and it reveals the hidden truth. Or lie. It could kill us. Or is could save us. In our time of darkness, perhaps denial is the thing that shrouds us in the shadows. Perhaps, in our time of great happiness, denial is the very thing that brings that light to us. (Pause) It's a funny little thing. Denial.

Monica Medication?

Ophelia Two times a day.

Lilith (Yells) Liar! Bloody liar! (To Monica) She threw her pills down the toilet! Cause I told her to!

Monica So everything's okay? At home? School?

Ophelia I guess so.

Lilith No, it's well bloody not!

Monica (Looks at Ophelia, contemplating.) Ophelia...is something wrong?

Ophelia No...no...nothing's wrong. No...no. Why?

(Lilith howls with laughter in the background.)

Monica You just seem a bit...distracted this morning.

Lilith That's cause I'm here. You can see me, can't you Lia? You're going insane!

Ophelia (Confused) What? No! I mean, yeah...of course...what? No!

Lilith Yes you are! You're utterly insane!

Monica Ophelia? Are you feeling okay?

Ophelia (Standing up and yelling) No! I'm not insane! I'm not, okay?

Monica Ophelia, I never said-

Lilith You are! Look at you! Look at you!

Ophelia No, I just...SHUT UP!

(Silence. Lilith giggles and Monica stares at Ophelia with a shocked expression on her face. Ophelia coughs, self consciously and sits back down.)

Ophelia Uh...maybe a higher dosage...?

Monica (Looking down at the clipboard) Yes, I think so too.

(Awkward silence with Lilith giggling and muttering in the background.)

Ophelia Monica, I just-

Monica I'll just pretend it never happened.

Ophelia I'm sorry, I didn't-

Monica (Looking up) Sorry about what?

Ophelia (Meekly) Thanks.

Monica Voices or...?

Ophelia Um...just faint...very faint...extremely faint...voices.

Lilith Oh, so I'm just an extremely faint voice to you?

Ophelia (Ignoring Lilith) Yes, very, very faint voices. Nothing serious. Nothing a higher dosage wouldn't fix.

Monica Yes...I hope so. Ophelia, is there anything you'd like to tell me? Anything you want to talk about? Any issues?

Ophelia Uh...not really, no. There's nothing...I'm just...Yeah, no, I'm good. Totally.

Monica Good. Good. Well, if those voices-

Ophelia Very faint voices.

Monica If those very faint voices get any louder, or if you start feeling...odd, then call me.

Ophelia Sure, sure thing.

(Monica hands Ophelia a slip of paper. Lilith, at this point, is starting to kick walls and singing 'Swing low, sweet chariot'.)

Monica Oh, and there's something else.

Ophelia Hm?

Monica Your mother called me up the other day.

Ophelia Oh God.

Monica She seems a little concerned about you, Ophelia. She thinks that maybe not having a father around is affecting you.

Ophelia It's not. My dad's a total jerk anyway. Left me and mum for this blonde model who's half his age. Not surprising actually. Quite a stereotypical male 'thing' that I'd expect him to do.

Monica So, you're not angry or anything?

Ophelia Yeah I am. I guess. Because now mum is even more over protective of me. I have no life. Not that I ever had one. It's just...I don't know. I mean, I am 17. Even if I am crazy, I should at least get a little freedom.

Monica Did you want me to talk to her for you?

Ophelia You can try. But if it comes down to me, she won't listen to anyone but herself. (Stands and starts pacing)

Monica She loves you. A lot. And she doesn't want to see you get hurt.

Ophelia You could try that hypnotism thingy on her. Get her to stop being such a leech.

Monica I can't. Not without her permission. And I can't stop your mother from being...a mother.

Ophelia Or we could get her to come in for some sessions. Tell her that her way of mothering me is the wrong way. That the reason why I'm insane is because of her. Perhaps?

Monica There's just no way we could do that. You should know that.

Ophelia Or we could...

Lilith Poison her coffee each morning.

Ophelia Poisoning her will not do any good. You know that. And anyway, it's just...creepy.

Monica Ophelia.

Lilith What about making her listen to those brainwashing tapes each night?

Ophelia No...brainwashing her won't do any good either.

Monica Ophelia!

Ophelia (Stops pacing) Did you know those pills taste like dog crap?

Monica Really?

Ophelia Yeah. You guys should put those artificial flavoring stuff in them. Make them easier to take. Raspberry would be good.

Monica Yes. What an idea.

Ophelia Or chocolate. That would be the ultimate. Chocolate. Or mocha.

(Monica's cell phone rings. She holds up a finger to Ophelia and talks into the phone quickly.)

Monica (Into the phone) Yeah? Oh, sorry. Yeah, sure. We're done here anyway.

Ophelia We have four minutes and twenty five more seconds to go.

Monica (Ignoring Ophelia) Yeah, sure. Yep. Yep. Okay, I'll see you in ten.

(Monica pockets her cell phone and stands up.)

Monica I'm sorry, Ophelia. Something came up and we'll have to end our session early. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Ophelia Sure. That's fine. (Stands up)

Monica I've got to run. You can hand that form into reception on your way out.

Ophelia Sure.

Monica I'll see you later.

Ophelia Yep.

(Monica rushes out. Ophelia stares after her. Lilith comes to stand next to Ophelia.)

Lilith Well that was fun. I think we scared her off. Finally.

Ophelia Piss off.

(Walks off, leaving Lilith staring after her, laughing.)

(Lights go out. No music.)

Scene Four:

(Lights go up)

(Ophelia and Lilith are sitting in the middle of the stage, watching TV. Ophelia is holding a remote and flicks through the channels unconsciously.)

Lenore Have you ever been to a puppet show before? If the puppet master is skillful, the puppets look as if they are alive. It even looks as if they are breathing and blinking. Like mini human beings up on a tiny stage. I wonder how it feels to be controlled like that. Being able to live just because a puppet master is pulling on my strings. What would happen if I cut the strings? What would happen if the puppet master lost control of me? What would happen...if I took control over the puppet master? (Pauses thoughtfully) What if...indeed.

Lilith Change. Change. Change. Change.

(Ophelia flicks the channels as Lilith instructs her to)

Lilith You know, you won't be able to resist.

Ophelia Trust me. I will.

Lilith We'll see about that.

(Silence ensues.)

Lilith I already have you.

Ophelia (Stops flicking) You don't.

Lilith Listen to the way you talk now. Listen to the way your mother sounds when she talks to you. See how you act. See how other people act.

Ophelia So?

Lilith So? So, everyone's beginning to notice, Lia. Everyone knows you've stopped taking those pills. Everyone knows you're crazy.

Ophelia If I'm crazy, then you're not real.

Lilith (Smacks Ophelia) Did that feel real?

Ophelia (Angrily) What the hell? Yes!

Lilith (Smugly) Well then.


Ophelia What's going to happen to me?

Lilith I can't tell you. Not now.

Ophelia Why not?

Lilith I'm not real yet.

Ophelia But you just said-

Lilith I am real. But I'm not real in your mind. If you start believing in me, Lia, I will start becoming real, inside and out.

Ophelia In my mind?

Lilith Then, I can tell you.

Ophelia (Beat) I missed you.

Lilith Me too, Lia. Me too.


Ophelia Lilith?

Lilith Yes?

Ophelia I'm sorry.

Lilith I'm sorry too.

Ophelia What for?

Lilith I'm sorry for what I'm about to do.

Ophelia Lilith?

Lilith I have to do this. You know I do. There's no other way out.


Ophelia I know.

Lilith Good.

(Lights go down. No music.)

Scene Five:

(Lights go up.)

(It is dinner time. Ophelia is eating dinner with Candace. Lilith is between them, watching both of them with interest.)

Lenore When the darkness consumes us, we act out of character. We can't help it. Sometimes, we lash out and do things and say things that we will regret for the rest of our lives. The darkness does that. It makes us reveal our most honest, most truthful and painful secrets. Our feelings and deepest desires. (Opens her mouth to say something, thinks, then closes it. Smiles.) Sometimes, less is better.

Candace Ophelia.

Ophelia What.

Candace Did your appointment go well?

Ophelia It's called a 'session', Candace. A 'session'.

Candace What...what did you just call me?

Ophelia Candace. It is your name isn't it?

Lilith (Laughing) Harsh!

Candace Yes...but you haven't called me that since...

Ophelia Since?

Lilith Since you started seeing me!

Candace (Stops eating) Ophelia. When have you stopped taking them?

Ophelia I wish you would stop calling me that.

Candace Ophelia, answer the question.

Ophelia I wish you could have called me something else. Did you know Ophelia went crazy? Is that why you called me that, Candace? Because Ophelia went crazy?

Candace Ophelia, when have you stopped taking your pills?

Lilith She's getting pissed off.

Ophelia Monica told me something today.

Candace What?

Ophelia She told me you talked to her. About me.

Candace I was worried. I still am, Ophelia. You've been acting very strange lately.

Ophelia Stranger than usual you mean?

Lilith (Howling with laughter) Classic!

Candace That's not what I mean!

Ophelia How I trust you? I can't tell you anything anymore. I can't even relax with you around anymore, Candace. Not if you're going to go behind my back. Not like this.

Candace This isn't about trust, Ophelia! It's about me fulfilling my duty as your mother!
Ophelia Come on! That's just an excuse to probe around my life. Make up excuses to try get into my mind.

Candace What are you talking about?

Ophelia You know what? I don't know anymore. I just don't understand anything or anyone anymore.

Candace If you let me help you, Ophelia-

Ophelia (Standing up) I told you not to call me that!

Candace (Stands up as well) Ophelia!

Ophelia I hate you!


Lilith Damn!

Candace Ophelia...

Ophelia Whatever. I'm done. Finished.

(Ophelia walks off stage. Candace stares after her in shock and sits down heavily. Lilith pats her arm, mockingly sympathetic.)

Lilith (Sighing) Kids these days. Out of their minds. Absolutely disrespectful.

(The lights go down as Lilith howls with laughter. No music.)

Scene Six:

(Lights go up.)

(We are back in Monica's office. Ophelia is sitting with Monica in the usually spot. Lilith is also there, sitting on the floor tearing paper.)

Lenore For the past few days, I have been...narrating Ophelia's doings and thoughts. But what about the people around her? All I can say...for sure...is that Candace is not happy. Not happy indeed. If you are a mother or if you have ever felt that protective motherly feeling, then perhaps you would know what Candace is feeling right now. I can't. I've never had a child. But sometimes I do feel somewhat responsible for Ophelia and Lilith. (Pauses and looks down at her clipboard. She looks up at the audience with a strange expression on her face.) They are, after all, my creations.

Monica How long has it been?

Lilith Oh, about three days.

Ophelia I don't know. Not long.

Monica Can you see her now?

Ophelia (Beat) Yeah.

Lilith Traitor!

Ophelia I can see her.

Monica What is she doing?

Ophelia Tearing paper.

Lilith (Throws the scraps of paper at Ophelia) Traitor!

Monica What is she saying to you?

Ophelia She's calling me a traitor.

Monica Why's that?

Lilith (To Monica. She stands.) It's because she thinks I'm not real! By admitting it to YOU, Lia is saying that, yes, she is indeed crazy, and that yes, Lilith is indeed not REAL!

Ophelia I don't know.

Lilith You will have to accept the fact I'm real Lia! You know why?

Monica I see. Where are your pills now?

Lilith You know why, Lia? It's because I will have to tell you what's going to happen to you. And I will. But first, you have to accept me for what I am. REAL!

Monica Ophelia?

Ophelia I...I can't remember.

Lilith Down the toilet. She flushed them down the toilet.

Ophelia You made me!

Monica What was that?

Ophelia Nothing.

Lilith Hah!

Monica You can block her out, Ophelia. She is, after all, a figment of your imagination. You can silence her.

Ophelia I can't.

Lilith You can't!

Monica You can, Ophelia. Just block her out. Shut her up.

Lilith You can't shut me out! You know you can't!

Ophelia I can't.

Monica You can. Just block her out.

Lilith She CAN'T woman! Bloody hell. Persistent, isn't she, Lia?

Monica Block her out.

Ophelia I can't! I bloody well can't! And you know why? It's because she is REAL! She's bloody real! She's...real.


Monica Ophelia! Don't do this. Don't let her take control!

Ophelia She's real. (Stands up) I'm sorry, Doctor Emmett. Our session is over for today.

Monica (Standing) Ophelia. Please.

Lilith That a girl, Lia!

Ophelia I'm sorry.

(Music starts up loud –Dead Poetic's 'Paralytic'-as Lilith says "YES! FINALLY!".)

( Ophelia stares at Monica for a bit then walks off stage. Lilith takes Ophelia's hand and walks off with her. Monica sits down heavily and sighs.)

(Lights go out on "Circle the object of..." Music on full. Finish on 1:14.)

Scene Seven:

(Lights go up. Ophelia is in school uniform. She is sitting down alone and eating lunch. Lilith and sitting next to her, happily.)

Lenore Death is real. It is very, very real. (Stares at the audience for a bit.) That's all I'm going to say for now. I'm sorry.

Lilith Ophelia.

Ophelia What.

Lilith Why is it you sit by yourself?

Ophelia (Stops eating) I don't like people.

Lilith Why's that?

Ophelia (Thinks) They are unpredictable. And intimidating.

Lilith Good point. (Beat) It's time.

Ophelia For what?

Lilith I am real now. I am...real.

Ophelia What's going to happen to me, Lilith?

Lilith (Beat) You are going to die.


Lilith I'm so sorry.

Ophelia No...I knew it was something like that.

Lilith It has to happen.

Ophelia Why?

Lilith You are the Destroyer.

Ophelia The what?

Lilith (Music Starts up at 2:34 'Mad World' quietly. Stands up) You are the Destroyer. (Pause) You will be the death and destruction of everyone and everything around you. Ophelia. You are the anti-Christ.

Ophelia (Nodding) Yeah. Yeah I know.

Lilith Then you must know what has to be done?

Ophelia Yes I do. But...

Lilith But?

Ophelia Lilith. How am I going to die?

Lilith (Quietly) You're going to get killed.

Ophelia Who's going to kill me, Lilith?

(Silence. "Mad world...")

Lilith I am.

(Lights go out. Silence.)

Scene Eight:

(Lights go up. We are in Ophelia's house in the dining room. A police officer-double up Lenore-, Candace, and Monica are sitting at the table with coffee. Candace is staring blankly into her coffee and Monica is trying to console her.)

Policewoman (Consulting her notebook) She was last seen several hours ago on the Morrissey Bridge. Do you have any idea why she would go there?

Candace No...God no.

Monica Ophelia was...unstable. She had a severe case of Schizophrenia.

Candace Was? She's not dead! She's just missing.

Monica I'm sorry, Candace.

Policewoman A schizophrenic you say?

Monica Yes.

Policewoman Do you think, that, perhaps, had something to do with her going missing?

Monica Yes...no...I don't really know. But...Ophelia has this...delusion.

Policewoman Delusion?

Candace Her name is Lilith.

Policewoman Lilith?

Monica Lilith is Ophelia's delusion. Lilith...according to extensive meetings and sessions with Ophelia... is a nasty piece of work that follows Ophelia around.

Policewoman So you're saying that this...Lilith made Ophelia run away?

Monica I feel that Lilith would make her do much worse than just run away.

Candace I can't believe she lied to me all this time.

Monica It's not your fault Candace.

Candace She should have told me Lilith had come back. I thought all that was over.

Monica It was over. Ophelia was doing so well.

Policewoman (Writing down in her notebook) Are there any places that Ophelia might go to? Any places that she finds comfort in?

Candace She never really did get out of the house.

Policewoman Alright.

(The policewoman's cell phone rings. She answers it.)

Policewoman Inspector Rogers speaking. Yeah. Uh-huh. I see. Yeah I'm with them now. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I see. Alright. Thanks Michael.

(She hangs up and looks up at the two women with a strange expression on her face.)

Candace Have they found her?

Monica Inspector?

Policewoman I...uh...I just got an update on the search for Ophelia.

Candace Inspector?

Policewoman Now, they don't know if this means anything. And we never know...Ophelia could still very well be alive...

Candace Oh God!

Policewoman They found Ophelia's schoolbag and her jacket in the river below the bridge.

(Candace starts to wail and Monica hugs her tightly. The Policewoman looks on uncomfortably. She looks up at the audience and shrugs.)

Policewoman/Lenore I did say that death was real, didn't I?

(Lights go down. 'Paralytic' starts up. Ends when the words come in.)

Scene Nine:

(Lights go up.)

(Monica and Candace are sitting at the dinner table, drinking coffee. The Policewoman is gone and Lenore is back in her usual spot. Lilith is standing beside the two women, smirking. She is wearing the same hood she wore in the second scene again. It is midnight.)

Lenore Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist". The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being. Truth, fact, what reality might not be...it is a very complex...and might I say, a somewhat chaotic concept one must think about at least a few times in their life. And for those whom reality takes a twist on...for those whom fate throws reality into another parallel universe and destroys life as we know it...for those people...reality can take another meaning all together.

A meaning which usually follows death.

Lilith It's over. It's done. You can't change reality.

Monica I'm so sorry this had to happen.

Candace It's all my fault. It's all my fault.

Monica It's not your fault, Candace. No one would have known how severe this was. Even I didn't realize up until the last minute. If anything, it's my fault this all happened. I should have put her in the hospital. Put her on other medication. Something. Anything. But I didn't. And for that I seek your forgiveness, Candace. I failed you as a friend and a psychologist.

Candace No...I don't blame you, dear.

Monica I can't believe this.

Candace Neither can I. Neither can I.

Lilith You both lost. You both failed her.

(Both women sit in silence, staring into their cups.)

Lenore Ophelia is dead.

Lilith Ophelia is dead.

Candace Ophelia is dead.

Monica I'm so sorry. I'm so very sorry.

Lenore And this, this, my dears, is where reality finally crumbles into nothingness.

Lilith She's dead and you all gave up on her. You call yourself her mother? You call yourself a doctor of psychology? Don't flatter yourselves! Ophelia was drawn to the darkness and all you did was sit by and watch her die! I had no choice in the matter! I had no choice! And all you did was let her die! You killed her. You killed Ophelia! All of you did! You MURDERERS!

(Candace and Monica jump and stare at Lilith in shock.)

Candace What? Wait...who the hell are you?

Lilith (Pulling back her hood) Hello, I'm Lilith. Nice to finally meet you.

(The scene freezes. Lenore turns to the audience, smiling.)

Lenore This, my dears, is the start. "The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test Reality we must see it on the tight-rope. When the Verities become acrobats we can judge them." Oscar Wilde said that. (Beat) The answer to our very first question is right here. What was it again...? (Thinks) Ah yes. "Is insanity really a product of one's mind or a product of one's environment?" (Chuckles) Well, my dears, the answer is right here. Staring at you right in your face. It's the way you chose to look at the answer, is what makes the difference. And that, my dears, is the very start.

(Lights go down. Music starts. 'Mad World'.)



1. Oscar Wilde

2. Welcome Back Lilith

3. Nothing Is Wrong

4. Lilith Is In Control Now

5. I Hate You Candace

6. She's Real

7. The Destroyer

8. Morrissey Bridge

9. Lilith Is real?