Author's Note: The dashes represent a period of time gone by, in this order. Before, during, and after the break up, to now. I hope someone understands where I'm going with this. I have serious writers block.

Time Well Wasted

Your words are like bullets.
Gun in hand, pull the trigger,
But who's here to stop the bleeding?
I'm still waiting,
And I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.
In one hand, I have every reason to believe you,
On the other hand, I have every reason to go.
I tried to make you love me.
But loving someone doesn't make them love you.
I'm still drinking myself lonely, my glass is still halfway full.
I'll go home drunk and wake up sober.
These one night stands might hold me over.

This isn't all its cracked up to be.
But its no coincidence, it wasnt meant to be.
And she always blames herself because it's over.
But what about your 10,000 promises?
She held on to your every word, and you broke her heart again.
The only thing she knows for sure, is she cant do this anymore.

Stupid boy.
He's still the last thing I think of every night, and the first thing on my mind every day.
But if I never see his face again, I wont mind.
You can still feel my breath on your neck.
You still have those marks that I left.
You can tell all of your friends you got in, got off, and got out.

You could be anywhere, but you chose to be here with me.
So lets walk and reminisce.
He'll call from time to time, and ask if I'm ok.
I'll say I'm better off in every way, without you.
But I still feel like I'm dreaming.
You say its so bad.

Everything she writes now, is in reference to you.
She's not sure if she misses you or wishes you'd drop dead.
She couldn't say she hates you but she knows she doesn't love you anymore.

I consider it, time well wasted.