A sickly, frail woman sat on the dirt floor, her knees scraping against the rough ground, maggots eating away at the sores on her feet. She rocked slowly back and fourth, cradling the head of a man in her arms. The man, around the age of twenty years, was her son. She held his head gently in her arms, her fingers stroking through his black hair as she rocked and sang a soft lullaby. She did not sing for his benefit, for he laid motionless, sprawled on the floor as if he had fallen and not moved again. She did not sing for him, she sang for herself. She sang to drown out the noise. The screams and taunts of the villages, their angry shouts and sound of crackling fire on their torches.

"Witch! Witch!"

"Kill the demon!"
She sang to drown out the sound of their footsteps, stomping closer and closer to her house. She sang to distract herself from what was happening. She smiled to herself, beginning to think of her son, of when he was younger.

"Death to the Witch-boy!"

"Oh, my sweet Jack..." She crooned, gently stroking his cheek. "My baby, my beautiful baby. Mommy's here, She'll protect you..."

"Burn them!"
She hummed softly, the glassy look in her eyes strangely blissful as she cradled her son's head close to her. "I won't let them hurt my baby. They won't ever hurt us..." She closed her eyes, humming louder as the shouting got closer, a smile gently playing on her lips.

"Murderers! Murderers! He killed my Daughter!!"

"Burn the demon!"

"Cleanse the village of evil!"


"They're in league with the devil!"


"Burn the witch!"

The crackle of fire got louder, and smoke started wafting through the room, curling and dancing in the air as the flames ate at the roof top. There was a shatter of glass, and then sudden heat as a torch was tossed in through the newly broken window, consuming the side of the cabin within seconds.

"It's okay, Jack. We'll be with your Father soon. Mommy knows what's best for us Jack...They can't ever hurt us..." The woman rocked her son gently, singing softly. She sang only for herself, despite her words. She sang only to herself as she hugged her already dead son, the smile still in place on her lips as the cabin was swallowed by the flames.

The crackle of the fire and the shouts of the villagers were the only sounds left to be heard.

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