"Jack and Jill

Went up a hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down

and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after."


"Be a good boy and fetch Mommy a pail of water, Jack."

Jack had grinned at his mother, his eyes lighting up. Jack liked to walk. He liked walk up the hill where the well was. It was rocky, and very steep, but Jack never missed a step. Jack loved walking. He grinned at his mother and bounded out the door, nearly tripping over his feet in his excitement. He was tall and gangly for his age of sixteen, but he didn't seem to notice, not even when his legs got all tangled up and he fell flat on his face. Jack didn't notice he was different. He snatched the bucket from the out the back door of the small cabin and raced towards the edge of town. That's where the hill was. That's where the well was. So far away, but Jack loved the walk. Jack grinned to himself as he ran, his eyes glassy with the vacant stare they always held as he ran towards the edge of town, knocking into villagers and grunting quick apologetic noises as he ran past. Jack loved running, too. Jack couldn't stop grinning.


Jill twisted her skirts nervously in her hands. She had heard Jack coming a few minutes ago, the startled villagers and the frequent crashing brought a smile to her lips. She was very fond of Jack. He was... different from other boys. He was special, and she loved him in a very special way, but she knew that she couldn't love him in the way that she wanted too, and she knew that he couldn't love her in the way that she wanted him too. She frowned as she thought of the conversation that was about to take place, she didn't know how to tell him that she was getting married. Then again, she wasn't sure he'd even care. The townsfolk gossiped that he had been born with only half a brain. That he was dropped as a baby. That he was cursed, or that he was possessed by demons. Jill didn't believe any of that. Jack was gentle, and kind. Jack was innocent. Jack just had the mind of a child, and he always would.

Jack ran past Jill, his long legs pushing hard as he dashed past.

"Jack! Jack wait! I want to come too, Jack!" Jill shouted, starting after Jack.

Jack turned around, smiling at Jill with that wide grin that was almost always on his face. He slowed, but didn't stop when he saw Jill, running backwards.

As Jill caught up to Jack, he gave a happy sort of moan, tossing his long arms around her in a hug, the pail whipping around and smashing against his side, but he didn't even seem to notice. He kept running, almost dragging Jill with him.

Jill laughed, stumbling along with Jack as she tried to keep up, finding herself grinning at the boy who always so energetically went to get water.

"Jack! Wait! Stop!" Jill huffed, trying to squirm out of Jack's grasp. "Jack! Stop!"

Jack wobbled to a stop, looking at Jill with confused eyes. "Waahtuur!" Jack spoke slowly, flinging his hand toward hill at the edge of town.

Jill nodded slightly, "Yes, I know, you're getting water, but wait! I-I want to talk, Jack..."

Jack started at Jill. "Waahtuur."

Jill smiled, and laughed. "Yes. Water. Walk, Jack? Can we walk to the water?"

Jack's grin slowly returned and he nodded a few times, bouncing slightly in his excietment. "Wauckk! Waahtuur!" He grabbed Jill's hand and started walking towards the hill. Jill grinned back at him, squeezing his hand gently. "Yes, thank you, Jack." She said, reassuring him that he had understood her.

Jack whined happily, started to swing their hands back and fourth in wide swoops as they walked. Jill smiled, trying to look Jack in the eye. "Jack, do you remember Stanley? He lives in town..."

Jack swung their hands back and fourth, the bucket clanking noisly as they walked.

Jill bit her lip, continuing. "I've been talking to Stanley a lot lately, Jack. He's very nice...Don't you think."

Jack looked at Jill and grinned, pointing at the hill they lay directly ahead of them. "Waahtuur."

Jill tried to smile, "Yes, we're almost to the water. Will you listen to me a moment, Jack? Can you try?" Jill questioned, her fustrated seeping into her voice a little.

Jack didn't know how to try. He stared at Jill blankly, and then started tugging her up the hill, his usual clumsiness leaving him as he eased his way up the side, gently pushing Jill along in front of him, even lifting her when she needed.

Jill sighed, trying to figure out a way to make him understand. She hiked up the hill in silence, waiting until they reached the top before she turned around and grabbed his shoulders. "Jack." She said slowly.

Jack looked past her at the well, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion as she stopped him from walking the few more steps to the water. "Waahtuur...uhhnn?"

"Listen to me, Jack." Jill spoke softly, but firmly. "I'm getting married."

Jack stared.

"To Stanley..." Jill continued. "Do you know what that means Jack?"

Jack frowned. "Waahtuur."

Jill spun away from him then, letting out a frustrated cry. He didn't understand. Or maybe he did, maybe he didn't care. She felt tears spring into her eyes and lifted a hand to dash them away, choking back a sob.

Jack's mouth dropped open and he dropped his pail, rushing around to the front of Jill. He whined, patting at her face and hair gently in what she assumed was an attempt to calm her.

This was why Jill was marrying Stanley. She needed to marry an someone who could take care of her and who could provide for her family. She needed a husband, not a child. "Why, Jack?" She demanded angrily, pushing his hands away. "Why can't you understand? I can't wait for you anymore, and once I'm married I can't see you like this anymore. This is it Jack, this is goodbye." Tears ran down her face as she spoke, and she covered her face with her hands, not wanting to look at the sad, lost look in Jack's eyes anymore.

Jill wept silently for a moment before she felt Jack's hand on hers. He squeezed her hand gently, in the reassuring way she had done to him just minutes before. She wiped her eyes and lifted her head to look at Jack.

Jack stared at Jill, and then squeezed her hand again. He slowly brought her hand to his chest, and said slowly with a small smile. "Jaauck."

Jill smiled faintly, wiping another tear away with her free hand. "Yes." She whispered softly. "You're Jack."

Jack shook his head, his bottom lip jutting out as he frowned down at her. "Yoaauur Jaauck."

Jill tilted her head, confused. "No, I'm Jill..."

Jack grinned then. "Jaauckss Jyll." He whined, squeezing her hand again, leaning his face against her hand.

Jill cleared her throat, new tears stinging her eyes. She pulled her hand away from Jack and took a step back. "No, Jack..."

Jack frowned, the confusion returning to his eyes.

More tears ran down her cheeks as she sought to explain. "Stanley's Jill."

Jack gave a groan of confusion and hurt, advancing towards Jill as she stepped back. "Jaauckss!" He insisted, wailing slightly, as if trying to push the words from his throat. Jaauckss Jyyyll!!"

Jill turned away from him then, "I'm not Jack's Jill anymore, I can't be!" She sobbed, "You don't understand! I can't ever be yours."


Jack's face contorted as he tried to get the words out. He tried to think right. He tried for his Jill. It didn't work and he gasped in a breath. Swallowing the air was oddly uncomfortable, it burned his throat and made his eyes water. It squeezed and pushed his heart back into an uncomforabtle position and he stumbled back in pain. He didn't understand. He didn't understand why his Jill was doing this. She had always been his Jill. Jack loved Jill, just like he loved walking and running. She was Jack's Jill. Why didn't she want to be his Jill anymore?

A strange howl of agony ripped out of his throat as the pain in his chest intensified and his throat felt like it was on fire. He couldn't see straight anymore. Where was his Jill? Where had she gone? He saw her shocked face for a second before his vision was blurred again by the rain. But it wasn't raining, he wasn't wet. The grass wasn't wet. It was just his face. Jack was confused. He loved his Jill. He lunged towards her, and she screamed, he didn't know why. He was so confused. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, hugging her close to him. She was struggling and crying, saying words he couldn't understand. He wanted to understand. Why couldn't he understand his Jill?

The rage rushed over him like a sudden breeze, he couldn't see it, but he could feel it so strongly. Why? Why couldn't he understand his Jill? Why couldn't she understand him? He shoved at his Jill, pushing her down towards the ground to move her out of the rain, but it wasn't raining, was it? He howled and clawed at his chest, where had his heart gone? He stumbled and fell ontop of Jill, but she didn't help him up like she normally did. She was hurting him, she was kicking and hitting. She didn't understand. She was hurting him. He was hurting. He wanted her to stop. He grabbed her wrists in his one big hand, stopping her from hitting him, trying to stop the hurting. She was screaming and flailing. Her hitting had stopped but he was still hurting. He wanted it to stop. He wanted her to stop hurting him. He wanted her to stop. Jill was screaming in terror. His Jill. He wanted her to stop. He put his hand on her forehead, to comfort his Jill.

Too hard.

Her head whacked back against the rocky ground. There was red everywhere and Jack didn't know where it was coming from. His Jill was screaming and he wanted it to stop. He wanted to stop hurting. He wanted his Jill. He tried to lift her up, but she screamed and and twisted away.

Too fast.

Her head smacked against the rocks again. There was more red, and frantic sobs. His or hers? He wanted to stop. He wanted her to stop. He shook her then, he was so angry. Why was his Jill hurting him? He loved his Jill. he didn't hear the horrible sounds of her head smashing against rock, he didn't see her eyes roll up, he didn't see the blood everywhere. He loved his Jill. A frantic sob. His this time. He knew. Where was his Jill? She had stopped screaming, she had stopped crying, she had stopped struggling but she was still here under him. Where was his Jill. He tried to look at her but there was blood everywhere. It was on her face and down her cheeks. It got in her eyes, but she didn't blink it away. It was on his hands, and he gaped in horror. Where was Jill? He loved his Jill. Where was his heart? He wanted his Jill. Where? He was so lost. He stared. He sobbed. Where had it all gone? He moaned his sorrow. "Jaauckss Jyyylll..."


Peter often took walks in the woods outside of the village. There was quite in the woods, and he could be himself. His true self. He hated those in the village, he hated the way they looked at him, the way they talked to him... But he loved his brother. His brother who has just murdered Jill Hobbs. A villager. He didn't care. She was one of them. He cared about his brother. His severely dumb brother. He walked out of the trees, towards the body of Jill, towards his weeping brother.

"Oh, Jack..." he rasped, his voice quiet as always, but Jack heard.

Jack swung his head around, staring at his brother with large horrified eyes. "Jaauckss Jyyylll!!" He wailed, his tears mixing with the snot that ran down his face and dripped onto his blood covered hands.

Peter nodded slowly. "It's okay Jack, it was an accident. I saw the whole thing." He smiled thinly, crouching beside his brother.

"Jaauuckk..." Jack gaped, grasping at the well near by.

Peter gently patted his brothers head, his other arm slipping around his shoulders. "I saw it all. You fell, Jack. You know how clumsy you are. You took a nasty tumble while you two were getting water. She tried to catch you, Jack, but you were too heavy for her."

Jack stared. "Jyyylll...Unnnhhh..."

Peter shook his head. "I saw it, Jack. She fell. Don't you remember Jack? She tumbled down the rocks after trying to help you." Peter spoke warmly, smiling at his little brother. "It's okay, Jack. It wasn't your fault. She fell. Didn't she, Jack?"

Jack stared at his brother, then looked down at the blood on his hands.

Peter scowled, and with one push slammed his brothers head against the side of the stone well.

Jack cried out in pain, jerking away, putting his hand over the gash on his head.

Peter smiled. "See Jack? You hit your head. That's your own blood on your hands. She fell, Jack. I saw it all. Isn't that right, Jack?"

Jack sobbed. "Jaauckss Jyll..."

Peter's eyes narrowed. "She fell. Say it, Jack. Tell me what happened."

Jack sobbed, Peter looming over him staring down at him. "What happened, Jack?"

Jack sobbed. "Feayll..." Jack felt the pain in his chest again, gasping. He forced the words out slowly, sobbing still. "J-jyyyll Feayll..." His voice hitched with the staggered breaths, and he stared at the blood on his hands.

Peter smiled, and stood, walking over to where Jill's body was. Everything would be alright now. He would help his poor dumb brother. "That's right, Jack. I saw. Remember that, now." Peter slide his foot under Jill's side, still speaking gently to his brother. "You fell. Jill tried to help and fell too. You both fell..."

Peter lifted his foot, rolling Jill's body off the side of the cliff.

Jack scrambled to his feet, racing to the edge of the hill. "Jyylll!" He wailed, his hands grasping at the air as if he were trying to latch on to her body as it fell.

Peter leaned over his brothers shoulder, petting his hair soothingly. "Jill fell. Remember? So did Jack. Jack fell down, and Jill tumbled down after you."

Jack spun to face his brother. He didn't understand anything. He hurt. He hurt so bad. He wanted his Jill. "Jyyyll..."

Peter shook his head, the scowl whipping onto his face again. "Fell!" He thrust his hands forward, pushing his little brother backwards down the side of the hill, tipping his head to the side as he listened to the anguished moans of his younger brother as he skidded down the rocky edge.

Peter slowly started down the hill.

Down to where his brother lay weeping.

Down towards the villagers who had raced out to the scene.

Down to explain to them what had happened.

Down to where his little brother was moaning over and over...

"Jaauckss Jyyyllll...Jaauckss Jyylll feayll...Jaauckss Jyyll..."

Down to where the murdered body of Jill Hobbs lay bloodied and broken.

"Jack and Jill

Went up a hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack killed Jill

Upon that hill

Now she's Jack's Jill for everafter."

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