The severity of this infatuation

threatens to

undo me from the inside, out

pulling string after string away

Your unresponsiveness tears at my sanity.

And you stay just beyond my reach,

stumbling so close to the edge

crawling towards danger

pulling my emotions with you…

letting your actions be the puppeteer of my heart.

And I am compelled to you

like the ocean to the moon – so un-reliant,

while you stretch me out so thin

that I am quite literally


Breaking at your words and your wit and all the wonderful ways

that you take me apart and leave me


You are a knife down my throat every time I swallow something familiar and sweet, like the almosts that were breaths away from being definite

and the little truths that you edited so, so well.

Sweet boy,

You are the little death inside me

when twilight comes and goes, passing another day

that I went without your love.

words in summary are copyright of Something Corporate.