I didn't see the cliff coming

I didn't see the cliff coming

But I am not afraid

I must go into the sun today

Because I'm so sick of the shade

My safeties restrict me

From someone I could be

Someone who perhaps I'd find

A little more friend-worthy

I'm not your real conscience

If I were I'd let you know your feelings

I'm not a real person

If I were I'd never smile after crying

I am not ashamed of what I will be

When I wake up from this depression

Because I am not the raging sea

And I can't be swallowed in the ocean

Because when it comes down to the water

I never meant to let it flow so fast

But off the cliff I'm going now

And here up comes that crash

In the midst of some kind of descent

Perhaps my wings will grow

But I would never let that slip out

Although you'd be the first to know

Water can fall from above

While it is waiting me below

And I won't cry a single tear here

I won't let the sorrow show

Because I never wanted it anyways

So if these just happen to be my final days

I promise you with a swear and a smile

I'm going to make the best of them