I long for you

I pine away

I think of you

Every minute

Every day

If only you could see

How much you matter to me

I love your smile

I love your face

Your arms

Your hands

I love you all

I wish I was worthy of your love

I would be so happy

So in love

Sometimes it seems like we are meant to be

Sometimes it seems like you don't see me

You make me happy

You make me glad

Yet sometimes I feel abandoned and sad

I want you here

Here with me

I long to be in your arms

To feel your body so close to mine

TO feel your lips brush across mine

To know you're mine

And I am yours

To feel loved

And know its true

To have someone to hold my hand

Someone who really cares who I am

Not some stupid boy who just wants my body

Someone who know s how I am inside

Who holds me tight

Who makes me smile

Someone who I feel safe around

Someone who loves me right