A glimpse of heaven

Watch the lights that

Dot the skyline.

Stare, reach out and point

a finger at the glow,

right at the top of that tower,



Press your nose to

the glass,

the lights like fireflies or maybe

stars thrown down from

above, like the mistake of angels,



Sit by the street and watch

The cars zoom past.

Headlights creating a blur

Of red and orange

That blinds your eyes,



Feel the people walk past

hurriedly. They brush past

with agitation and strut off

carelessly, flinging brands off bags.

Their faces are



Megapolis of Iron, grey

seems so

monochrome. A heaven of only

hellish pain? Perhaps it is

just you who feels



Wonder how many of them know

how to smile. So you

try, but your lips

fail you. Ponder

if they see you or are you