A Letter to You

If I wrote a letter to you

It'd let you know the truth

That I can't stop thinking about all we had

At first I thought, how could he do this to me?

Then I remember how I made it seem

You don't even realize

How much I still care

Even when I close my eyes

I see you everywhere

If I wrote to you, it'd be

From my heart that hopes you could see

That not a day has gone by since I first saw your face

That I didn't think of you, and wish I could follow you everyplace

Do you still think of me, too?

Or is it really, truly through?

Would you ever give me a second chance?

Or has it already past?

Well if I ever had the courage to write a letter to you,

That is what I'd ask

A/N: This is the first thing I've ever posted on this site, so please tell me what you think, whether it's good or needs some work, TELL ME, please. :)