verse 1:

As the days are dragging by

I begin to realize

The summer is coming to an end

And soon I'll get to see you again

These past 2 months haven't changed

The way I feel-it's so insane

That in the back of my mind

You're always by my side


Every night as I'm falling asleep

Thoughts of you come up, both sour and sweet

And every time I go out some place

I secretly hope I'll see your face

My heart beats faster, I jump around

It's just nonstop excitement at what I've found

Verse 2:

I toss and turn in my bed

You have infested my head

I long to speak to you in real life

These talks in my head won't suffice

I wonder what you're doing a lot

This freakin crush just will not stop



The adrenaline pumps through my veins

For you I'd weather pouring rain

There is nothing that I can possibly do

To chase away my nonstop wanting of you


Last verse:

And every morning as I wake up

I know that it'll never be enough

That to you I am just a friend

Wish that were just some random trend

In a way you'll always be part of my life

As bittersweet notions run nonstop through my mind