This story is an idea I recently thought of and I thought I would give it a try and see how it did. It's based loosely on the classic Little Mermaid story but reworked in a completely different way. Please let me know what you think, no matter the opinion.

Summary: Chealsea's life wasn't perfect. Whose was? But she thought it could be perfect with Chance, a boy straight out of her dreams, someone who would protect her when her whole orphan life she had been scared, lonely, and left to fend for herself. But that's before he changed her into a mermaid and threw her into her deepest fear, the ocean. Now a prisoner of the one thing she hates, she is faced with more challenges than her previous life had ever given her.


"Come with me," he whispered, his lips brushing along her trembling jaw, his hand sliding down her arm to clasp her hand.

Behind them the ocean growled quietly, swelling to cover their feet and then pulling playfully back out. In doing so, their feet succumbed into the damp sand, sparkling with thousands of tiny chips of mica and crushed shells. The normally inky blue ocean was splashed with a trail of crimson blood in the light of the dying sun.

The light breeze rolling off the waves blew their hair away from their faces, the golden curls of the boy's and the red tangles of the girl's, so the sun shone brightly into their faces.

The boy's tan face was undeniably handsome, with clear blue eyes, a strong nose and jaw and full lips that smiled down on the girl whose paler face, dappled with brown freckles, had a tiny, slender nose, small pink lips and the brightest green eyes anyone had ever seen. She looked up nervously at him.

"I won't let anything happen to you," he promised, holding her face with his broad hand. "You mean more to me than anything." Then he leaned down and kissed her.

His lips carried the tang of the sea salt, a taste both wild and fearsome, and the girl responded enthusiastically, stretching up on her toes and throwing her arms around his neck. He chuckled, his whole body shaking with laughter before breaking his lips from hers. Both their eyes shone with delight.

"You promise?" whispered the girl, the uncertainty once again returning to her face. She bit her lip out of habit.

"I promise. It's only water," he said, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

She nodded and the boy scooped her off her feet, bride style, and began carrying her towards the breaking waves. He kept her out of reach of the hungry water as he confidently strolled into the ocean, breathing in deeply the scent of seaweed and salt, a scent he had known his whole life.

The waves broke around him, not even swaying his strong body from the path he had chosen. The girl had her arms locked in a near strangle hold around his neck, and he smiled reassuringly down at her. When the first sprays and drops of water hit her skin, she shivered, raising goose flesh on her white skin.

The boy finally halted when the water lapped around his waist, still cradling his precious bundle against his chest, refusing to let the current relieve him of her. He needed her, without her, he would be hopelessly lost in his life. Staring out into the sun, now half swallowed by the water, he took a deep breath and then looked back at the girl.

"Do you want to stay with me?" he asked seriously. "Do you love me that much?"

The girl didn't hesitate, "Yes," she said simply. The boy's grin made her heart accelerate, his white teeth glowing in half-light. He tightened his hold around her and brought her closer to his cold body though he wasn't in the least bit cold. In fact, a hot fire was racing through his veins and her answer made the adrenaline pump harder so it sent delicious energy coursing through his muscles.

As the sun last rays outlined their bodies in a white blinding flash, he leaned down to kiss her as she reached up to him. Their lips connected in a rush of fire and ice.

Suddenly the water began to froth and swirl around them, slapping hard against both their bodies. But the girl didn't take heed. A burning sensation spread from where his lips touched her, coursing through the girl's body. At first it was pleasant and the girl threw herself into the kiss.

Then, it got hotter and faster and pain began to lick at the ends of all her nerves. The agony built and the girl broke off with a gasp. Within seconds she couldn't feel her legs, but the pain was still there, mounting in strength.

She screamed one long, harsh sound and thrashed wildly in his arms. He didn't let go of her, but held her more tightly. She looked up at him with wide, frightened eyes and screamed again as more pain lashed through her. Hot tears leaked out of her eyes, but she couldn't say anything. What was happening to her?

The boy looked on, grimacing as her screams ripped through his heart, but there was nothing he could do. What was done was done, now it was up to her. He clenched his teeth as she screamed again, hating himself for putting her through this and wanting to make it stop.

The water boiled faster, churning around them. As it began to hiss, he forced his arms to hold her out over it. The pain of watching her, helpless and in pain, but not being able to do anything was more horrible than he could ever imagine. How could he have done this to her?

She laid limp and gasping in his arms as the agony ripping through dulled from the briefest minute. She took the time to look at him one more time, seemingly so far away now, even though his hand still protected her.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice cracked with grief. "Forgive me." And with that he placed her into the water and let her go. The sun finally drowned, and the ocean and its two prisoners were thrown into darkness.