A/N: I've been writing all of these as separate stories, but they will be chapters in this one. A special thanks to Edward for the inspiration to write the first scene between Polly and James.

First Impressions

Polly stood with her co-worker, Amanda, watching the grotesque scene unfold.

"You'd think they'd have to come up for air," Amanda whispered tilting her head to the side.

"Circular breathing," Polly stated. "Musicians do it all the time. In through the nose while breathing out through the mouth."

They stood behind the counter of Bobby's Café and watched, horrified, as the couple in the comfy chairs by the window continued their show.

"My god, her tongue must be double-jointed," Polly said.

"Is that possible?" Amanda countered.

"We should stop them, you know, before they go any further." Polly's lip curled when she caught a flash too much skin because the guys hand moved up his girls skirt. "This is a café, not a brothel. And in front of the window no less!"

"By we, you mean me?" Amanda smiled.

"Exactly!" Polly nodded before walking away to start her break. She could hear Amanda shout over the counter that the chairs are one per person and for customers only.