A:N I know... terrible me! I've had this one written for a while - like it was actually one of the first ones in my Green Book. John Mayer has inspired me to give a little today... so enjoy! Please review!

Oh, and this takes place the night Bee comes back from Italy - she makes a b-line (of sorts) to James' house. This being the night after James and Polly kissed.

Warning: This one is a little cruder than others before it... so heads up.


When James looked over to the sleeping figure next to him, he half expected to see Polly there; he wished it were Polly.

Brittany was curled up in his sheets with a satisfied smile on her face. She was obviously getting more out than he was. James had always known that, but it was never a good enough reason to end their dysfunctional relationship. It was always more convenient for them to stay together, but now James was finding it an inconvenience when it came to Polly. But there were no guarantees that anything would happen with them after what happened the other night; Polly might never forgive him for that. Though she would never even give him the time of day if he stayed with Brittany.

He looked over again at Brittany and shuttered realizing that she had lost all of her appeal. Polly was certainly worth the risk of being lonely for a little while.

"Bee, wake up," James nudged Brittany and she yawned looking over at the clock on the side of the bed.

"This is sooner than usual. Found a new source of stamina?" she smirked crawling on top of James.

"No, Bee. We need to talk," James shoved her off and further sat up against the headboard.

"Alright, Jamie, whatever you need to tell yourself." Brittany rolled over and fished a cigarette out of the bedside table.

"Fuck, this is my room, Bee," James looked over in disgust as she lit up.

"Never stopped me before," she shrugged before taking a deep drag.

"Jesus," James said under his breath before he grabbed it out of her mouth and crushed it in his hand. He tossed it onto the floor and bushed his hands on the covers.

"What the fuck has gotten into you?" Brittany asked.

"This has to stop, Bee." James focused on the door into his room.

Brittany rolled her eyes, "fine, no more smoking in your room. I get it."

James shook his head. "No, this, us, we're done."

Brittany laughed. "For how long this time, Jamie? A week? A month? Until you feel lonely?"

"For good, Bee. I don't love you."

"Who said anything about love? It's about satisfaction more than love," Brittany laughed again.

"I want both," James said simply.

"Good luck finding that, Jamie!" Brittany smiled.

"Already have," James said a little reluctantly. He didn't want to bring Polly into this conversation.

"Who? That coffee girl? There's nothing satisfying about her," Brittany smirked.

"I kissed her," James said.

Brittany's smile faltered. "Did she satisfy you?" she hissed.

"I thought I was fucking her instead of you tonight. And that was the most satisfaction I've had in a while. Does that answer your question?" He turned his head to look her in the eye.

Brittany threw off the sheets and got out of James' bed; she began pulling on her clothes. "Fuck you, James," she snarled zipping up her jeans.

"Please don't, Brittany, and try not to wake my parents up on your way out," James casually replied watching her scramble with a satisfied smirk.

She slammed the door and James could have cared less.