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Special Slave

Chapter one: Enslaved

I run in the forest. They are after me! I need to escape! I run and run for hours. I hear them pant and I jump into a tree. Everywhere I go; it's too limited to escape with my special talent. I feel my energy flow out of me. I was awake all night running, I'm so tired. I fall out of the tree and I close my eyes, letting the slumber take over and hoping that I die before they get me. I wake up only to find out that we're moving. My eyes are covered and my hands and legs are bound. I feel the presence of a man near me. I hear the man chuckle. The sound makes me shudder.

"So your awake, little slave."

I begin to tremble, afraid of the torture I might receive from this man. Suddenly the moving stops (rather harshly) I fall against the man and he grabs me. Then he opens a door and throws me out of the vehicle. I fall into the dirt and I can't move. A man, I can't tell if it's the same as before, grabs me and drags me to somewhere. After awhile the dirt changes into stone, we're in (or near to) a building. We descend, probably into the dungeons, from what I've heard from the man that threw me out of the vehicle, I'm a slave now. They throw me into a cage, at least it sounds like a cage. The boundaries on my hands and feet are released and replaced by chains. Gentle hands take me to a table-like thing. I feel extra shackles strap me onto the table. A piece of wood is tucked between my teeth. I hear an unfamiliar sound. It sounds like the hissing of a snake, still its not. Suddenly an unbearable pain fills me when something extremely hot is pressed against my abdomen. The piece of wood in my mouth is shattered by my teeth that shut when the pain came. I feel my tears spill and I hear my own voice make weird noises. Cool hands caress my face and I relax a little. I hear a tinkling voice, of a girl of my own age:

"This may hurt a little, but it will make the pain of the burnt-mark be less."

The cool hands gently massage my abdomen with some kind of ointment. It hurts when she touches the sore places, but I don't make a sound, she was kind I don't want to make her worry. The pain fades away. The cool hands collect me from the table and carry me to a cage. She lies me down and takes my blindfold off. That what I see is just like I had thought. I'm in a cage, in a dungeon, probably in a castle. I also see the girl that helped me. She's older than me. She's a slave too, she smiles at me and I smile back. I try to sit up, but a surging pain entraps me in its cruel claws.

"You shouldn't move! You've just been 'marked' and you need to rest. If you want to do something, then I maybe can be of your assistance."

I look at her kind face; she must've been here for a long time. Her eyes look tired and her hands shake a little. I blush as I ask my ridiculous request.

"May I see myself?"

She smiles at me with warm and understanding kindness. As if she knows my sudden urge to see if I'm still me.

"Of course!"

She walks away and comes back with a mirror. She holds it above me, so I can look without hurting myself. My pale skin is bruised and my long black hair is spread across the floor. A red collar with a small heart enhances my neck and I see my abdomen: a black solar is burned around my bellybutton. I look at my gown. Still the same as before. My white top and my short skirt with a longer overskirt that doesn't cover the front side (so I can run easier) are smeared with dirt. My uniform as one of the Full-Moon fighting students is degraded. I just started and hadn't learnt anything yet! And now I'm a slave. Why must you play this cruel joke on me, Fate? I feel my body heal and I sit up. The girl looks surprised.

"W...what happened!? You should be down for awhile!"

I look at her, my bruises are healing, and I know I look impressive but I don't know how to undo this.

"How come you heal so fast?"

I smile at her, my white wings unfolding.

"Because I'm an angel."