I have been working on this story since 2004 and I have edited it many times. The plot may seem a little wrinkled at times but please bear with me as I straighten it out. Your contribution, encouragement and/ critique will be greatly appreciated.

In a dark uncertain time where no one is whom they seem to be and the goverment is corrupt and power hungry, can the plights of a few open the eyes of the masses to what is happening around them?

Chapter 1: Sêkracy

"Meg, hurry up! We'll be late!"

"I'm coming, Jane! Stop telling me what to do!"

Megan glared one last time at her sister before marching off to the front door, and her sister Jane made a face at her retreating form but was reprimanded by her mother coming out of the bathroom.

"Jane! Please act your age, not your shoe size!"

Meg poked her nose into the doorway. "Jane's six years old."

Jane growled and advanced upon her sister with her shoe. "I'll show you what a size six is capable of!"

Meg squealed and ran to the car.

Jane was the last to climb in. As they drove off towards their cousin's wedding celebration she growled at her sister who was tapping the window at a bug. Meg cowered into her seat and stayed quiet.

Later in the night when they came home from the party, the two drowsy girls stepped into their separate rooms, battled over who could use the bathroom first and sank into their beds blissfully unawares of what the following day had in store for them.

"One, two, three," Jane counted how many seconds still to go before the bell rang "Aaaand, yes!" she shouted as the school bell began its ominous ringing as if it grudged the pupils their holiday. As she sprinted to the door her teacher called out, "Jane! I have a message for you from your parents! They say it's very urgent!"

But Jane was already flying down the corridor.

Jubilantly she breathed in the crisp winter air as she stepped outside. She twirled on the spot and smiled at the dark foreboding clouds overhead. Nothing could go wrong on a day like this!

"Holiday, here I come!" she said walking towards the school gate.

But it was not to be. Jane almost flew through the air as someone came crashing into her from the front.

"Ouch, you maniac! Watch where you're going!" she shouted shocked at the knob forming on the side of her head.

"Sorry" came a soft reply and a hand appeared in her view. She looked up and saw a sheepish Meg bending over her.

She clapped the hand away and got up herself. "Sheesh! If you wanted to kill me, why not push me out onto a highway!" She saw Meg's puzzled expression and sighed. "My wit is wasted on the likes of you."

Nevertheless she let Meg trail behind her as she walked home.

Halfway there she felt Meg grab her arm.

"Jane! Someone's following us!" she hissed. Jane was about to shrug her off when the figure of a man almost totally covered in a long coat caught her eye. She stopped walking and so did the man.

"Hey, you! What's your deal man? Stop following us if you know what's good for you!" she shouted shaking her fist at him. She was sure no one would attack them in broad daylight. Right?

But the man advanced upon them and took something out of his pocket. It was long and oddly shaped…like a- "A twig?! You're going to threaten us with a twig? Man what kind of stalker are you?" said Jane giving a nervous laugh as she and Meg backed away from the man.


They barely had time to open their mouths for a good scream when there came a blinding flash and they collapsed to the ground.


Bear with me! (Runs in circles pulling at hair)