Tales of an Unforeseen Past

A questionable aroma spread through the room as Leon slept in what felt like a soft bed; That strange smell was the scent of the Sisterhood. The room itself was dark and was only lit with the many candles spread throughout the room. The darkness didn't scare him, the excellently sewn sheets covering the canopy of the bed frightened him the most. It made it hard for him to see into the hallways.

The hallways were yet another story, from what he could make of it the entrance to his room didn't have a door, all that it was a long marble archway. This meant absolutely no privacy. It did however make it easier for an escape, if the situation came to it.

Why would they help me? He asks himself, I was the one who attacked them! "You are correct in assuming the worst, but make no mistake we could and would have killed you for what you've done? Your actions have caused great chaos in this house. However, we have sensed something different through the darkness of your soul, a radiance of good through the evils of your past."

My Evils are too great for any good to be shown,he replied. He started to sweat underneath his sheets. "The evil you have endured with you whole life does not stop you from being a good man" He grinds his teeth and suddenly rises from his slumber, with a roar he yells. "Err, Show yourself woman!" There was a sudden crash of something hitting the floor, Leon thrust his head in that direction. A woman of the Sisterhood dropped her bucket of cold water on the floor. She looked at him in horror. As he stared at her he hears a faint voice "It is alright, my child, he is a troubled man with a troubled past." He jumped out of the bed. "My past is of no concern to you!" The yell echoed through the room and out into the hallway.

"Why do you torment me with your little mystical speeches? Why do you keep me breathing? For I am an evil man, I have done evil deeds." "Ah, yes you have in fact done evil deeds but for good intentions." he let out a small sneer, she was indeed correct. "I should be on the laying on the floor of marble with my feet facing the ceil!" Her reply was calm but was definitely not soothing "Good men ask honest questions, while evil men ask no questions at all." "Ah! I'm sick of your stupid little games woman!" As he says this he rolls up his sleeves revealing tattoos along both arms and onto his hands. The tattoos start to glow a dark green. He put both hands out facing towards a figure that refused to show itself, as he did this he started to chant something.

Before the Time of our Fathers,

We lived in Peace,

For in time of Darkness,

The Evil revealed itself to Us…

The air around his started to blacken, he looked foreword and saw that the darkness was pulling a figure outwards towards him. A woman of old age was pulled out, a look of astonishment was on her face. "The Power you wield is strong." She tells him. "The Power that I wield was given to me by my father; he was a great man, a warrior amongst his people. What he is now nothing more then a shell, a Death Guard wandering space with others like him, All with the intention of slaughtering thousands to get where they are searching for. No one can stop him. Many have tried and they all have lost their lives.
"Understanding, Benevolence, Compassion, Mercy-- Though most humans have more aggressive characteristics such as fortitude, judgment, prudence, lave, and even honor. Consequently the possessor of Humanitas (or free-will) Humanitas, Leon it's what separates you from everyone else. You have the ability of free-thought ." Her saying was that of the Sisterhoods' Creed of Men. As the old woman says these words Leon Felt a sharp pain in both arms, he looks down to find that the tattoos on his arms started to glow a faint red. He falls to one knee, "What-hav-you done tou-me wench!?" The pain was beyond anything he's felt in a very long time, it was so bad that it made it hard for him to speak a word.

As he knelt down to the ground writhing in pain, the old woman came over to him and put her hand on his head. "I am releasing you from this evil; you will forever have the scarred memories of the evils you have done in the past, but they will be nothing more then faded memories." In most circumstances Leon would have killed this woman on the spot, but something in the back of his mind was telling him otherwise. A huge surge of mysterious ancient energy was flowing through his body. This strange sensation blasted and burned through his tattoos. He let out a yell so loud it shook the very floor they stood, the old woman immediately took her hand from his head. When Leon's agonizing screams subsided, he started to punch the floor hoping that it would stop the burning sensation in his arms and hands. First punch, dented the thick marble floor, second punch, the floor collapsed around his hand, third punch he hit ground.

"I want you to know Leon that there are many people like you. Tattooed at birth and spread throughout the universe to distant and unknown planets. Expected to serve the UnderMothers." he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "tell me something I don't already know woman!" Instantly her face had a smile on it. "I will remind you that your father was Motiken and someday you shall learn to live with that." these accusations were starting to make him angry. "Oh, pardon the fact that he killed my mother, maybe I should respect that about him." "don't be coy with me boy! This journey cannot be done without you." She explains, she walks over to him as he took his hand out of the hole in the floor and stood up.

"What journey? Why am I being forced to do the dirty work of the Sisterhood? What glory do I get from helping you and your kind." He said sarcastically. "Your journey is to find your brethren and warn them, you see, we need you and your family now. You may be an evil man, but there are far worse evils out there then even you. They have been killing far more then they have before, we suspect they are trying to gain more numbers."

"Hah, they kind of sound like a manlier version of you people, don't they?" He replies with sarcasm. She looks at him with disappointment, "A Motiken to the end." He grunts at the remark, "So, what are the names of these evil men?" The sarcasm in his voice doesn't seem to work. "These men have no name, or at least not a name we would ever say. Their Dark Power is so great, that they night even rival that of a Motiken and a Death Guard. They may even be stronger then you…"

"This I would love to see!" his reply had strength in it but also a little fear, Leon didn't know what he was up against. But, when he finds one he will definitely know it's true power, it's every Motikens dream.

"Don't be cocky, boy! If you fight these men you may not make it back alive to see your children-"

He interrupts her.

"My What!?"

"Your children will be an important role in this as well."

"Well I'd hate to break it to you, but I'm not much of a Ladies man. Plus, Do I look like the kind of man who could father children?" He figured as much seeing as how he hasn't shaved in weeks, and the anger of the past has made him a stern, gruff looking man. He lived hid life with a gun underneath his pillow. "You have no idea what it's like, waking up every night screaming at the ghosts to leave. Or sat starving in the streets while other just pass you by, everyday they just look at you in disgust. So, what makes you think I can take care of children? "You are a different man than you think you are Leon, you may no think you are now, but when you realize it it will be all the more fulfilling."

He looked at her with anger, getting her to stop was harder than he thought. Although there was something inside him that's saying she's right.

Space, The peaceful and quiet nature of the vast darkness. It's been years since he felt this much at peace. He missed the smell of a ship's engines, the oils, and the hard-earned sweat of the shipmates. The trees, he hates the smell of trees, the rain, the Sisterhood Stench. He was grateful to get off that god-forsaken planet; the brightness of their two suns was too much for him.

This journey the Ancient One spoke of doesn't frighten Leon. It is about time he visited family. The last he ever heard of his family, was that his brother Redgen is on the planet Dystre (Though this is not where he intends to go, just yet.) Though he is blood, Redgen was not very fond of Leon, so getting him to cooperate was going to be difficult.

Because of Leon's mistakes, his family was disgraced and betrayed. His mother was killed by his father after Leon made the mistake of telling his father that he found his mother with another man who was also bonded in marriage. His Father then gave himself to the Death Guards. Falling head first into their Dark and Evil path.

After all this, he ran away.

Redgen is the eldest of his brothers after himself. Redgen was the most distraught out of all his brothers and sisters; he also loved his father the most. Leon and Redgen were the ones their father fathered more then the rest. He taught them to hunt, and how to fight. The most important thing he ever taught them was this 'religion is a thing that

should not be trusted. For a land as great and as grand as this, it should never be tainted with the lies and deceit of religion. You see, my son, we are Motiken! Us Motikens' have been betrayed, slaughtered, and thrown out of our own homes. But through the hardships, we stay strong because we are free. . .'

"Proximity Alert! Damage to Port Bay 2, Analysis: Fixable. Shall I wake the sleepers, Sir?" He forgot about the onboard computer. "Just do it!!" He was always cranky after these cryo-sleeps. "Affirmative, proceeding with command. Pods 1-4 shall be opened first." Its emotionless tone made him want to punch the speaker in his pod.

As the Storage liquid started emptying out of the cryo-stasis pod, the breather around his mouth started to loose grip of his head. The floor was harder then he remembered.

He looked out the Port Window and saw that they have landed on Io'un, one of the organic moons of Edina's. As he looked outside of the port window as saw the city through the rain.

Rain, something he thought he could escape from. He missed the humid smell of the un-weathered planets. The Planet Fuuki-3 was once a peaceful dull planet, it now is busy with rich commercial, residential, and federal City Planet that cares not for the environment of the planet but is more concerned with the rise and fall of the stock market.

The whole planet sickens him.

The human race has become nothing but pests. Flying through space in search of a planet to populate. Then continue the cycle. Just like his father used to say, 'they rise and then they fall, it is the inevitable cycle of the humans' to fight against themselves and others.'

"Is it not Beautiful?" Leon surprised, he turned around and saw his engineer looking out the window. "No, it's not" he replied. "Why are you always so gloom and hateful towards the humans, what have they done to you to hurt you so bad?" she asked.

This was the wrong question to ask him.

He walked over to her, took off the towel that was wrapped around his neck. Revealing the Tattoos and scars on his arms and chest. She reacted by turning her head away. "Look at me. . ." he started calmly. She refused to do so. "Look at me!!" he repeated only this time with anger. Some of the crew came running up to see what was happening. "I have spent my entire life hating the humans because of what they did to me and my family. Most of all my father. They tortured him and taunted him until he died.

Then I was taken and tortured, all because the humans were jealous of the powers us Motikens wield. You were not subject to this torture because your father was the one who was tortured, not you! You were too feeble and weak for the humans to care!"

Leon tormented this girl, though his intentions were bold and strong, he had become heartless. The darkness of space has calmed him but the people around him have forced the violence into him once more.

When he stopped speaking she turned to face him, tears ran down her face. For the first time the crewmates saw what little sympathy Leon had left on his face. He walked over to her. "I. . ." Geryt grabbed his arm; the tattoos on Geryt's arm was glowing a faint blue, creating a protective shield around the sad girl. This told Leon that what he did was wrong and cruel. He turns around to face the bridge window, that's when he saw it a small light getting brighter and brighter. "Get down!" He yells.

The port side of the bridge explodes into a lake of sparks and fire. "Melter missile! Everyone move to the back of the ship!" The crew was caught off guard; Truy, Shefer, and Niki were evaporated instantly. Leon saw the engineer, Geryt, and Hons get engulfed in flames also, but they were not dead, Geryt and Hons used their magic to create a shield to protect them from the fire. "Move, now!" As they ran to the butt of the ship Leon had but one thought on his mind. Who? Who would want me dead? An eruption sounded and shook the ship violently. "Shit, it's reached the fuel tanks, we need to leave, now!" yelled Geryt in aggravation and shock. "I'm aware of the situation" Leon yelled back to him. He punched the eject button that opened the ships shuttle bay doors.

They barely escaped on time.

Leon looked back, and watches his ship erupt into a giant ball of molten metal on the Helipad. His tattoos glow red with a hint of blue. He lost friends, anger raged through him. Geryt put his hand on Leon's shoulder, as support and to hold him back, "They are lost, my friend. We must use our anger on those who hurt us the most."