Daddy Left Me

"Fountain of Youth!? Ha! Don't be foolish my friend. That pathetic country could not possibly hold such a thing. Why, it's a wasteland. How do you expect to find a fountain of water in a desert state?" Ponce De Leon hesitated a moment while Darrin was trying to explain to him that the facts were correct. "That country is unexplored. It is said that there is a fountain which granted you eternal youth, I have heard from the villagers in Bimini, they tell me that it was located on that continent." Ponce gently put his hands on Darrin's shoulders. "Darrin, I know you have an interesting imagination, but your little theories are starting to scare me." Ponce sat back down and started to laugh.

"You don't understand my friend, if we did find the Fountain of Youth. We could live forever, imagine what we could see, what adventures we could have. We could sail from continent to continent, finding new things, exploring, and mapping." As he said this Ponce raised an eyebrow. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but your theories are starting to catch my interest."

Year: 1513

Day 1: North Atlantic Sea

This is the day I have been awaiting, the search for the Fountain has begun. However it took me a while to convince my friend Ponce De Leon to head to the uncharted region, I also have the consent of Christopher Columbus. Though Columbus has decided to head to the east of the region. That damn fool is going to get himself killed.

Darrin Theodore

As Darrin slept, his mind was filled with odd colored fog. It surrounded him and began to solidify into different objects. He seemed to be standing in front of a golden fountain, and it was gleaming with crisp clean water. He reached down and scooped up a large sum of water, he drank it. As he finished drinking, he looked up to see his mother. Her dark blood-reddish hair flowing in the wind. She looked down at him and smiled. "Hello Darrin, my child. Your life has reached one of its many destinies. Your younger brother has yet to find his destiny. He is confused as to which path he must choose. You must find the continent that no men of Spain dare to go. For that is where you must go." "I know where I must go mother, but will I meet you there?" "You will.

But first you must meet the Sacred One-" Just than a shock hit the ship. He hurriedly ran up to the deck, then to the captain's quarters. He was not there. He gathered up his sanity and ran to the bridge. Ponce was there yelling at the men to get the sails up. Darrin didn't realize until he looked around and noticed that there was water everywhere on the deck. It was a storm, no, a hurricane.

"Move those ropes boys; the great Mother Nature does not want us to make our destination. Let's show that wench that we are men, not mice!" You would think that the rain would delude his yell, but everyone heard him as if the rain didn't exist. "What is going on? How did we hit this storm?" Darrin yelled to Ponce. "Spare me your babbling, friend. We will fight through this storm! Or we shall die in the depths of Davy Jones's locker." He turned to the men at work. "You hear that men, we live or we die. If we live you will be blessed with riches of a king."

So dreadfully did the winds hit the ship, the Valiant Pegasus, wave after wave of tides hitting the sides. Bending the planks of the ships underbelly, Ponce De Leon was now determined to sail through any lengths to reach this unknown continent. His yells reached to the hearts of the men, to all but one. For Darrin knew what lie ahead of him if he were not to reach the end of his journey. Death will fall on his family line.

As the storm passes, the waters started to settle. "Ah-hah! You see men, she has seen our courage! For we are men, brothers of the sea!"

"One year later we found it, off the coast of Old Earth's Florida. It was then that I found the person I've been searching for my entire life, my mother. But that is a story for another time."

"You see my mother was planning on living with my father forever, but he told her to leave because it would never be safe there. And he was right. Every hundred years she would go visit him and every time treasure seekers would try to steal the Relics of O'vir. This infuriated me father. He would banish all those who dared try to steal from the Temple into an eternal darkness of pain and torture. The powers our father gave to us were growing too powerful and our mother was afraid that we would grow and learn to abuse our powers, as you can to tell by my brother and what happened to your ship." Leon gave the old man a smirk "Yeah we know.

Know, where's my friend!?"

Thankfully Derin had a Carrier Trolley that wouldn't blow smoke and randomly burst into flames. They took it to a continent shrouded in a blackness that was coming from the skies. Geryt looked up "Good God!" Leon also looked up at a giant ship. Lightning bolts bounced off the ships hull. A small laugh escaped his lips.

"Damn, Death Guards!"

Geryt starred up at the ship as they entered the darkness. His emotions suddenly changed from anger to sadness.

Derin glanced at Geryt,

"keep your eyes to your feet, boy. A Death Guard will kill you for looking at him directly in the eyes. The honor amongst them is strong." He turned away from Geryt. "In other words, don't kill any of them." He and Geryt start laughing, Derin looked nervously at them both. "Don't worry yourself, old friend. You will have your chance." Leon looked at him "old friend?" Derin saw that he looked confused. He put his hand next to Leon's head, he looked at it. A blinding flash flared into his eyes.

Memories flashed into his head, a flash with squinted eyes, and his journey after being banished by his father who took him to the fountain of youth. He then remembered his father brutally killing his mother and his father going crazy. Then these memories of him wondering the globe, hating humanity (but he never knew why).

He awoke on the floor of the Carrier Trolley "What have you done to me, Derin? These memories of my past, flying through my head as if I knew them all along. I also remember you and me traveling the ancient world after the Great Technological Devolution. But how did you know all this, when I lost my memory?" Derin bent down and helped him up. "It was your father how made you forget, he didn't want you to remember the bad things that he did in the past.

I know because I was there when your mother was killed. Your father was a great friend of mine, and as were you." Geryt just stood there completely confused by the whole situation. He then noticed that the Trolley was being lifted off the ground. "Umm, guys, I think they know we're here." Leon had a hateful look on his face, "Prepare yourself Geryt, we're about to enter hell."

The outside of the ship was dark and disfigured but the inside was even darker and the lightning bolts from the outside were being channeled through the ship and into what looked like energy tubes. This ship looked as if it was crudely constructed. Primitive technology was being used in a way that advanced parts would be used. This made the ship a hassle to keep in check.

They stepped off the Trolley and onto what looked like a shuttle bay but half of it was missing. They looked left and then right, black charred bits were what was left of the shuttle bay, which showed that there was a battle that took place here. An earthquake slowly erupted and the ground started to shake. "What theā€¦? Why would there be an earthquake on a ship?" Leon and Derin looked at each other, Leon turns to Geryt "That's not an earthquake, they're footsteps."

A giant man in blood red armor waked up to them, looking down at Derin he says "Derin Theodore, and Leon the Holy Guard would appreciate an audience with you" The Guard looked down at Geryt "This one is not permitted!" The guard started to reach for Geryt, Leon jumped in front of him. "You do not touch this man." His tattoos flared red. The guard backed away.

Another Red Guard moved out of the way and motioned his arm foreword. They continued into the dark ship, purple lights illuminated the halls. They passed many odd looking things on the way to the Captains quarters, they passed what looked like a balloon with a small child that constantly got dissolved and reformed, but when it reformed it would be something horribly disfigured or mutated beyond recognition.

What was sadistic about the whole thing was that if you stripped away all the weird metallic wiring and the odd systems, it looked like an ordinary USDF Battle Station that was taken apart and reconstructed in a cruder fashion. When they reached the Captains quarters the ship suddenly changed from a disquieting and an unpleasant nightmare to a smooth and tranquil atmosphere. None of the walls were torn out, everything was neat. The floors were carpeted, and the lights were on. Which was odd for a Death Guard ship, they are accustomed to living in darkness, not light.

A man in almost all gold plated armor was standing facing away from them. His helmet was off and streaks of white were showing from his hairline. "Hello, Raven" Leon sits down on one of three of the chairs that sat in front of a desk.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it, son."