A/N: Hey everyone. This is a scene from somewhere in the early/middle of a story that I'm thinking of writing. I really need a beta for it so if anyone is interested, please contact me!

We're walking down the street heading back to her house, not really talking, just taking in the noise of the night

We're walking down the street heading back to her house, not really talking, just taking in the noise of the night. Turning down a not-so-nice alley, we run into an old man with unseeing eyes. He's obviously homeless, but I barely glance at him. Aurelia, of course, stops and gives him a few dollars. He thanks her profusely

"That was a stupid waste of money. You realize he's probably just going to blow it on booze and drugs, right? Sometimes I think that you just don't think."

"Be quiet! He's right there and you have no right to say that about him, you don't know him," she says as if she's met this man a million times before.

"And you do?" I say disbelievingly.

"Well, no, but he's not going to use it for that kind of stuff."

"Oh? And how do you know?"

"Cause I just do!" she said agitatedly. She was really getting pissed, so I let it drop.

The walk back to her house was even quieter after the argument, but I didn't mind. I wasn't really in the mood to talk to the too happy and too cheery red head. Again I thought about why I even walked with her every night. I told myself it was the fact that I was bored and didn't want to stay home, but I knew in my gut that that wasn't the real reason. I just, I don't even know…

Oh, don't be stupid, Dolan, you can't seem to shake her, to get her out of your head. You couldn't stop seeing her even if you wanted to. She drives me insane and yet I can't get away. We are complete opposites and I could never even see us as friends. And yet, I don't know if I could handle not having her around…not that I'm gonna tell her that.

I was pulled out of my reverie when I walked into the very person I was thinking of, "Why the heck are you stopping?!" Aurelia looks at me like I'm crazy and then gestures to something in front of her. I look at what she indicated and realize that we're in front of her darkened house.

"Well I totally don't feel like an idiot," I smile and she tosses back a bright grin.

"Dolan Nox, an idiot? Never," She jokes and I punch her arm lightly. "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow and don't go giving out anymore money to hobos." She glares at me before turning and heading up the path to her house. Right before she disappears into her house she glances back at me and for a quick moment it's as if someone shined a flashlight in my eyes, but it passes quickly and it's just Aurelia and her bright eyes staring back at me.

I take the same route on the way home that I took to her house. As I'm walking down the dark alley from before I'm startled by a hand on my arm. I whip around in preparation for a punch when all I see is the blind man from before.

"You know, it's people like you that make me thankful for people like her."

I sneer at him, "I'm better and stronger than weaklings like her."

He looks at me and I can feel the pity wafting off of him. It angers me that a blind, homeless man is pitying me. Dolan Nox. If he knew who I was, I doubt he'd be feeling pity. "Do not ever mistake kindness for weakness, boy," he responds condescendingly. "It is arrogance and pride, like yours, that is weakness. Do not forget that." And with one last look, he turns and heads down the alley in the direction I came, while I'm left to contemplate what he said. It wasn't until later that I realized that the man couldn't have been able to know that that it was me that walked by again, for he was blind….