Small lies.

First love... It's called so
'cause it doesn't last forever, right?

There were really sad moments,
so sad I swore never to cry again
before I started to cry loudly
as if my heart was pulled out with a knife,
you smiled and said you loved me
as much as a bee would love a rose,
was it a sweet lie? It sounded so honest to my heart,
that's why I gave you every single piece of me,
didn't you know I loved you too?

Small lies are good though big lies like
"I'll be with you though I don't love you anymore"
it's too bad since how can you be with somebody
if there's not enough love?, I didn't want to find out
you already weren't here but when I faced it,
I died, died.. Even if there was a farewell letter
stained with tears...
I just read the first love letters from the first times
of nice happiness, I'd lie myself
'cause you wouldn't.

Why did the silence become our last words?
I'll always, always ask to the stars at night,
why did you leave me with these broken wings
while you flew toward the sky?

Tell me, how does it feel to fly in a vast sky all alone?
You'll tell me you aren't alone but who can forget the first love?
You learned to say "I love you" even if you didn't mean it.

Now I smile and look at the sky..
Sunlights shine between the clouds and blue,
I was very, very silly in those unchanged days.