Chapter 1: Demon in Training

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Chapter 1: Demon in Training

"Throw your dollar bills and leave your thrills all here with me,

And speak but dont pretend, I wont defend you anymore you see,

It aches in every bone, Ill die alone, but not for you.

My eyes dont need to see that ugly thing, I know its me you fear."

Remedy, by Seether

You think you know what is all around you? Most people don't, they just have the idea of a reality they made to suit their needs for safety. If they knew, if they really knew, they would lock themselves away in the deepest, darkest hole they could find and live out their miserable existence there. It takes the ones that do know, like me, everything we have just to walk out into the world and face it knowing that at every spot there is a monster waiting to either eat you, your soul, or both. The fact that those of us who do know have various gifts makes it easier.

The kid sitting in the chair in front of me is a level three telepath, at least a level three. That means at the most he can read surface thoughts but can't influence with his mind only. He only has the influence of a usual person who can read thoughts and delve into your deepest, darkest fears, fantasies, and memories. I was being sarcastic. At the moment he is using this little ability to skim the answers of the test from the teacher, which is a bad idea. She is a latent telepath, with only enough ability to block and redirect. He will be failing unless he figures out that Patton did not begin his famous speeches with "die, die, die!"

The abilities of a telepath are measured by how much they can influence energy around them. Level one is the average person. The level goes up and up, never having a limit. The highest levels can not only manipulate the people around them but also the matter, energy, and molecules around them. Tele-kinetics sometimes even develop mental hands that can be used to grab and hold things including people. At extreme levels if a telepath goes to a mirror and says 'break', it will shatter into a million pieces at their command. Fortunately the human brain cannot handle the stress and so only 'advanced humans' gain this level, and only very rarely. Advanced meaning not human.

To my left is a werewolf itching for the full moon. Unlike what you hear in stories, werewolves are not always wolves. It depends on the personality of the shifter. He was though. And no matter what you change into you always stay the same size. Insects are the rarest because even though they have tiny brains, they still have the most power of any living thing on the planet. He had been roaming the streets of late though, and pretending to be Jack the Ripper. I was going to have a meeting with him tonight.

To my right was an earth fairy. She looked like any normal teenager, except she had slightly pointed ears, pointed enough to be noticed but not so much that they drew attention. Earth fairies had enough telepathic abilities to cause minor problems, but not enough to be a real threat. She had a drinking problem as was common among her people and was trying to quit cold turkey. It wasn't going so well and she was now dealing with the incredible urge to find any kind of alcohol she could and guzzle it down.

Behind me was Gina, short for Regina. She is my best friend. I guess the oddness of our abilities is what draws us together. She is a pyro. She can make fires from her mind. Her level of power is hard to measure because it fluctuates with mood. So she goes from nuclear holocaust power to barely being able to light a candle. Thank god she has a somewhat stable personality or we would have problems. Pyros have the unique problem of their powers sometimes taking on their own personalities. So basically she acts like a bitch with no sense of humor but in reality she is trying to keep the reigns in on her ability. Otherwise things go boom. Her main problem is her tendency to panic when she is in true danger, which is rare. Most of the time there is no one who can hurt her, not even a werewolf. But there have been times when, well, we were outnumbered and out powered. She looses her head if she feels everything is falling apart.

And me?

How much time do you have?

My name is Dacie Jinx White. DJ for short. The middle name should tip you off somewhat. You try though, just try, to get my mom to tell you where I came from. This will not be the normal experience of "the talk" let me tell you. I know, she gave it to me and now if not for Regina giving me the proper version (having me watch some hard-core porn with every kind of sex imaginable) and a few late night make out sessions I would have no idea what so ever about sex. When I mentally asked my dad all I got was "you'll see". Real helpful. She is still sketchy on how she met my father. No, she does not sleep around so much she can't keep track. My father was her first, and last. Someone tried to mug her and in the process hit her on the back of the head, knocking her out. She awoke, naked, in a huge bed with an equally naked man, my dad, with her. I don't need to tell you the rest, just suffice to say I was born nine months later. He comes by to see her a lot, I hear him. He stays away from me physically though because our powers would clash big time until I learn to control them all the way, which at the moment I can't. All the same though he has always been with me, like a voice in the back of my head telling me things only a father could, and I honestly feel that he loves me.

I have theories on what he is. Something with telepathic ability though, that much is obvious. He definitely suppressed my moms "oh shit I'm about to be raped!" instinct. The abilities I inherited from him should clue me in but they are so varied that I have no clue what I am. When I started to manifest abilities my mom drug me all over the city looking for the experts in telepathy and special abilities. No one knew what to tell her.

For starters I can cause bad luck. A boy in the classroom next to us is wearing a baseball cap because his hair fell out; it fell out because I concentrated on him hard enough that he had that misfortune, because he groped me. One kid caught on fire because he messed with Gina, and no it was not her who started the fire. I also have telekinetic ability, meaning I can move things with my mind – big things. I am telepathic and empathic and I can sense life around me and see auras. Screw having a sixth sense. I have a sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth. And yes there are that many.

We have sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Other senses are dimensional, aura, time, ability, and premonition. The premonition sense is the most often referred to. People call it a sixth sense. This is when you get hunches or just know something will happen, like when I answer the phone before it rings. That really freaks people out. There is a dimensional sense so you can sense things from another dimension, like the dimension of death or the one of life. It allows communication with the dead and with alternate universes. Aura let's you see a persons true self, what lies beyond their façade. Time sense let's you predict the future or see the past of certain objects or places. Ability sense lets you see what abilities other people have. Most people have at least one of these in some degree without even realizing it. Most of us gifted folk only have two at the most, me having all five makes me odd and unique and – just downright creepy sometimes.

So I have the teenagers' dream of being a super hero with super powers. I have the obligation to use these powers for the sake of good right? Yeah – sure. Whatever.

Or I could make a few bucks from it.

I just call myself a demon in training.

Nights like tonight are what make life worthwhile. The moon is halfway full, the streets of New York are loud enough to drown out the series of muffled screams only I can hear, but quiet enough to hear your thoughts. Let me just say if mom had any idea of where I was she would probably be……..okay……honestly she might be right here with me with a goofy grin on her face. She has powerful telepathic abilities, and she is the precious thing of a powerful being, my dad, as am I. But I can take care of myself without too much help. Gina is coming towards me, her red hair tied in a brutally tight braid and her body clad in black jeans and a black tube top. She wears a black leather jacket. Me, I have a trench coat made of black leather. It goes to my ankles and if not for my high heels it would drag on the street. My height is something I have always mourned. I barely come up to the shoulder of most guys in our school, and they hate the fact that they know without knowing that I could kick their ass with my limbs tied. Truth be told, I've never had a boyfriend and I have never had a guy interested in me. Don't know why, just hasn't happened. If the precogs at school who like to spill information about the future in hopes of scaring people are to be believed I will meet someone after I have been through hell and back. Great, can't wait. For now I have to pose as an unsuspecting victim to a vampire to get any. She stops before me and frowns, her green eyes flashing in the color I imagine dragons' eyes to be. "Sup?"

I shrug. She and I don't talk much, but when we do it is so profound it could knock your socks off. Really. "Nothin much. We've been hired to take out a vampire. Also David from history class has been up and about in some troubling extra curricular activities. Want me to take care of the vampire and you get the were?"

She shrugs and takes out a cigarette. I watch her light it with a flame she snapped into existence and frown. I can do that to some extent but I can't control it like her, which is bad. I have been on her to train me but she keeps saying it is just something you know how to do instinctively like glaring, having sex, and whining when your mom won't give you money. "Sounds like a plan. What kind of shifter?"

"He's a wolf, will shifter. Should be easy." There are two kinds of shifters, those who can shift at will – or will shifters – and then there are phase shifters who rely on the full moon. All shifters turn at the full moon, and they get an odd sort of high from it, but only will shifters can turn at any other time. I always send her to the more difficult ones because she can actually fight. I guess growing up in New York did it for her. I've seen her take out guys three times her size without flinching. Me on the other hand, I can fight but not very well and if not for my abilities I would have been dead long ago. I know enough to kill without any trouble someone who is ordinary and without any kind of special ability. I usually kill vampires by overcoming their powers and by sheer sneakiness. The spells they cast on their victims are dependant on the victim feeling helpless and not being able to remember things like how to fight or use her own powers and sometimes they even forget to scream or breathe. It can usually be broken simply enough if the intended meal concentrates on something odd or funny or out of the ordinary – which beings they are under a spell means they rarely do. She nodded and turned without a word, leaving me to track down my hit.

His name was as of yet unknown. But he enjoyed his time of being undead. As opposed to grabbing a random victim and feeding simply to stay alive, he gets enjoyment out of it, sexual enjoyment. Therefore he goes for girls, gets them alone, has sex, and then kills them. As long as he doesn't get a taste of my blood we should be fine. My blood is the equivalent of absinthe to them. If one were to taste it I imagine I would not be allowed to die, but would be turned into one of their pets. Vampires gain a lot from the blood they drink, and when they drink the blood of someone with a special ability they gain that ability for a short time. One explained to me once that the blood of normal sexually active people tasted like the equivalent of water to them. Virgins were like fruit drinks, still pure and not touched by the bitterness or heartbreak that tends to take the taste from their blood. Werewolves are like drinking a beer, something bitter with a little bit of bite. Fairies and telepaths are like cocktails, fruity and slightly intoxicating. Especially telepaths since when they are bitten their minds start a series of cries and the vampire who is feeding has a temporary mental bond with them. If they do it right, the telepath can die happily. Then comes the pyroes, like whiskey that burns a trail down their throats. That same vampire who told me this also tasted my blood, because I was hoping he could tell me what I was. He told me he felt the crackle of my power the second he put his lips to my skin, and that it was like nothing he had ever tasted. He was about three thousand years old, so he has tasted a lot. One sip and he told me he was buzzing for over a week. He told me he felt alive for the first time in all those years; that the small amount of my blood had caused his heart to beat again, his powers to erupt and become more powerful than he thought possible, and he did not need to feed. He told me almost tearfully that he had seen the first sunrise in three thousand years and lived to tell it. If all that happened from one sip, what would happen if one had a full helping of me? And for that matter, what will happen when I discover my full potential?

Anyway, that won't happen until I stop being afraid of my abilities. So I found myself outside the club I was told he frequents. A lot of vampires do. All the waitresses and some of the waiters have the telltale marks on their neck from where they were fed on. It's part of the job and they get paid extra for it. If you can prove you're a virgin or anything other than human you get paid more. I think I would own the place, but then again I might be the one kept in a cage in the back for the "special" customers. I flashed a fake ID and made my way to the bar where I ordered a mudslide. I love them more than anything I think, the way they taste so innocently like ice cream but they pack a punch after a few sips…..wonderful. Tonight though I was planning on only pretending to be involved in the drink. I had my lips sealed over the straw and my legs kicking merrily at the air under me, anything to make me look innocent. My long blonde hair was done in pigtails, I had lipstick the color of bubblegum on, and I had taken great pains to keep my eyes wide and childish looking. If I let them relax they would go back to my normal glare, which was a dead giveaway that I was not an innocent girl going to the bar to get drunk and be violated by a vampire. Hmmm….violated. You know I usually take the sex as far as I need to in order to get to the point where they are so aroused and crazed with lust that they don't notice me killing them. Vampires actually die the same way people do, but I like it to be nice and bloody. Usually I'm naked, and they take a long while trying to figure out where in the hell the knife came from. It's a gift from a fairy friend, given in payment for a job. The knife stays invisible to touch, sight, and Sight until I want it to appear. It's blessed and dipped in holy water, made of pure silver, and of coarse it burns as well. Moreover, it is bound to my soul so basically it goes where I go no matter what. It can never be lost or separated from me.

I swung on the bar stool and faced the pulsating crowd behind me, swinging my legs still. There were a few vampires in the corner, feeding off a waitress who was moaning and grinding her pelvis into their hips. One of the vampires was hard. They were passing her around like a box of chocolates. One finally lifted her shirt to expose her plump breasts and she was pushed on her back on the table while three of them fondled her. She was moaning continually now, her legs spreading and her hips jerking as one of them snaked a hand up into her skirt. I watched with rapt attention, and pretended to be engrossed in it. This would make a great porn scene if not for the fact that I knew she was losing way too much blood. But no worries. A bouncer moved in on the group quickly, snatching her from them and slapping her across the face to break the spell they had put on her. She blushed the best she could and pulled her shirt down before she was sent home for the night on account of too much blood loss.

I watched the crowd dancing and reached out with all my senses, feeling around and looking for him. It was an odd crowd. There were scattered vampires, a few fairies, and some that even I couldn't figure out what in the hell they were. A quick scan showed they were not like me, so there was no immediate threat. Finally I figured I would make the move that always works. I traveled to the middle of the dance floor. I don't do hip hop, but I learned to belly dance and that tends to be even more sexy to a guy. At least it seems to be where vamps are concerned. I start to undulate to the music, rhythmically rolling my hips and twisting my arms, closing my eyes and tilting my head back to the lights above. Then I feel him gliding through the crowd behind me. I know it's him, I can tell it as soon as his arms encircle me. He puts his hands on my hips and grinds against me; his lips come to my ear. "No, no, no pretty thing. Someone like you should not be allowed to dance alone." The music picks up and he spins me around. His eyes are black and his hair is black and his skin is pale white like moonlight. Typical. He seems to like how I fit against him, because he wraps his arms about my waist and practically lifts me off the ground while pressing me to him. At this point vamps usually expect their victim to be under their spell. I'm not, but I have to act like I am and so I stare at his face in silent wonder as we dance and grind and move to the music. Then a slow song comes on and he pulls me so close that if he had a heartbeat I'm sure I would feel it. He bends slightly so he can reach down to cup my ass in his hands, and then he kneads gently. His lips are by my ear, and he is smiling. "Can I get you a drink?"

Helpless. I have to look helpless. It really isn't hard, I've had a lot of practice but for once I would like to end up naked with a guy who knows what I am capable of. I stare at him with my lower lip pouting out and my mouth slightly open. "Uh-huh." He smiled and rubs his thumb over my bottom lip, then takes my hand and leads me to a booth; of course he leads me to a booth. No this is not where he plans to kill me; this is where he plans to make firm the supposed hold he has on me. This is where we make out for a while, he asks about a room, and I agree, because he is so dreamy even if dead set on killing me, and then – if I were a normal teenager out for some illegal booze and sex – he would show his true nature, rape me because by then the little warning bells would be blaring and there is no way even the dumbest of teenagers would have sex with him, and kill me. He herds me against the wall, orders a bloody Mary – of course – and a mudslide for me. Then the waitress disappears into the crowd and he turns to me, eyes nearly glowing, and leans in. I learned early on when you make out with a vampire stay away from his canines. They usually find ways to hide them though, like by pushing their victims tongue away from the teeth for the sake of them not getting cut on them. He puts his hands in my hair, grabbing handfuls by my scalp so he can tilt my head and control the direction of the kiss. Vamps like to be in charge. Our lips touch, and his tongue licks softly over my mouth, waiting for entrance, and I grant it to him. They are always good kissers. He is caressing my tongue with his, and I am exploring his mouth leisurely. He isn't trying to hide his canines from me though….odd. It would set off a red flag but I ignore it because this is starting to feel really good. His hands go over my thighs, my back, and one comes around to cup my breast. I give a short and breathy whimper when he flicks the nipple, arching my back into the touch and gasping.

He is smiling. "You like that don't you, little one?"

Where did guys get that nick name? Little one sounds like a parent child thing, not a make out so I can kill you thing. Oh well, can't think about it too much because I feel the blood pulsing in my face. He has my wrists pinned to the wall with one hand and he is fondling me with the other. There is a thought trying to come to the surface in my mind, but it keeps getting pushed aside by the waves of pleasure I'm getting. The drinks arrive and he takes a sip of his while still keeping my wrists pinned. He smiles at me slowly and holds up my drink. He presses the straw to my lips and I take a sip, then he leans forward and kisses again, this time delving into my mouth fiercely, his hand pressing harder on my wrists until I am moaning and I can feel the bones rubbing. He tastes like tomato juice and vodka, and the faint hint of Tabasco. When he pulls back I gasp. "Please! Please you're hurting me!"

Vamps like that. Most of them do. He really likes it, I can tell by the - erm – evidence. He loosens his grip a little, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of cash which he slaps on the table, and then he turns to me again. "Doesn't have to hurt, how about we loose this place for a while? I live just down the street." About bloody time – sorry for the pun. I nod breathlessly and he takes my hand and pulls me onto his lap, then stands. Well…..this is new. I kick my feet and frown at him but he is staring at me as though looking at the Holy Grail.

Shit, to vampires I AM a holy grail. I can make them breath again, live again, and see another sunrise. Why I am still alive is a mystery to me.

His lips curl into a slow smile and I suddenly feel uneasy. Not my usual "I'm about to kill someone" uneasy, but the "I'm walking into a trap" uneasy. I try to push it aside before he notices it but he sees it and frowns. "What it is?"

I squirm and he tightens his hold around my hips, and I feel his……um……yeah. Not that I'm new to that, but for some reason I can't focus. "I, well I mean….I just….."

He smiles again, brilliantly. "Virgin?"

Well yes.

But how do you tell a guy you feel uneasy because you know they are as intent to kill you are you are them. This normally hasn't bothered me except he does not have the normal look in his eye of most vamps who are thinking "food". He looks like he is thinking more long term. Shit. Somewhere between his hand being on my boob and then my thigh I forgot to remember how vampires make more vampires. He won't kill me. Well, he will, just not kill kill me. Only kill me. That made no sense. Shit. I try to tell myself that vampires have wanted to turn me before but suddenly I can't remember any time that they have. I nod at him though, but notice he looks as though he doesn't believe that I am nervous due to sexual inexperience. Smart vampire. He sets me down and holds onto the back of my neck like he is scruffing a kitten and then pushes me forward. I feel my knees shaking and my breath is catching and I suddenly want to bolt, and as I think that his grip tightens. His lips are next to my ear in a second, and his tongue laps at my earlobe. "No, no. we have business."

We do?

I was going to make out with him and then kill him. Does that count as business? Outside the night air has turned humid and the leather coat I brought, which is slung over his arm since he must have picked it up on the way out, would have been stifling. We walk down the street, him keeping me in front of him like a human shield as he walks, hand gripping the back of my neck so hard it is starting to ache.

Gee, for some reason I get the feeling he knows more than I give him credit for.

The building we stop in front of is posh and expensive looking. Vampires are notorious, if they are intelligent enough after turning, for being wealthy. Imagine what immortality does to compound interest and stocks. He pulls out a key and unlocks the door, and inside the building it is cool and crisp. He is smiling. As he pushes me to the elevator and hits the 3 he speaks to me. "Such a pretty thing you are. Pretty blonde hair, pretty green eyes, beautiful body that I want to bend to my will. I suppose you had this planned didn't you?" I think this is a sign to drop the act. I nod slightly. His grip tightens. "Try to run and your neck will be snapped in half. Do you believe I can do it?" I nod again, more slightly. He smiles. "Good girl."


He wants to turn me.

Mentally I try to reach out to Gina to get her help, but I feel him put a shield around me. I could break through it I think but there is the issue of a monstrous hand on the back of my neck compressing my spine. We go down the hallway to an apartment which he opens and shoves me inside of. It is dark here, as I figured it would be, but he flicks on the lights to reveal a sparsely furnished room done mainly in black and grey and red. I wonder where the porn is. The door closes, and I hear the lock click. I turn to him slowly and find him staring at me; all pretense of good will dropped. "Let's put our cards on the table shall we?"

I look around, and see no weapons but then he is a vampire so technically he doesn't need them. "Yes, let's."

He is walking towards me and I am instinctively walking back, suddenly being hit with the full force of his power. I feel my knees shaking and my breath catching. "I know you know what I am. What I don't know is what you are. You are a mystery to my people, and a prize. You've made quite a reputation for yourself - killing our kind, hunting all the demons that have come to this planet, and ridding the world of werewolves and goblins. What are you then? What gives you this power? This right?"

The wall presses against my back, and he presses to me, lips pulled back in the sneer. He has a spell on me; that is the only way I can explain this. I try to look away from his eyes but I can't. my mouth opens automatically. "I don't know what I am."

His hand comes to rest on my throat. He smiles and strokes the spot where the pulse beats strongest. I swallow and squirm. "And nor do we, but we do know you are powerful. And we know that the vampire who captures you and turns you into his childe will be a legend to our kind. My name is Sam, and I am that vampire."


Well that broke the spell.

Three years ago I was in the same situation and I felt my knees shaking and the breath gone and he was baring his fangs saying I would obey him and bend to his will and blah blah blah I own you and you are nothing blah blah I'm a rich vampire in a monochrome apartment blah blah. Then I remembered that I could kick his ass and everything was fine. But I can't let him know that. Still, I like to play with them. "Sam? What? All the other cool names were taken?"

He bares his fangs. "I named myself after Son of Sam."

"A schizophrenic who believed the neighbors dog made him kill? Not setting your sights to high are you. I mean, there was Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, the Night Stalker, Ted Bundi. Oh! And how about the Zodiac killer? They never caught him…."

He growls and picks me up by my throat and I make a small choking sound. He is walking, carrying me to the bed and laying me on it almost gently, releasing the pressure on my throat just enough so that I can breath. "Put your hands above your head."


He grip tightens and I wheeze in a breath. He is snarling now. "You will do as I say, and this can be as easy or hard on you as you make it. I know your powers, I know you can breathe life into me but I don't want life, I want you. You will be my childe and you will learn obedience!"

Obedient? Me? Right. Ask my mom how THAT little project went. I start to gather my power to the middle of my chest and I feel it tingling, and then burning, then a searing heat that shoots out of me and lifts my body up as he is thrown off me. He hits the wall on the far end of the room, and leaves a huge dent in it. I stand up slowly. "I don't do so well with the obedient thing. Ask my mom. And as for the breathing life into you thing, don't worry. That was not my intention." I am charging at him, and he stands and dodges me, then grabs me from behind and pins me to him with his arms.

Funny thing about vampires. The childe is not their childe on the basis of who turned them, but rather on who they obey and listen to. With a regular feeding there would be no battle unless they got a particularly sensitive victim who knew what was happening. With a turning, unless the person being turned is doing so willingly, there is a fight, there is usually violent sex, and then there is blood and death and rebirth.

I kick my legs out, land my feet on the wall and push against it sending us both back and onto the floor. The air woofs out of my lungs but since he is not breathing it doesn't affect him this way and he takes advantage of this to squeeze me a little more. Like a boa constrictor. As their prey breaths out the coils tighten until they are crushed to death. I think he just wants me to pass out, and he might get his wish because I am feeling very light headed as I try to gasp in a breath but can't. I feel my legs getting heavier and heavier, my head falls back I think under his chin, and I whimper. He rolls to the side slowly and carefully, not letting his grip on me loosen for a second, before he stands up and throws me once again on the bed. I gasp in a breath and my body is overtaken by coughing and wheezing and panting. While I am occupied by trying to get air in my lungs again he crawls over top of me, taking my hands and pinning them above my head with one hand while the other cups my face. He is smiling. "Wow, imagine what you'll be like in your prime, at your full potential!"

What is this "prime" people are always talking about? I always figured people get better and better as they grow and learn more. So figuring that in you would think a vampire would be smarter than to straddle me when I'm pissed and his crotch is right over my knees. He is lifted off the bed when I raise my knee hard into the equally hard member. I think he screamed but I also think only a dog would be able to hear it. Needless to say I got off the bed quickly and summoned the knife. He regains himself enough to lunge at me, and I dodge to the side and stab him in the rib cage. Vampires do heal quickly but this is a silver knife, so it takes a few moments and as it heals he is crying in pain. I am still wheezing faintly, but when he charges at me I have enough breath to dodge and stab at him again. This time it lands in the heart and he lets out a strangled cry. I wrench the knife out, watching the blood flow from the wound, and then I aim the knife for his throat and it lands with a wet slap. He is not choking, on account of he doesn't breath, but he is losing a lot of blood from too many wounds to heal fast enough. I should rephrase what I said earlier about how vampires die the same way people do. They actually cannot be suffocated and they can't drown on account of they don't breath. Blood loss though can happen unless they feed before bleeding to death. I'm the only one around, and if he tastes my blood now I'm as good as dead. I know I have won when the mental shield he had on me drops and I call to Gina.

Clean up time.

There is a mental snort and then I see through her eyes for a split second and I see the werewolf, cowering in a corner and trembling. Be there in a sec.

Playing with your food again?

No, but he thought he was. There is a mental cry and I wince at the sound of it. Gina usually goes for the quick death, but it is not necessarily painless. His wounds have semi healed but there is still large amounts of blood running from the one on his neck. He charges drunkenly at me, fangs bared in hopes that he can catch me off guard and feed off me. I dodge him easily, landing a kick to his rib cage and then I slash downward while he is bent over in pain and stare at him as his head slowly slides from his shoulders. It lands on the floor and rolls to face me, fangs bared in an ugly expression of anger and fear.

Gina comes in through the window. Flying is a rare ability, and one that I don't think I have. She can fly short distances, and as high as her lungs will hold out. She stares at the bloody scene before her and frowns. "Would it kill you to not make such a fucking mess?"

I shrug. "Self defense."

"Self defense my ass! How many times did you stab him?"

"Well, I sort of slashed the last time…."

She kicked the lifeless head with the toe of her shoe. "So I see."

I smile. "So, how did it go with you?"


"See, you take all the fun out of this. Think of each hit as a work of art. You can do what you will to the body because no one will know it is you if you clean up."

She stared at me a moment. "You need therapy, you know that?"

I shrug again and go get my coat from where he hung it in the closet. "Tried it. Met my inner child too. Cute little stinker."

She was dragging the headless body to the bed. "Oh yeah?"

"Yup, she was a psycho too. So, shall we light it up?"

Later that night we are standing on top of an apartment building, my apartment building. Sirens are wailing through the night and we listen to them, knowing they are heading to some posh apartment building with the body of a dead vampire and sprinkler systems that weren't enough to stop the flames. I always have the leave the room when she gets to work, mainly because she looks downright unholy when she starts the fires. Not that I'm one to talk, I'm sure I look pretty disturbing when I kill, but my eyes normally don't glow. At least I don't think so, but I've never killed anyone while standing in front of a mirror. Reminds me of having sex in front of a mirror. Just…..why? I already know my toes curl and my mouth opens wide when I orgasm so what else do I need? Anyway the people who live in the building got out in time and since I had no blood on me on account of he never got a hold of me after he was bleeding, they thought nothing of the fact that I was there. Gina was smoking again, a cigarette I mean. I glance at her and frown. "Those things will kill ya you know."

She nods slightly and flicks the butt off the side and into the night. "Yeah I know. Figure this life will kill me anyhow so why bother avoiding it?"

I would never wish myself into her shoes, ever. Yeah, she is rich as hell because of her parents. Her dad is in the stock market and does pretty damn well. Her mom is a lawyer. She was sent to private schools when she was little but she got kicked out for arson. The only reason she hasn't been sent to prison is because, well, her mom is a lawyer. Finally her parents put her in public school to teach her a lesson. I hate her parents, and they hate me. Her father is an ass; her mother is a slutty bitch. I don't know how she has managed to keep her cool around them but I guess that's why she kills vampires and werewolves. "So, plans for tomorrow?"

She frowns. "I've been invited to brunch at my cousins."


"Yeah, you know the meal between lunch and breakfast."

"I know what it is but who the hell says that these days? It just screams 'I'm rich and snooty'!" I see a stir of a smile and since that is so rare I decide to keep at it. "It's right up there with 'oh let's sit down for tea and crumpets!'" a snort of laughter. I put on a haughty nasal voice. "Really Muffin, you only paid five hundred dollar a box for these biscuits, I think they can just go to the dogs." She is out right giggling now and I smile at her, then loop my arm over her shoulders and pull her into a hug as the laughter turns to tears. "Oh baby, it will all work out. You'll see."

Since that night I have learned never to make promises I have no way of keeping.