A/N: Sad chapter here, I know it is a little short but hey, it's an update

A/N: Sad chapter here, I know it is a little short but hey, it's an update. Please review! Oh and P.S. I love "Sweeny Todd" and pretty much all things Tim Burton so if there are fans out there don't flame me for joking around kay? Oh and I have a cameo in this chapter

Chapter 3: Shit; Meet Fan

"How could you paint this picture?
With life as bad as it should seem
That there were no more options for you
I can't explain how I feel
I've been there many times before
I've tasted the cold steel of my life crashing down before me"

Staind "Waste"

Gina and I get our jobs through word of mouth. A few people know us, and know what we do, and know that if anyone bad knows about it they will die in a very unpleasant way. Names of people we need to take out, where they can be found, and a large sum of money are given to the few paid operatives we have and then the information is put in various places which we check once a week. I need a new system I know, but this one works for the most part. We make enough money I guess that if anyone is taking our money, it doesn't hurt. I know, I know. There are a few gangsters out there reading this shaking their heads but give me a break will ya! I'm 16. Maybe when I have mastered being mafia I'll get better at this. How about, to make things better, I'll refer to it from now on as "the operation".

Anyway, on to the pressing issue. Gina and I are at the spot indicated on the card which was given to us. She is chain smoking; I am talking about "Sweeny Todd". Odd combination I know. "And you know that part where Anthony is in judge Turpins house? When Turpin goes to the bookshelf and starts talking about all the different ways 'whore' is said around the globe? I swear all I get from that scene is 'oh, you're a sailor. Wanna see my porn collection?'"

Gina giggles faintly. "I know, that movie needs to be spoofed! Can't you just see Sweeny at the beginning yelling at Anthony and being like 'no life sucks! Get with the program!'"

We both laugh, bending over and laughing out loud to hide our nervousness. "Mrs. Lovett has obviously never heard of that book 'co-dependant no more'!"

I chuckle some more and then notice a bruise wrapping around her wrist. I try not to look to obvious about seeing it, but she covers it up quickly. "My dad….." she shakes her head. It has always been sad to me that she can turn anyone into the human torch without a second thought but with her family she holds back. I think back to the precogs warning and frown. Maybe it would be best. What am I thinking though? I could take her from that house. I could hide her from her billionaire father…. I could…..I can't do anything. For me that is the most horrible thing to ever have to say. I can't do anything. I have to watch her vibrant self die a little each day, a victim to abuse. She is biting her lip, trying to think of an excuse. "He and mom have been having problems lately….."

Her green eyes are brimming with tears, and for once her fire red hair is loose and falls about her face in a cloak. Her skin is pale white, like she has never seen the light of day. I love Gina like a sister, and I hate what has happened to her. "Gina…"

"DJ just leave this one okay? It's fine. I'll be fine. God, if I can kill a werewolf then I can take a little slap."

"A slap? Gina he must have grabbed you hard, because I know you don't bruise easily…."

"Could we just…..worry about the issue ahead?"

I nod slowly. She never needed the extra money we bring in. Normally I get it all, at her insistence. If she is ever in want of anything besides human affection then her father gives it to her. But she needs a way to blow off steam and she needs something to distract her. Because much as I think I would love to see her dancing in the flames of her mansion while her family cries out in pain, the thought also terrifies me. "Okay. What if this is the one we fought before?"

She jerks as though I have slapped her. "We're both stronger than we were…..we can handle him."

"Can you?"

Well it's cliché….but hey I didn't plan it. I imagine if anyone did it would be a short brunette with little else to do.

He is standing behind us suddenly, in all the glory he had before when I last saw him. Yes, it is the same one. He is staring at her with something akin to amazement and even tenderness. Even in the dark of night I can clearly see the white of her eyes. She is terrified. He grips her wrists and slams her into the wall. "Well dear, I thought I was going to be handled."

She shakes her head from side to side, keeping her eyes locked on him. "No. No! Please! Please leave me in peace!"

I lunge forward, conjuring up my blade but just as I am upon him I am stopped midair and held still. He turns to me and pulls Gina against him like a human shield. She is sobbing, and I see her skin beginning to glow. His suppressing ability must be wearing thin if he is using it on her and me. Especially since a pyros ability is the most difficult to suppress since it is mostly driven by emotions. "Leave her alone!"

I am in no position to give orders. I know this. Without him frowning and saying "you are in no position to give me orders DJ," I know this. But I see her dying. I have seen this look in her eyes before, the last time he was next to her like this. Pyros can self destruct and take out a lot of people with them. They can destroy whole cities and go up in a puff of smoke themselves. He doesn't want this and neither do I. she is too precious to him.

"Look, you know what pyroes can do."

He glances at her and sees her skin glowing slightly, notices smoke coming from her shoes. He jerks her to face him. "Gina….look at me." Right. The guy is planning to mentally and physically rape her and now he wants to be all chummy with her? I talk her out of panic attacks….not him. But he has some hold on her. She turns her eyes to his, her whole body shaking. He stares her down. "My people believe if you can tame a fire starter, then you can make them belong to you. Do you belong to me Gina?"

Her breath is coming in short gasps. "No. No!"

She is pressed to the wall again; I am still being held still and beginning to resent it. He takes her chin and stares into her eyes. The air around the brick wall begins to waver and I can imagine it exploding into a million bits and killing him as it falls down. By that point Gina will be untouchable. She will be her ability. Then there will be no reasoning with her. I am trying to move but my limbs won't work. "Let me go! I am the only one who can help her right now!"

No advanced human likes being told that they cannot control their precious things. That term is loosely translated as 'pet'. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. You can have one person who revolves their whole life around their pets and another who beats them and abuses them like it was a sin for them to be born. My mom and I are precious things to a powerful being, but he treats us like the title applies. This guy though, he sees Gina as property. Pyroes are fairly rare, and ones of her level are unheard of. Usually they have gone insane by this stage. But I have control of my limbs again, and I walk forward. I take her shoulders gently and stare into her eyes. "Gina, you have to focus…..please." she relaxes a little bit, her breathing slows and her body stops shaking. I can do that too; control the emotions of those I am connected to, but only to a limit. I can never get out of a punishment from my mom no matter how hard I try. Guess she knows the trick already.

That's when I feel it.

And I curse everything under the sun because I never listen to anyone who warns me of danger.

This is me trying to save her. And I feel the energy coming off her and the sadness and the anger and I know what is going through her mind.

This is my life…..

I shake my head. "Gina…..Gina please no! Don't do this!"

She is crying now and I see in her eyes the wild look I have seen once when mom and I got into a car accident. I had looked at my mom as she was trying to get the steering wheel under control and her eyes were wide and wild and terrified and she knew she wasn't going to be able to control it. Gina has that look, but her body is calm. "You have to go now." I'm shaking my head and holding onto her for dear life despite the fact that she is getting hotter than a furnace. I feel the heat on my skin and the searing pain of being branded but I know the wounds will heal if I survive so I don't care.

She is trying to push me away, trying to tell me to go, but I won't. I bury my head in her chest and I hold onto her even as her clothes catch on fire. The dark fairy is trying to leave, but he can't seem to move.

Dacie, you have to let her go….

But I am shaking my head and holding onto her for dear life. Daddy please help her! Then she pries my fingers away from her and I look up at her to see her red hair is flaming and her eyes have turned golden. She walks towards him, and he stares at her like she is a long lost Goddess. Then her lips seal over his, and he is screaming and struggling and clawing to get away but can't escape her pain or her heat, can't escape her. I am just outside the reach of the flames and I am searing in heat from head to toe. "GINA!!"

I don't remember it.

I don't know if is a repressed memory or if it was wiped from my mind or if somehow I just passed out before it happened. But I remember the sound of a steady beep and I remember my mom's voice. "Oh yes, she always was a fast healer. As a kid she would come home with the worst scrape you ever saw and then it would be gone in a day or two."

Then the pain hit me, and I moaned softly. People would never believe how cold a burn feels, but it does feel cold. It feels like lying naked in the snow for hours and hours, until it is so cold it feels hot. It felt like I still had her in my arms. It felt like she would be okay. But it was the burns making me think it was okay, it was the pain comforting me. I was alive but didn't want to be right now. My mother was beside me instantly, fingers over mine and her eyes worried. "Dacie?" She was a beautiful woman. Long blonde hair and soft blue eyes, her face reminds me of an elf. She has a pointy little nose and huge eyes with wide lips. She's a tiny bit shorter than me if that's possible.

But I don't care about that. I am looking around. I already know, but for some reason I have to hear it. "Gina? Where's Gina?" She can't be gone but I know she is. I can feel it.

She sighs and looks out the door. She knows about Gina and me and advanced humans in general. Before she met my father she thought it was a bunch of fairy tales but, well, he made a believer out of her. "Self destructed. Took out two blocks with her. No one was hurt. I think that's why she chose there to do it." I am sobbing before she is even finished. She takes my head and kisses my hair and kisses my face and wipes my tears away. "Baby listen to me! You burned most of the front of your body but you are healing so fast that people are noticing. Your father has made arraignments for us to move. We have to go. You will be healed probably by tomorrow and then we can leave. Okay? Do you hear me?"

I heard her I just didn't care. Over the next few days I watched the scars fade away and I cried bitterly while they did. I had no reminder of her, not even the scars from where I held her. I tried to tell myself this was for the best, but I couldn't seem to convince myself of it very well. I wanted her to tell me but almost knew she never would so why bother?

The police found nothing but ash in her wake, ash and some teeth. But they had not seen it, I had. Pyroes only feel their fire when they self destruct. And as I slept night after night in the weeks that followed, all I heard was her scream.

Then one night I had a dream where she came to me. She was smiling and happy, her eyes sparkled and her hair glistened in the never ending light streaming around her. I was clutching her to me, my head under her chin and my tears soaking her shirt. She took my face in her hands and smiled. "You have to let go now. For me. You have to move on, I will always be here."

No one knows what happens to a pyro when they self destruct because when they reach that point they have lost their soul to their power, and so it is thought that the soul leaves the body at that point but since she is not dead it cannot move onto the realm of the dead. It has to go somewhere. When I woke up in a sweat that night, the sheets clinging to me and my heart pounding out of my chest, I knew where her soul had gone. I knew I would carry her for as long as I lived.