The One Way Out

I am locked inside
my room: it is outside.
I can hear my
lungs squeezing in time
with the beating
on my door.
My floor, the only
space left
between us, is
seeming so very terribly small.
My brain is
pressed to my cranium,
fizzing idiocy,
static, locked inside
my head; it is outside.

Huddled in the corner
with consternation, I am
stuck with the damnation
of being homo sapien.
Loveless and stupid,
my lack of evolution
will be my undoing.
It is so much harder
to grow than to
reject the inextricability
of my heredity.
I am unimpassioned.
I am human.

I am unlocked inside
my room; the door is open.
I can feel my
head breathing in time
with its thundering
footsteps, coming
closer across the universe
of my floor,
the distance
between us shrinking ever smaller.
I stood.
I am evolution,
my brain in constant
motion, expanding
infinitely against my skull.
My head is open; we are posthuman,
one with Omega.