Chapter 1

Dametra and Seth crept silently around the apartment complex. Being the more tactical and intelligent of the two, Dametra looked for the weakest entry point of the building. She wanted to get in the building, do the job, and get out of there as fast as she possibly could. Seth reluctantly followed her lead; he learned a long time ago to just go along with what she says.

Although Seth was slightly older than her, she had much more experience than he had. Not to mention she also came up with much better and more secure plans than he could.

The report had stated that the vampire would be in the apartment on the lower floor, which made entry easier that if it would have been on the upper floor. They were to make a quick kill; Dametra liked that form of execution the best.

"Okay, I've spotted two separate routes of entry. You'll be going through this window that's currently closest to us. I'll take a different one on the opposite side of the house. Do not go in until you hear me make my entrance. This way the vamp will be caught by surprise and will be blocked from both sides." Dametra stated her plan in a low whisper. The whispering would have been futile if the vampire was of a higher ability level; but as luck would have it, he wasn't. "Don't worry about the gun shots; these guns are silenced. If anyone witnesses anything the police will take care of it later along with the suits from the office."

The 'suits from the office' she spoke of were simply people from the organization she and Seth both belonged to. SNCE (Supernatural Creature Extermination) was a secret organization authorized and sponsored by the government to obviously hunt down and kill supernatural creatures that were considered a threat to society. Seth and Dametra were known as hunters; they did the actual hunting and killing part of the organization. But there is many other job titles at the organization, most of which are office jobs that take care of the more political and practical issues that come up in the business. Those are the people Dametra, and most of the other hunters, refer to as the 'suits from the office'.

"Alrighty, sounds like a full-proof plan to me!" Seth said with his usual enthusiasm and a heart melting smile.

His smile didn't have it's effects on Dametra as it would any other girl. She had worked with Seth for so long that she had grown used to his pretty-boy looks. Generally she tried not to let any boy woe her; afraid of what a relationship would bring to her life and occupation.

"Stay here and wait for your moment," Dametra said as she scurried off around the corner of the building.

After not even a minute, Seth heard the crack of a door flying open and Dametra's 'work' voice bellowing at the apartment's resident. This was his moment and he knew it. With a rather large rock, he busted the window and swung himself through easily. Instinctively he found his target and aimed his gun. He shot the monster twice in the side once his eyes focused. Then he paused, it was Dametra's turn. Seth had worked with Dametra long enough to know the procedure that she normally went through.

"This is your time to make good with God," Dametra started with a stern voice. "I'll give you a chance to pray for forgiveness from the Almighty; if you wish to try."

While Dametra spoke, neither she nor Seth took their aim off of the vampire.

The only reply the beast had was a sudden lunge towards Dametra. With one shot to the head with a bullet designed just for this sort of kill, and it was dead. Dametra and Seth's job was done.

Without guilt or remorse the pair left the apartment and headed to the car; the rest was left for the office men to take care of. After all vampires were rather easy to take care of; after death they simply turn into ash.


Dametra was silent as she drove Seth home. She was familiar with the way, after having to pick him up there many times.

There never was much conversation after a kill. It wasn't because of grief or any depressed emotion. After the kill all the adrenaline left their bodies and turned into exhaustion.

As they pulled up to Seth's driveway, they peered at the windows to see lights on all through the building. It was never dull at his apartment. He was a party boy and there was always something going on at his place; even when he wasn't around.

"Looks like you won't be getting much rest tonight," Dametra teased slightly.

"Nah, does anyone in this organization ever get much sleep?" Seth joked back as he left the car.

Dametra didn't give a formal goodbye. They had gone through this routine too many times to waste breath with pointless words. Plus she had to go back to the base and finish her part of the job.