I thought it was over

Why do you always want what you can have?

You were always there

I didn't care

I saw you

I knew you

Yet I didn't see you

I admired you

But that was it

I dreamed of a future with you

But I never thought of it as real

I knew you liked me

Yet I didn't think twice about it

I just accepted it

It was a given

But now

Now you have her

I miss you

Every time I close my eyes

I see you

Your perfection

Why couldn't I see before?

Why didn't I take my chance?

All I want now is for you to be free again

Then I would show you

Show you how much I cared

How much I wanted you

Have I lost my chance forever?

What about that future I dreamed of?

What has happened?

Every time your near me

I tremble

I feel as if I need your touch

Like you used to need me

And like I did

You don't seem to notice

Or do you?

Is this a game?

Part of me hopes so

I feel so jealous

I want to cry

Your were supposed to be mine

I was silly to believe it

I thought of you as a pet

Now I worship you

I'd be your slave

As long as you would hold me tight

And tell me you loved me

I would do anything