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They Were In Love

Chapter One

He was in love.

He was never in love.

He was in love with Dara.

It was safe to say that Mike never had a serious relationship. He was the guy who girls found a friend in, never someone they wanted to date let alone sleep with. Dara was different. She was never his friend.

After many weeks of debating and bribing Mike finally convinced Dara to move back to London with him. Jeff did not take this news kindly and refused to let Dara stay with them while she found a place.

Jeff pounded on the door for the fifth time.

"Just a minute."

"I don't have a minute."

The door opened and she looked out.

"Jeff, you don't work."

"That doesn't mean I don't have a place to be."

Dara scoffed and closed the door resuming her morning ritual. Jeff let out a frustrated growl and Mike walked by straightening his tie.

"You can use my loo, you know?"

"That defeats the purpose."

"What purpose?"

"That she doesn't belong here!"

"It's temporary."

"It's been temporary for three months."

Mike looked up thoughtfully and then continued out the door.

"What did you do to her?"


"Dara! What did you do to her?"


"She's crying."

Jeff went back to reading the paper.

"Don't you care?"

"Not really." Jeff didn't bother to look back up at Mike.


"I know! Manchester beat Chelsea again. It's getting ridiculous!"

"No, you're unbelievable! Your roommate is crying and all you care about is football!"

Jeff turned the page and then paused before reading.

"Well, your girlfriend is crying and all you care about is me not caring."

Mike glared. "I don't have time for this."

"Good, because you're wasting mine. Go tend to you ever needy girlfriend and leave me be."

Mike went back into his bedroom not without slamming the door.


"She's okay."


"You could at least pretend to care."

"Too much energy."

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

Jeff, being finished with the paper, folded it carefully and rested his hands on top of it.

"Can you tell me who pays the rent for this place?"

"We don't pay rent. You own it."

"Exactly. I own it. I get to decide who lives here."

"You were fine with Dara before."

"I was fine when I knew it was going to be temporary."

"Do you want her to pay rent?"

"No, I want her out."

Mike frowned. "If she goes, I go."

Jeff was not surprised. He signed and threw the paper into the recycle.

"You have a week. If she doesn't find a place, you're both out."