Diary of Vernon Townsend, Saturday, September 23rd (One day after Murder)

Still no word from anyone. It's a mighty dark business this is. It's a bit late to write, and I feel a bit too agitated to put pen to paper, but I know I should. I just can't stop worrying about Michelle and her kids. They haven't sent anything, and I really have no other avenues of news. I just cannot help but wonder what's going on over there. By God's will I may find out tomorrow. I just hope that it's good news.


Sunday, September 24th

Who knew the lords day could be so tragic. I can't write today. I can't do nothing. I just want to die and fly away. I'm a sinner of the highest mark, and the Lord has found his way to punish me. But why Michelle? Why her? My Lord, why have you forsaken me?!