He is my Band-Aid, a dab of Neosporin,
and everything I ever needed all wrapped
in a porcelain-skinned doll of a boy.
He stopped my bleeding heart from stopping,
and kept his germs out. I cannot even
look at anybody but him. You make
me so happy, people are getting worried
as to what might have happened to the
Token Lonely Girl that makes her smile
so much now. I would dance with you
all night, in our own little world, in the
middle of the crowd with only eyes for each
other, eyes all over one another. I would
sit with you on the beach alone in the hottest
heat of hell, except we'd find our own Heaven
in the paradise that is each other's company.

Sometimes there are just better things.
Like boys with freckles you can only see from an inch away.
Especially when those boys are everything you ever needed.