Fascination with glitter and anything shiny,
including the sign above your head that reads
Love Me. It's been so long, I could get high
on happy. Me & him, we're not like them.
The rest of them. Coincidence proves false.
We are everything we ever need together.
Forget the past, love me in spite of my
bony closet. I only have eyes for you, but
my thoughts are too cynical for you. You are
so perfect there are thumbs-up signs when
I close my eyes. Seconds pass, but not
as many as times you tell me you love me
in one sitting. I lay in my bed with nothing to
hear but the sound of your melodic voice and
my own heartbreak. Not as melodic, and very
much irregular. Every square milimeter of my
everywhere aches to be 8,000 miles closer to
you than where I am right now. To be in your arms.
Sometimes, you remind me of glitter. Speckles of
freckles splashed across your nose, in between
your shining eyes. I could drown in your pretty
browns with no Caspian Sea escape, but i couldn't be