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Chapter Uno:

She sat in the front row of her first hour class, right in the middle of the room. She knew the class didn't start until 7:30, but that didn't stop her from being early. "Better early than late" was her motto. The teacher walked in and gave her an odd glance (a student in class before a teacher?), then said good morning. She smiled and replied back, but it was swallowed in the sound of the bell. Students began to sidle in, chatting with friends or listening to iPods. She watched them all walk in, making note of new students (so far there were two, both boys) and looking for her friends. Not like she really had to look for them--they'd be heard from half a mile away.

Another boy walked into the room, dressed in a mix of prep and goth clothes; he looked like a modernized James Dean. She began to glare at him. Boys were jerks, every last one of them, and she could tell that this one- with his "this isn't worth my time" look- would be the worst of them. Apparently he noticed her eyes on him because he looked her way and glared right back. His blue-green eyes connected with her brown ones, and she caught her breath. Who the heck was this guy?

Suddenly, everything went black as she realized someone had put their hands over her eyes. Whoever it was said, "Guess who, Miyoko!"

Miyoko rolled her eyes (though no one else could see) and grumbled, "Hi, Satsuki."

The hands went away as one of her best friends whined, "Dammit! How come you always know?"

Another girl sat on the desk next to Miyoko's. She had long silver hair with black streaks in the bangs and blue eyes that were half lidded from exhaustion. The chains on her black pants clinked together musically. "Probably because you're always doing that, " She said in a bored tone. The last word was engulfed in yawn, and Miyoko rolled her eyes again.

"And how much sleep did you get last night, Yuki?"

"Two hours, " Yuki replied.

"Wow, that's a lot, " said Satsuki, moving to sit on the other desk. Satsuki was almost the opposite of Yuki with her short choppy black hair with silver streaks and her "simply jeans and a t-shirt" rule of dress. Today it was a System of a Down concert tee and black jeans. Miyoko shook her head. How was that music? Satsuki smiled at Miyoko, her silvery blue eyes wide. Here came the questions.

"How come you're sitting up here, Miyoko?" she asked, "You should be in the back with us cool kids!"

"Yeah," piped in Yuki, apparently awake now. "And what's with the Bohemian Rhapsody outfit?"

Miyoko guessed she was referring to her turquoise blue teired skirt and brown tunic top, but she shrugged it off.

"I like Boho."

Yuki laughed, "That sounds funny when you say that."

Satsuki laughed too, "Yeah, it does. Now come to the back." And she got up and went further back.

"But it-" Miyoko began.

"No buts, " said Yuki, and she put Miyoko in a headlock and dragged her to the back of the class.

Soon after that, the bell rang and class began. By then, Yuki had fallen asleep, Satsuki had pulled out her walkman and began to headbang while air guitaring, drawing the attention of her fellow classmates. Miyoko, however was wide awake and organizing her notebooks. The teacher began to call role.

"Aubrey Corbin?"

A boy in the back of the class with long black hair nodded lazily, then went back to listening to his iPod.

"Ciaren Davies?"

The boy Miyoko had glared at earlier said "here" with a strong London accent, and Miyoko glared at him again. He took my dang seat! Jerk!

The teacher went on until she came to Yuki.

"Yukina Hitomi?"

Yuki didn't stir.


Still nothing.

"Hitomi?" People began looking around the room, but said girl was still in lala land. Miyoko rolled her eyes and elbowed her in the side.

Yuki shot up,. "I'M AWAKE!"

Scattered giggles and and annoyed teacher still didn't bother her, because she yawned and then went back to sleep.

More names.

"Miyoko Tachibana?"

"Here," she said sweetly. Ciaren visibly cringed for... some... unknown reason.

"Satsuki Tai?"

"Reporting for duty!" she shouted, jumping up in her seat.

"Miss Tai?"


"Sit down."

"Alrighty, teach!" Suki saluted and twirled, then sat back down.

"Scott Way?"

The door was flung open and Satsuki's eyes got ginormous.

The boy was clearly of Oriental descent. He had short black hair with red and blue dyed bangs and red eyes-- the product of colored contacts. His punk rocker clothes and the air around him screamed 'senior.' Satsuki's mouth continued to hang open as he handed a late pass to the teacher.

Oh my God... he's GORGEOUS!!

"That would be me," Scott said, then walked to the back of the room, taking the only empty seat, next to Satsuki.

She was, like, visibly shaking with excitement.

The teacher began to drone and Miyoko drifted off, occasionally picking up Satsuki's sighs. Man, she was nowhere near subtle.

"So... Scotty, huh?" Suki whispered.

He grunted, "Scott. You?"

"Satsuki, but YOU can call me Suki."


"So... you're pretty hot. How old are you?"

Scott gave her a wierd look. "I have a girlfriend."


"Excuse me," the teacher interrupted, "Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?"

Suki stood up quickly, saluting the teacher(who shall now be labled as Creepy Old Hag Lady... or Mrs. Cohl. wOOt!)

"No ma'am, nothing I want to share with you or the class, ma'am!"

"Sit down Ms. Tai, and see me after class. You as well, Mr. Way."

Scott grunted and Suki sat down, shutting up for the moment. In the meantime, while Suki was annoying the teacher, Yuki had woken up and was smiling at Miyoko with a mischievious glint in her eyes.

Yuki snuck behind the auburn haired girl while the teacher was writing rules and other class stuff. ( :Jaws theme: )Yuki suppressed a snicker and stuck a finger in her mouth.

Miyoko, who was busy memorising the class rules, didn't notice a finger inching towards her ear, but she did notice said spitty finger in her ear and jumped up screaming.


As she was screaming, Ciaren had turned around to watch, "Why don't you shut up. Your voice is annoying."




Yuki in the backround: "Hey! No littering!"

"Why don't you shut the fuck up! Asshole!" She glared daggers.

He stood up, and as he spoke, his accent became more pronounced. "You wanna go, bitch?"

Yuki stood up too. "Stop fuckin' sayin' the fuckin' f-word you fuckin' fucked up fuckers!"

:muffled cough:

"What?" She looked confused. "Everyone else was doing it."

"Sit down, all of you!" Ms. Cohl looked furious. "The whole back row has detention, and you too, Mr. Davies, this Saturday."

Hearing the teacher yell, Aubrey came out of his iPod coma to see what all the commotion was about. "Detention? What did I do?"

"Mr. Corbin! Unless you are stupid, I suggest you be quiet, and unless you want two detentions." Mrs. Crazy Old Hag Lady turned around and and began writing again.

Aubrey stared at the teacher with a lil' question mark dancing around his head, until he noticed Yuki sit down beside him.

"Hey," he whispered, snapping Yuki out of her glaring session with Mrs. Cohl. "You weren't sitting there before."

Yuki turned and looked at him and slowly blinked her big blue eyes in a confused manner.


Aubrey raised an eyebrow. "I said you weren't sitting there before. You changed seats."

Yuki cocked her head. "Do I know you?"

Sighing and deciding to give up, he replied, "No, you don't."

Yuki shrugged. "Oh, okay." A silence, filled only with Crazy Old Hag Lady's droning. "Where are you from?"

Aubrey sighed again. Whoever invented conversation was a lunatic.

"Roma," he replied, his accent thick.

"Um, don't you mean Rome?"

Aubrey shook his head. "You Americans can not pronounce anything right, can you?"

Yuki opened her mouth for the defence, but Crazy Old Hag Lady said in an exhasperated tone, "Mr. Corbin, I will make it two detentions if you don't be quiet! The same goes for you, Miss Hitomi. Now silence, both of you!"

Aubrey and Yuki both rolled their eyes and ignored her.

Next to Yuki, Miyoko was visibly fuming. Anyone who knew her avoided any eye contact for fear of being blown up with a single glance. But, naturally, Miyoko was way too busy trying to figure out a way to get back at the British bastard who had landed her in detention. Detention! She had never had a detention in her life! She shot a quick glare at the boy, and was surprised to find that he was glaring right back. Again their eyes locked and they both averted their gazes, a blush creeping to their cheeks. No one noticed this, of course. Everyone else was either sleeping or off in their own little world. Whatever it was, they weren't paying the slightest bit of attention to Mrs. Cohl.

Miyoko sat back in her chair, contemplating her current situation. It was her first day of school, she was being tormented by a cocky foreign student, and she had a Saturday detention. Briefly she scanned her memory. There had to be something in the school handbook about giving out detentions on the first day of school; a loophole, maybe. But she couldn't think of anything. Dammit.

On to more pressing matters. Who in the hell did this kid think he was? Didn't he understand that she had more important things to do than serve detention? Out of the corner of her eye she looked at him again. She was glad see that he wasn't looking back at her, but she could tell by the way he was sitting and how close he was paying attention to Mrs. Cohl that he was trying really hard not to blow up. Miyoko supressed a giggle; what was it with guys? Especially this one? Ciaren? What kind of name was that? British, she reminded herself. How could such a jackass come from such a respected country?

Miyoko shook it off when the teacher handed her a worksheet. Why should she care now? She'd deal with it later.

While everyone worked on the worksheet quietly, Yuki just stared at it blankly, then peeked over to Miyoko's sheet. 'She always has the right answers.'

This went on for a few minutes, until Miyoko noticed Yuki's not-so-subtle attempts to cheat.


"Uh-huh?" She was still looking at the other's paper.

"Yeah, um, why did you write that you name is Miyoko Tachibana?"

Yuki stopped to look at her paper. "...Well...why are you looking at my paper? Jeez!"

Miyoko just sighed and went back to work. After she finished, she looked over to Satsuki, and noticed how her desk was a few inches closer to Scott's (a/n: because Miyoko notices these kinds of things...). Scott on the other hand was trying to figure out just why there was a crazy girl flirting with him.

"So," Satsuki said, inching a little closer to him, "how are you and your girlfriend doing? Who is she, by the way. I might know her."

He looked at her funny before answering, "Her name is Beverly (a/n: that means 'beaver stream'!) and...uh...we're doing okay."

"Okay? Not good? As in you had a fight? Cause you know, I'm single."

Yuki, who had abandoned the worksheet in the hope of hearing Satsuki say something stupid, had just gotten her wish. ":cough:obvious:cough:"

Satsuki paused her flirting for a moment then gave Yuki the 'shut-up-or-I'll-steal-your-lunch' glare.


Satsuki sighed, ":cough:shut it:cough:"




Aubrey stared at Yuki, also having abandoned his worksheet, and chuckled at her her.

"Are all Americans like you?" he asked.

She thought a moment. "...Nope, I think it's just me. Why do you ask? Oh, and hey, what's the ice cream like in"

"Roma." He said it slowly. "And our ice cream, gellato, it is sweeter."

"Cool!... Have you ever seen 'The Matrix'?"

"No. What is it?"

She looked at him in surprise. "It's only one of the best movies in the world! Don't worry; I'll make sure you see it."

"Right." He nodded and put his iPod earplugs in, once again becoming deaf to the world.

Yuki sighed, trying to find new means to amuse herself. She looked at Miyoko, wondering if she wanted to move. Satsuki was always fun. Speaking of Suki...

"What kind of fucktard wants to know what my favorite fucking color is?!"

'Or not.' Yuki snickered at her friends antics and decided to sleep until the bell.


Ending Authors' Note:

Yuki: Yay!! All done with the first chappie!! Hope you like it! I'll update soon, and please review :)