The Daniel City Heroes


Location: Saint Eileen Hospital, Time: 10: 33 am

Cars are driving in and out of the parkway in front of a large building. The building is five stories tall with windows giving a clear view of the outside of the building for those inside. The building has a large sign in front with the name of the building "Saint Eileen Hospital" and a red cross, the familiar symbol that further indicates that this building is indeed a hospital.

Inside the building, people are standing at the front desk asking the clerk for directions. People are coming in and out of hallways, some have wheelchairs or crutches and some are sitting in the chairs lined along the walls.

One person in particular was sitting in one of these chairs. It was a redheaded Caucasian woman with brown eyes wearing a white jacket and skirt with black pants on underneath and white high-heeled shoes. On her jacket was a "Hello. My name is…" name tag with the name "Florencia Chambers" written in marker in the blank space.

Another person approached Florencia saying, "Ms. Chambers, we have an assignment for you."

"Finally," Florencia said with a sigh. Florencia is a student in a medical program in the city. She wanted to become a doctor since she was younger, because she loved to help people. She was a member of a program to feed homeless people and helped to send care packages to developing countries. In her high school mock elections, she was voted as "Biggest Charity Case."

The person walked Florencia to a room down the hall and opened the door. The room was an office with a large wooden desk and a comfortable looking swivel chair. There was a houseplant in the corner and along the walls were bookcases and cabinets. The room was obviously someone's office.

"You know about Doctor Vincent Kamiel right?" The person asked.

"The professional surgeon? Yeah." Florencia answered.

The person then replied, "He will be performing an operation a short while from now, so he needs some of his surgical tools. Here is a list of the equipment that he requires." He continued as he handed the medical student a piece of paper. "After you find the items, please take them to the operating room on the west wing of the hospital."

"All right." Florencia agreed.

"I have some more errands to run, so I'll just leave you to this. Goodbye." The person said before he left the room.

Florencia looked at the list, then went to the cabinets to search for the items it stated. She took a small bag and used it to store the items like a couple of syringes, bottles of medicine, latex gloves, antibiotic ointment, scalpels, and other such equipment. After acquiring all of the stated items, she made her way for the door. But before she could reach it, she tripped over the carpet that was in the room. She fell and ended up throwing the bag in the air, where the bag opened up and everything inside started spilling out.

"NO!" She yelled, holding her hand out and hoping that none of the equipment would break. She then started at awe at what happened next. Everything just seemed to stand still… literally. The bag and all of the equipment stayed floating in the air, as if held up by strings.

Florencia got up and approached the floating medical equipment. When she went to touch one of the suspended items, they all finished falling to the floor, leaving the medical student confused. She had no idea what just happened to make them float in the air like that. As she was wondering, her mind drifted back to the task that she was supposed to complete. Deciding she would think about this later, she quickly bagged all of the equipment again, made sure the bag was closed, and left the room.

Location: Saint Eileen Hospital: Operating Room, Time: 10:39 a.m.

Florencia reached the operating room of the hospital within minutes. When she got there, there was a man standing next to the empty operating table. He was a tall man who looked like he was in his mid-thirties. He had brown hair and brown eyes and was currently wearing a white medical coat, a yellow sweater, green pants, and black shoes. On his coat was an I.D. badge with his name "Vincent Kamiel", on it.

"Um, Doctor Kamiel?" Florencia called out to the man. He turned his head to see the girl entering the room with a bag in her hand.

"You must be Miss Chambers." Dr. Kamiel said. "My assistant told me you would be here in a matter of minutes. I take it you have the supplies that I requested?"

"Yes doctor. Right here." Florencia said holding up the bag.

"Thank you Miss Chambers." Dr. Kamiel said as he came over and took the bag from Florencia. "The operation will be a few minutes from now and I was unable to reach the office do to preparation I have to do in here, so I appreciate your help."

"You're welcome." Florencia answered. "I'm glad I was able to help."

Just then, a beeping sound could be heard from Kamiel's pocket. He started digging through his pocket until he pulled out a stopwatch. He turned off the alarm and pocketed the device. "Now if you will excuse me, I have a bit more business to attend to. You can find my assistant in the next room for your next assignment." The doctor said.

"Thank you." Florencia said. She then walked out of the room, as did Dr. Kamiel. He entered the next room, which was a bathroom, and pulled a bottle of pills out of his pocket. He threw one of the pills in his mouth and ran some water in his hand. He then drank the water to wash the pill down his throat.

"I hate taking these stupid pills all the time, but they're what keeps me in check." Dr. Kamiel said. "I already have a lot of stress on me. All the patients I have to deal with, all the paperwork the hospital requires me to fill out, the long hours I have to spend here. Without these things, I might snap and do something crazy."

After his moment of reflection, Dr. Kamiel turns off the sink, puts the cap back on the bottle, and puts it back in his pocket. "Well, I'll just hope that never happens." He said, as he walks out of the bathroom.

To Be Continued…