Hey there! First Fiction-Press so hope you enjoy it! I will do it alternatively, one chapter Daniel, one chapter Lynette, and I will tell you before hand. So, hope you enjoy this story, as I dreamt it up last week on holiday, whilst listening to a LOT of music! (Pictures of Lynette and Daniel on my page!)


"How could you boys even do this?" Our headmaster roared at us.

I sat in my chair looking down at the floor. He hadn't shut up for the past half hour, and it was starting to get sooo boring. Charlie was next to me, staring right at Mr Charleston defiantly, and Carl was looking around the room, looking just as bored as me. Carl caught my eye and pulled a face at me, and I smiled and looked down at the ground laughing.

"This is no laughing matter Mr. Shark, I can tell you that now! Breaking into the school safe is a serious matter! That money is for school charity events only, not for the likes of you to steal! I have decided on your punishment!" he shouted at us. Finally! "You will receive three months of lunch-time detentions, and you're parents are waiting outside, probably with suitable punishments of their own. You are dismissed!" he shouted and sent us out of his office, before sitting down in his chair, rubbing his temples. We all walked out together silently and sat down whilst our parents went in to talk to Mr Charleston.

"What punishment do you think you'll get?" I asked Carl and he shrugged.

"Not sure, probably something to do with dad's office, he keeps wanting me to work there, and now he'll probably force it on me. I'll be computing for the rest of my days" Carl said in annoyance, scuffing his shoes against the floor.

"That's better than mine! I'll be sent off to live with my grandparents! And they are so strict, plus living all the way over in Canada. Oh well, as soon as I get myself kicked out of that school I'll be back here, right where I belong" Charlie said defiantly, and I resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"What about you Scott?" all my friends referred to me by using my last name. "What will your punishment be?" Carl was asking.

"I'm not sure..." I had to think really hard about it.

My parents never really threatened me with anything. My father was really strict, but hardly ever around to know about things like this. Unluckily, my mother had phoned him up and took him out of an important meeting, seeing as this was going to be my last time let off with detentions before expulsions from the school.

My mother was normally softer than a marshmallow. She used to be a ballerina in London's Royal Ballet Company, before her legs stopped working properly and she has been in a wheelchair ever since. She was a kind warm woman, but could still make Daniels heart hurt if he did something to upset her. She was so fragile, he never really meant to upset her, but it always just turned out to happen.

The receptionist told the boys they could go get their stuff from their lockers, as the end of the day bell went off, and we all walked along the corridors to our lockers, which were all in a line together after persuading some girls to change with us. As we rushed down through the crowds, I ended up bumping straight into someone, making them drop their books on the floor.

I looked up from the ground, to see the familiar face of Lynette Carter. I had known her ever since the first day of primary school and we had only managed to be friends until middle school, then we seemed to...drift apart. Now we were in high school, we were practically enemies. Her blonde hair had stayed the lightness it had always been, and today hung in loose curls down to just below the centre of her back.

Their school uniform was very strict. All boys had to wear white button up tops, Blue ties with white stripes, Black trousers and Black shoes. They used to have to wear blazers but that was before me and my friends started customising our uniforms. We ditched our old blazers and wore our own blue 

jumpers. We wore our ties as loose as the school would allow, and never buttoned up the top four or so buttons on the tops. We opted away from the school shoes and started wearing black trainers, that could easily pass for school ones at the best of times. The girls had started doing the same with their uniforms, except they had to wear blue skirts all the time. Most girls had rose up their hem lines, so it was barely covering themselves over, and pulled there white socks all the way up to their knees, before putting on little dolly shoes.

Lynette, or Lynny as she used to correct people when we were younger, didn't take after many girls. Sure, she was blonde, and followed most of the styles, but she wasn't ditzy like the others. Many had taken to calling her geeky, because she preferred reading books to magazines, and with me being with the in crowd had to follow after them. The only trends she didn't follow like the other girls were the socks and skirts rule. Her skirt wasn't the actual length it was supposed to be, but not a really girly, lets-show-everything-we've-got kind of way either. And she wore black trainers just like the guys.

"Watch where you're going jerk" Lynette said angrily, bringing me back down to earth. I settled my face into a frown.

"Why don't you, geek?" I sneered back and my friends grinned at him. Lynette huffed and picked up her books off the floor and glared at him.

"Git" she said before hitting me with her shoulder, marching away down the hall angrily. I scoffed behind her and carried on walking to our lockers. It was hard to remind myself that me and Lynnette used to be such good friends. I'd turned jock, she'd stayed in the not. He could hardly even remember much about those days. He tried to think of some memories as he pulled out his bag and slung it over his shoulder, pretending to listen to the other two.

"Hey, Dan?" an eight year old Lynette asked a freshly turned nine year old me.

"Yeah Lynny?" I said back with a smile.

"Even though we're going to be in different places all summer, promise we'll still talk in middle, please?" Lynny had begged him. They had been going to camps over the summer, me going to Football camp, Lynny going to Dance camp.

"Yeah Lynn, we'll definitely still be friends I promise."

How naive we were back then. We hadn't spoken nicely to each other since that day...

"Hello, Scott, you in there?" Charlie asked, waving his hand in front of my face. How long had he been doing that for, I frowned.

"Yeah, sorry," I said, trying to pass it off for daydreaming.

"Probably daydreaming of a cute girl, no doubt," Carl said subtly, nudging him, and I grinned back at him. If only he really knew, he'd be back to square one, and kicked straight out of his gang.

We all started on their way back to the headmaster's office, where their parents were waiting for them to get back. They all had stern, but calm faces on. My mother was leaning on her hands on her wheelchair, my father holding the handles at the back of her chair. When he saw me he nodded for me to go out of the office. "See you later guys" I muttered under my breath and headed out of the school using the headmaster's door to the car park.

I climbed into the back of the car whilst my father helped my mother into her seat. He folded up the wheelchair and threw it into the back with me, and the handle landed heavily on my leg. I didn't complain though, I was seriously going to get it when we got home. As soon as we got in the house and I tried to escape upstairs my dad caught me by the back of my t-shirt and practically flung me into the front room, where my mum was sat in her special chair.

"Don't be so rough with him Steve!" she scolded her husband. Dad threw her a disbelieved look but she ignored him and looked straight at me. "Daniel, come here and sit down." She said it with a sterner tone than normal, so I did as she asked and sat beside her on the sofa.

"Mum, I'm so-" I began but she held up a soft hand to silence me.

"I know sweetheart. I don't want or even need to know why you get yourself into these situations; all we know is that school is trying to straighten it out. Well, they have asked us to give you a punishment, something to make you think of life in a whole different way. Carl and Charlie are both getting jobs, Carl is going with his father, and Charlie off to his grandfather's workplace.

"But the problem is darling, seeing as I don't work, and you would be able to work at the law firm with your father, we couldn't put you in for a job..." mum paused. This is excellent! My brain thought. They're just going to let me off the hook! Well, I didn't really know they would, but a boy could dream, can't I?

"...So, we have decided on a different punishment from your friends..." Dad said, and he looked at Mum for a few seconds, as if asking if she was sure about this. She smiled at him and nodded, her eyes slightly glittering. Well, this punishment seemed to make my mum happy, I suppose I could probably live through it. "So, starting Monday, after school... you start dance lessons at Corin's Academy. Don't forget to pack sweats," Dads eyes gleamed with amusement before he headed out of the front door and back to the car, going back to finish work. I thought my mouth must surely be on the floor by now, my eyes probably looking like dinner plates. I turned to my mum in disbelief.

"Mum, you can't be serious! Dance?" I said, hoping she would tell me my father was joking around. But she just smirked at me.

"Oh hunny, you'll learn to love it, just like I did! Oh, don't look at me like that; this is partly your fault anyway. If you hadn't messed around with that silly safe at your school you wouldn't have to. Sorry sweetie, but we aren't going to change our minds" she said and patted my knee, before pulling herself into her wheelchair and going into the kitchen to make us dinner.

I cursed and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me. I stormed up to my room shutting that door with a loud bang too and fell onto my bed. Dance! How could it get any worse than that?

How little I knew...