Hi there! Remember me? ;)

I just remembered this story earlier tonight, and I was rereading it. And I've got to say – my writing is atrocious in this! Honestly, I was cringing all the way through it. SO, I finally decided to stop winging over how horrid it was, and completely rewrite it – and I actually mean it this time.

If you like, head to my profile, where the first chapter of the rewrite should be posted. I'm not going to delete this version until the other is finished, as I no longer have access to the original document, which is why the rewrite will take much longer than expected.

I've also decided to make a lot of changes to the story also. Not many, but I want to focus more on a lot of things I just skipped over in this version (and I wanted to make Daniel a lot crueller to Lynny in the beginning!!!)

So, go check it out if you like! Would mean a lot to see if any of you prefer it!