Shadowed Subtlety

It was the same as always.

The sun came up. The sun went down. The moon went up. The moon came down.

And throughout it all was glorious shadow.

Stars at night. Shade in day. Castings of evening and dawn. Where light and darkness play, born of both yet neither is shadow.

The dichotomy of light and dark is a lie. But nobody remembers shadow.

Light and dark are much more alike than they seem, than others are willing to admit. Both blind in their purest essence. Both hide from view the multiple facets of reality, revealing only a dimensionless world, a void without depth.

Shadow, however... Shadow holds subtlety.

Shadow shows depth. Shadow gives form. Shadow shapes things near and far, here and there, above and beneath. Shadow makes presence and place visible, identifiable.

Yes. Shadow is best.

But light and dark are always fighting, always trying to rid of the other. They fight so hard, they get rid of shadow, too, and shadow does not like that. No. Shadow does not like that at all.

And so shadow will fight too. Fight for existence. Fight for the subtleties that would otherwise be lost.

And if we win, what should shadow make?

A world entirely of shadow?

Yes... I think we'd like that.

AN: Odd little piece, but I haven't updated this in a while, so in here it goes.