A/N: Yeah, I know I've been slacking off. :P Starting school has been pretty stressful so I haven't had too much free time. Anyways, here's a poem about valuing life, which I think everyone can say they don't do nearly enough. Alrighty, please review and enjoy!

Keep on Dancing

If we only seize the moment

Then the moment is all we have

But we all want our one moment to arrive

Let's make this small world go 'round

And maybe as those sad tears streak down your face

We can join hands and sing anyways

So our dim lights may shine on

Through this infinite time of darkness

So our striking signatures

Will remain forever imprinted

On this great wall of graffiti

Let's raise our glasses to this day

And watch the sun go out in flames

Remembering all the while

That we never know how lucky we are

Until it's gone

So when they tell you not to dance

Get up and dance anyways

And maybe that's all we ever needed

Keep on dancing