Greeting watchers of "To the dark Side",

I understand that I have probably let you done by not posting anything in well… let's face it years. I lost my chapters 12-20 and felt that I could write anymore since my material was gone and I had no hope left for this story….

Fear not! I have moved past this point in my life (taken years sure…) and have also improved my writing skills so my writing should be understandable. I am editing as quick as I can so I can start writing new chapters. I have erased all the chapters I had so that you can read the better version, I'm editing and having my editor look at them as we speak so I hopefully won't die this time.

As always reviews are most welcome for I have lost a lot of my ideas as I said before, tragic story. So I'll be needing your ideas more than ever. Also I'm working on a side job with my editor trying to keep it on the down low so I can't say much about it but I will try and update you along with the Secret mission as much as I can without giving away anything until we are far enough along.

Thank you for your understanding and please come read the new and improved "To the Dark Side" story.

Your favorite (stretching) Writer