Chapter 2:

Muffins Too!

"Get out of my personal space!" my small voice squeaked as I tried to push him away, my cheeks blushing. But he didn't budge an inch, and what was worse, he even got closer, smiling more. His breath smelled of mint with a hint of lemon. It was a sweet smell but I didn't like it, not coming from him anyway.

"Are you sure you can make the rules around me?" Mr. Krad inquired in an amused tone. I felt his warm breath on my neck; it was making me dizzy. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. I think he found it funny watching a defenseless girl fall prey to his seduction. "Omori…You will follow me one way or another, won't you?" My eyes were closed, not wanting to look into his chocolate ones, my face completely red. I couldn't speak as his alluring voice slipped into my mind, and fear went through my entire body. His hand brushed my cheek as he held it softly, like he was flirting with me, almost about to kiss me or something. As his lips got closer and closer, I realized I had to do something.

"Muffins too…" I found my voice, but it was weird; I didn't think it would come to this. It was like I wasn't speaking; I wouldn't say these things, would I? Putting my fate into the hands of a devil just for cookies and muffins...or perhaps I just wanted to save myself from his lips, afraid I would be captured in his eyes forever. "Banana nut. I don't want a crappy kind." I found myself staring at him and he was stared back. Darn those chocolate eyes of doom! Someone's going to go bad just by looking into those eyes!

He nodded in agreement a purple contract appeared in his hand. I must have flinched because he chuckled before replying. "Do not fear, Omori. It's only a contract. Sign it, and I'll give you an endless supply of cookies and your Banana nut muffins." Mr. Krad's offer was very tempting as the purple contract shimmered in front of me, floating in the air like magic. The words, however, were quite small, and I couldn't make out anything that was written down.

"What will I be doing?" I inquired, looking around for a pen. It seemed Mr. Krad had everything in order because he immediately held out a kitty pen. I took it but hesitated to sign, curious to know what I would be doing. I didn't want to sign unless I truly knew if I would be doing something unspeakable or not.

"Just a few things," Mr. Krad said passively, like he was avoiding the question. "If you have a question about your job, discuss it with me and I'll straighten the problem out." He smiled slightly, and this time it didn't seem so creepy, but instead, understanding. Perhaps it really would just be a few chores here and there. I mean, how bad could the guy be?

My hand seemed to have developed a mind of its own. It gradually moved closer to the purple contract, despite my best efforts to hold it back. "I-I—" My hand was already signing the page. 'Omori Hokai' was written in a dark crimson liquid that reminded me with a shudder of blood. My hand started to pulse with pain. Looking at it I could see a large cut being drug out of my hand. I realized it was my blood on the paper…a blood contract? This couldn't be just chores; blood contracts were more serious than just that. "I don't want this!" I shouted at him, realizing what kind of crap I had just gotten myself pulled into.

"I'm sorry you feel this way, Omori Hokai. But you see, blood contracts cannot be so easily undone," Mr. Krad spoke with fake sorrow, as if mocking my stupidity. My eyes went wide as my life flashed before my eyes. I was only 18, so it didn't take long, but still I couldn't believe that my life was ending already. I wanted to do so many things.

Mr. Krad let my cheek go as he held my wounded hand. Lifting it to his mouth, his tongue licked the blood off my hand. Heat rushed to my cheeks. I wanted to scream, but my voice was, of course, gone. His eyes started to glow slightly as he licked the blood from my hand again, his teeth grazing the cut. Shivers ran down my spine. The class door opened as a familiar face, my friend Yuki, entered. She stared at the teacher as he licked my hand. I stared at her, silently pleading for help. "Hey, quit flirting with the new guy and let's go!" Yuki said, glaring at me with irritation.

My head dropped; I was crushed. Instead of saving me, she was blaming me for flirting. Couldn't she see that I was the victim here? She was supposed to save me, not him! I suppose she couldn't save me anyway; no one could now. Mr. Krad let go of my hand as he gave me a wink and walked away. "I'll speak to you more at a later time, Miss Omori," he said with a chuckle as I grabbed my things from the floor. It seemed I must have dropped them at some point during the ordeal. Rushing over to my friend's side, I clung to Yuki's arm.

"Until then!" Mr. Krad called. He waved, staring at the picture I had drawn. What was he thinking as he cast a quick glance back at Yuki before we left the room? It seemed like they shared a moment of eye contact, but I quickly pulled a surprised Yuki away from him. She protested, but I ignored her. I definitely couldn't let him take an interest in her. As I grabbed her arm, I noticed there wasn't any pain in my hand. That was strange. Glancing down, I saw that the wound had already healed, leaving nothing more than a thin white scar. How strange...did his saliva maybe have healing powers in it?

Finally safe from the devil himself, I felt that Yuki and I had escaped from what must be hell. I was breathing heavily. What did I just do? A blood contract with that kind of man, or devil, or whatever evil creature he must be. "Dude! He was so hot!" Yuki cried, shaking me a bit. Crap! What did that mean? How should I warn Yuki that the man she was drooling over was actually a devil with cookies?

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