a/n: This is an entry for a contest on Muse Bunny. The prompt was 'Silence'. It didn't take me long to write this once it got going, so tell me if it's too bad to read or whatever...

It's quiet here now. It didn't used to be this quiet, but after he left, all the words and thoughts in my head died. All the sound just left. All that remained after he was gone was the deafening silence that I live in now.

He used to come over every day. He used to bring music and laughter with him. When he spoke, I heard a song. When he looked at me, I saw joy and happiness. When he touched me, I felt safe and protected. Now all I hear is emptiness. All I see is desolation and ruin. All I feel is loss and a sense of failure.

I failed him. I let him down, and he no longer needed me after that. He took his music, his joy and laughter, and he went to other places with it, leaving me alone in the darkness. All I know is that once I failed him, he saw me as flawed, and he didn't want my company anymore. He didn't want to hear the music I had to make. He didn't want to hear the laughter I had to share. He didn't want anything to do with me. He just disappeared one day, and never came back.

Even the birds don't chirp here anymore. They've all gone to better places now too. All that remains around me is the deafening silence that I now call family. The silence is all I have left to call friend. The silence surrounds my life, and someday, the silence will take even my life from me.

I will go quietly in the night, alone in the silence.