Life was never easy.

Me and my twin don't get along very well. You see he's your typical jock. He dates cheerleaders and spends all his time playing football. And when he's not playing it he's watching it. Dad seems to think he is the best son anyone could ask for. Not only does he have friends but he turns them against me. Did I mention that he hates me? Well he does.

My dad was a lot like Mabon, said twin. He liked football and showed it. He thought me worthless because I couldn't catch nor throw. That's fine because I hate sports like my family hates me.

I bet you think I'm just being emo. But I'm not. I've always known that my dad despised me. He blamed me for mothers death. He even got the idea stuck in Mabon's head. How this came about was when mother died, no duh. But she died giving birth to me, the cursed child, Raheem.

I don't believe them anymore. I used to but then a teacher explained that a lot of women died giving birth. He wasn't talking directly to me if that's what you where thinking. No he was counseling a girl in my class whose mother died giving birth to her brother. I just over heard.

One other thing. My dad long ago decided that I couldn't do anything unless Mabon did it. Which means if I wanted a tattoo I would have to convince my brother to get one. Oh and just so everyone knows I have a tattoo. Across my shoulder where a pair chibi wings. They where a greenish white. Real feathery, that they where.

I also got a piercing. It was actually forced on me. After the tattoo I had got I made it quite clear that I hated pain. So my brother, as a gift to me, took me in and forced me to get a tongue piercing. It hurt a lot and I ended up passing out. Mabon just laughed.

Well now that I got the information part over with shall I go on? Well I'm going to.

I woke up to my alarm blaring in my ear. I thrust my hand out of my mass of blankets to slam it down on the off button. With that part done I slowly sit up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. With a yawn I stumble off my bed and get into my closet where I pull off my cotton boxers to replace them with some black lace panties. Ya, I know, gay much. Well guess what I am gay so get over it.

After dressing in a pair of black jeans, slightly tight, and a black, green, and silver plaid shirt. Brushing my hair where the bangs hung in front of my face like a curtain and the back went down to the nape of my neck. Taking extra care I spike the back and crimp my bangs I head downstairs only to get trip by my brother.

"Watch where your going fruit!" He says as he troops down the stairs smirking over his shoulder. I grit my teeth and hobble down the stairs. Grabbing a banana off the counter in the kitchen and then walked towards the front door. I still have fifteen minute before we had to leave, but I know that my brother would leave me if I wasn't in the car when he came out. Mabon has a license while I don't even have a permit.

Putting on my air walks I went and waited in the car. Ten minutes later Mabon comes out and gets into the trashed car. Ones on the road he speed up. He does this knowing I hated it. I didn't ask him to slow down though, I'm still recovering the last time I asked.

Thirty minutes later we pull into the school lot. Our school isn't very big. It has three buildings. All of which have a total of ten rooms in each. One has the band/orchestra room, our one gym, and our science rooms. It's called the main hall, mostly because it has the office in it.

One of the other buildings had the math and literature rooms and the cafeteria. It's a really old building, our oldest in fact. It's called the left wing.

The last one is the fetter hall. It holds all the random classes and social studies. They normally are in the same rooms, just at different times. The library is also there. Its small for a library, only holding about a thousand books. We have one art room. It's not all that great either. It's small for a art room and doesn't have enough supplies for one class, let alone seven.

I got out of the car and headed over to my first class, forensics. I liked the class well enough. It was just the teacher I disliked. After about thirty minutes the bell rang. After the Tardy bell the teacher started her lecture. But that's when the day got weird. A boy younger then me sat next to her royal highness (sarcasm). His lip was jutted out and tears poured from his eyes. His skin seemed transparent. He didn't seem to notice anyone else in the but miss Jahdahdieh.

After class the teacher went out for hall duty I went up to the boy. "Are you all right?" I whisper, not wanting to freak him out. I gives a start but doesn't seem to think I'm talking to him. I knelt down to his level and asked again. This time he stared at me warily and shook his head.

"Why not? Can you tell me?" Stares into my eyes for a second. "You can see me?" He tumbles out. I give a firm nod. I think I'm talking to a ghost. Either that or I'm crazy. He gives me a wide smile. "Will you help me?" His eyes twinkle and a pleading smile spreads across his face. "uuuuummmmm….sure?" I say not quite sure what I was getting into. "Alright! You got to help me get revenge!" I was startled to say the least. "on…. on…. on… miss…… jah……. jah…….. Jah….. jah Jahdahdieh?!" He nods eagerly. "She killed me, she deserves to die to!" He said this so certainly I didn't know how to steer him. So I did the next best thing, I got to planning.

At lunch I finally got used to him following me. He had been whispering wicked ideas into my ear. It took all my will power not to gasp or giggle That I was so tired. Of course we ended up spotting miss Jahdahdieh. I followed her to the teachers lounge and watched as she put papers in a drawer. They looked important.

I hid behind another desk and waited till the room cleared. I then went to her desk and looked at the papers. They where pictures of the boy. They all had dates and names on them. I looked at the ghost in question with a curious face. He looks down.

"She's my mum…." He mumbles looking to the side. "It didn't stop her from killing me." I gave him a hug after seeing a tear roll down his cheek. "How could she do such a thing?" I mumble to myself, but he heard it. "That's why we got to make her pay. You'll still help me, right." All I could do was nod.


Hey guys! this is the writer, kitten talken! I just wanted to tell you guys that all names are real.

Jahdahdieh Whale Who Sails

Mabon Divine Son

Raheem Compassionate

don't they match the people? tee hee!