Qabil was indeed better then any horse. He out ran a Deer with ease. Of course that wasn't enough to take the animal. I jumped onto it's back and ripped out its throat with my hands. Trust me it wasn't what I first thought would go down. I was going to use a hunting knife but that fell when I changed rides so I had to improvise.

"God Damn It! I don't think I'm ever going to get blood out of my clothes without bleach . I don't think this place has bleach! Damn it all! I'm starting to see the good points of going back to where ever I'm from!" Qabil chuckles at my distress . 'I don't think that you would be happy to go. Even though you complain you seem really happy with taking down that deer without help.' I sigh. I know that he speaks the truth. 'I agree with the … moose. You don't want to return. You would much rather stay here. But that would go against my revenge.' I hang my head. I agreed to help him and I cant turn my back now. 'Lets not worry about that at the moment. We're not even sure if there is a way home.' I nod, after all we don't if we ever will get back. "Lets get this deer to the camp."

I sling The deer over Qabil and start walking. "Come Qabil it is time to meet the humans that I made an odu with." Qabil nods. Though I made it sound easy to get back to my humans it turns out that it is quite hard.

"… I Don't remember the way back…" I hear Bash sigh and Qabil Chuckle. 'Follow me Raheem, I will find the way.' I purse my lips and hang my head. "I shall follow you my friend." He heads in the opposite way I was walking and head through a small drinking pool. I follow as I said I would, enjoying the feel of the water on my sore feet. Qabil gives me a knowing look, blushing I look around.

The golden grass was still everywhere and the smell of water was over bearing. Oh come on don't act like you don't know what I mean by 'smell of water'. After all there's fish in it and mud. That has smells. Plus water has its own smell that can barely be scented.

I catch the hint of smoke. "Can you smell that Qabil?" He tosses his head. 'Yes, it's what I've been following.' I beam him a smile and quicken my pace. "That's great, where close!" He shakes his head and looks into my eyes. 'It only means that there are people. It means not that they are yours.' My face falls and I give a small nod. Pursing my lips I hold up a hand. Qabil seeing the slight movement comes to a halt.

Crouching I move forward balancing all my wait on the balls of my feet. I move over a fallen log , around a puddle, through some leaves, and I must say I'm very pleased to learn that I have ninja skills. Okay so I did hit the rock pretty hard and whimpered, but hey no one found me!

Cautiously I peer through the grass. Only to learn that Qabil was right. These where not my people. They dressed as merchants and had to few a guard to be anything like my own camp. I purse my lips and look to the sky. I rock back on my heels. Should I just share with them my bounty? 'What about your own men?' Bash kindly reminds me. What about the time? 'Travel in the dark.' The worst comes out at night. 'They could be worse then anything you run into.' I rock myself ones more. This time my knees locks as I try to return to the balls of my feet and sends me sprawling forward. Right in front of there fire.

'Looks like we don't have a choice now.' He fall silent ones more. I gulp and smile up at them. "hello." No one bothers to answer me. Well not at first. A woman who reminds me slightly of a pug steps closer to me. "Are you alright?"