It was a warm June night, filled with laughter, smores, kisses, and...other things that hormone driven teens tend to do. At least for the others in the camping group. Lisa Jordan however was unpopular and the only girl without a date for the trip. In fact, she had been that way for three years. She was seventeen and would be very pretty, if she would let her hair down. Unfortunately, she rarely did, and was a bookworm to boot. There were six others on the trip and she knew none of them. She wondered why they had invited her, but went along because she thought she could make friends. That was not to be so.

On the ride up they revealed why they had brought her along. She was to be the butt of their cruelest jokes. On the second day, they revealed another plan they had. One of the guys, Tony Oswald, a jackass football player, started being real friendly to her. She had enjoyed the attention at first, but when night came, he tried to take her shirt off when they went for a walk. She ran away and cried for the rest of the night.

Now, it was the night before they went home and Lisa looked around and wished she had never come, or better yet, that all of the others were dead. All except the boy who had joined them on their second day, Ricky Yelmits. After his arrival, he had been picked on almost as much as she had. Like her, he was seventeen, though he was the physical embodiment of a nerd. Red hair fell around his head in no particular order and his glasses magnified his eyes such that they looked like bug eyes. He was tall but very thin, giving him a stickish appearance. Never once had he taken his hands out of his pockets, it made him seem shy.

For the last three hours, they had been sitting around the camp fire telling ghost stories. It was her turn. She told a story that has likely been told hundreds of times, but she did so with such passion that her audience was captivated. They would gasp when her voice hinted they should and one of the girls was faint when she finished. It satisfied her to no end to show them she was good at something. A small smile parted her lips.

Then, Eric Forester, the lead Jackass, stood up and looked over at Ricky. "An now it is time for the almighty Nerd King to tell a story." He smiled wickedly. "Show us what you got."

Ricky drew close to the fire, the effect of the shadows made him look like a skeleton. He broke into a story without so much as looking at Eric. "Three kids were on a camping trip in East Texas. Two of them were young men and the other was a girl. One of the men was nineteen, Thomas Greene, a student at UT with a full Football scholarship. The other was Johnathan Weis. A seventeen year old tall nerdy kid with red hair." Eric interrupted him.

"Sounds just like you.". Eric and his gang laughed. Ricky just smiled at the insult, which infuriated Eric. "Got a problem with me Shithead?" He made to punch Ricky, but Lisa put a hand on his shoulder. "Please, don't do this," she begged."

"I can do whatever I want bitch." he growled at her. Ricky stood up at that, which made Lisa like him a bit more. "Please calm down. You asked me to tell a story, so let me proceed."

Eric grunted as he sat down, but said nothing more. Ricky started his story again. "The girl that was with them was named Jessica Lee. She was seventeen, popular, pretty, and very smart. Johnathan liked her, but was afraid to show it for fear of being rejected.

One night, they were up late telling stories, much like we are tonight. When midnight came around, Thomas went to his tent, leaving Johnathan and Jessica alone. They talked late into the night, leaning close several times, but Johnathan could never go further. Eventually, Jessica stepped out to...relieve herself and he was left alone with his thoughts. E wanted so bad to have something with her, but he didn't have the courage.

Suddenly, a soft hand brushed his shoulder. He spun around, but saw nothing. It had been a while since Jessica had left and he began to worry. No response came from him calling her name, so he decided o go get Thomas to help him look for her. As he neared the tent, he heard odd sounds coming from it. He walked up and his heart dropped. Thomas was on top of Jessica moving back and forth. He needed to so no more to know what they were doing. His heart went cold, but he wasn't really surprised. Everyone wound up betraying him somehow. He walked slowly into the woods and slumped against a tree, resting his head in his hands. The pain started to come to him and despite his efforts, he could not suppress it. After a while, he was finally able to fall asleep. Before he did so though, he wished they would both just die.

When he woke up, he decided it best to go back. On his way, he found Jessica's torn shirt. Hate welled up inside of him. He stormed back into camp with the intent to yell at them both and end their friendship, but the thought evaporated when he saw what was there. The tent was in shreds. Pieces of Jessica and Thomas were strewn about the camp site. There was more blood on the ground than he had ever seen. Horror took the place of hate and he ran from the camp as fast as he could.

Before he could leave the forest however, he ran into a giant, hairy mass and was knocked to the ground. The beast was roughly man sized and had claws instead of hands. It looked down at him with what could pass as a smile. He stood up and began to back away slowly. Suddenly, the soft hand brushed against his back again. He turned, expecting to see nothing, but instead was shocked. Standing behind him, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was completely naked, except for bark-like covering over her feet and hands. Her nails were three inches long, and her soft, green eyes were captivating.

' did this?' he asked stunned.

The girl giggled and shook her head. 'No, you did. You wished them dead, so my friend granted your wish.' She walked over to the beast and effortlessly slid a nail into it's temple. 'Sadly, his time is up. I have taken a liking to you know. I want you to be my new friend. With me, you will finally have a place you belong, just like you always wanted.'

Johnathan thought a moment and smiled. It wouldn't be so bad, being with her. He walked over to her, and she gave herself to him.

Five years later, a group of campers saw him. He looked much like the beast described earlier. None of those campers survived. After that, he was never seen again. That is my story, and it is true to the word."

Eric stood up and began to laugh. "How could you know it was true. You said no one alive has seen him?"

Lisa sneered at him. He was always such an ass. Not for the first time she wished the whole group was dead.

Ricky stood up with a small. He looked different somehow, almost more, handsome, more full. "I know it's true...because I managed to find a good barber." He removed his hands for the first time. They were claws. Eric's head landed ten feet away. After that, it was only minutes before all were dead but Ricky, no, Johnathan and Lisa. He began to walk towards her and her back was against a tree. "I-if you r-replaced the beast, a-am I too r-replace...the girl?"

Johnathan chuckled. "Not at all. You are to be my pet." The woman appeared. She smiled at Lisa. "Hello my dear. You are lucky, you get to be with a Wood Nymph and her mate. You will be his pet, for the times I can't be there to fulfill his desires."

Johnathan smiled. "You had feelings for me before, why so scared now? Anyways, as a pet, you need training." He smirked. "Your lessons begin now." He walked forward and took her.


Be careful what you wish for.