economy, as observed by time

the ancient greece had a saying my dear
oikonomos they called you
from bond slaves to philosophers
from nobles to freeholders

scarcity, the motif
exchange ratio, the ration
entwined through me
you were given birth

and you ran rampant with
state, religion
culture, tradition

you aged and aged with the New World
economy, the young lady
you were regarded worldwide
through the meadows of rural Xi'an
through the city of propsperous Madrid
you birthed your first child; the stock exchange

but soon money grew a greater motive
you scattered greed through gold and silver
you sowed lust in the hearts of many
but any would say this is not the case
claiming 'organization brought such fate'

the eighteenth century ushered a new era
you with more diligence
you with more elegance
and you with your second child
a movement they called him; Industrial Revolution
and soon he fathered
labor division, mass production

not long after
humans twisted a tragic fate
they coined it 'poverty' and 'starvation'
Engels and Marx tried to context you into clues
a beauty explained
through deep thoughts and books
blasphemy I thought, and so did you

your descent from grace
through many, through few
came after Post-World War Two

you grew sick with great depression
and unfittingly with inflation
but epidemics cured through consumption
and from there we walked, still side by side

now the old women
you're looked through banks and big industries
capitalism, and ecology
still moving and stable yet i fear how long you can last

but they erected you a statue
in honor of your name
they called it 'World Bank'
society, along with the change.

and here this prelude concludes
my ode to your truth
whatever words will
this is my gift to you.